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Chapter 25

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 25: Stingy

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    In the room, Lin Fan couldn't help feeling butterflies in his stomach.


    He had only ever been to the temporary camp set up for war, not the actual sect.

    The sect proper was huge, and the number of disciples was uncountable.

    Back on Earth, he thought that sects were small, based on what he read in the books. However, he was now proven wrong.


    "Whatever, let's go cultivate now."

    Knowing that he was in a mystical world, Lin Fan could not hold his excitement.

    Before starting, he took out the grenade creation guide book and smacked it onto his body, which was the way of acquiring skills.


    Points -1,000

    Bronze Lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Bronze Lottery: Speed support mortal middle-class pill – Lighting Speed Pill.

    Bronze Lottery: Thank you, please try again.


    And there was nothing more.

    Lin Fan was happy to exchange a thousand points for a mortal middle-class pill.

    He was extremely unlucky in general and had a good temper, or he would have flipped the table.

    Silver Lottery: Thank you, please try again.


    Silver Lottery: …

    Lin Fan's face fell immediately.

    "Darn it. You cheater!"


    "Giving me a prize will kill you, huh?"


    Silver Lottery: Mystic high-class cultivating pill - Yuanyun Pill.


    "Ooh, great!"

    Hearing that he had gotten a prize, Lin Fan jumped up in happiness.


    Holding his excitement, Lin Fan used up his remaining points, leaving only 30 behind.

    There was no doubt that the bronze lottery got him nothing.

    However, to Lin Fan, the lottery was worth it.

    The next day, Lin Fan checked his experience points immediately.

    Experience Points: 42,000

    Experience Points -32,000


    Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Seven (+)

    As soon as he levelled up, he felt re-energized and strong. His bones felt tougher, as if they were the product of numerous refinements.

    Lin Fan stopped cultivating. He currently had no more points left, and with his ability, it was impossible for him to get high-class pills. All he could do to get them was use the lottery draw.

    Lin Fan stood up, preparing to take a walk outside, but a guy entered his room at the same time.


    "Junior Brother Lin." Seeing Lin Fan, the guy plastered a wide smile on his face.

    "You are…?" Lin Fan blinked his eyes. He didn't recognize the guy.


    "Junior Brother Lin, I'm Huang Hao, a second-class outer disciple who is here to congratulate Junior Brother Lin." Huang Hao smiled.

    Lin Fan did not hear his words clearly, but he knew that Huang Hao said "congratulate" to him. A smile formed on Lin Fan's face. "Senior Brother Huang, what happened?"

    Huang Hao did not leave Lin Fan in suspense and took something out of his pocket. "Junior Brother Lin, you did well during the war, and the Heavenly Deed Hall has sent this disciple to bring you the rewards. Here, Junior Brother Lin."

    As a second-class disciple, Huang Hao was green with envy when he saw the rewards, but he did not dare steal it in fear of the Heavenly Deed Hall finding out and punishing him severely.


    Lin Fan took the items happily.

    First, he saw a metal badge with the words "first-class" carved on it.

    "Congratulations, Junior Brother. You're now a first-class outer disciple," Huang Hao said, trying his best to bootlick Lin Fan.


    The next item was a small bottle that was white in color. Lin Fan shook it and realized there was something inside.

    "Senior Brother Lin. this is the mortal low-class medicine, Golden Firm Pill. There are six of them in a bottle, and it helps our cultivation to a large extent." Huang Hao explained the usage of each item every time Lin Fan took out an item. He explained each of them so clearly that it seemed like they were his items instead.


    Hearing the words "mortal low-class," Lin Fan lost interest in the pills.

    The last item was a stack of holographic paper with numbers on them.

    Seeing these, Huang Hao was extremely green with envy. "Senior Brother Lin, Junior Brother is in envy of you! The Heavenly Deed Hall decided to reward you with fifty thousand YHB (Yan Hua Bi in pinyin, which is similar to Ren Ming Bi, china's currency, RMB for short.) It's more than a year of Junior Brother's earnings!"


    The Yan Hua currency could be used everywhere in the Yan Hua sect to purchase items. For example, a Golden Firm Pill cost three thousand YHB.


    Thus, the reward that the sect gave Lin Fan could be considered hefty.

    They had many disciples after all.

    How many rewards did they need to give out after a war? The cost was unimaginable.

    "Thank you, Junior Brother Huang, for bringing me these. Help me tell the Heavenly Deed senior brothers that I am thankful," Lin Fan said and shoved the gifts into his room.

    Seeing this, Huang Hao felt as if he was going to die on the spot as he called out for Lin Fan softly. "Look, Senior Brother, I came here to pass you the items in such a hurry that I forgot my breakfast…."

    Even though Huang Hao did not make it clear, he was already cursing in his heart.

    "Haish, you should have told me earlier, Junior Brother Huang. Senior Brother will treat you to a meal now. Hold on…" Lin Fan fumbled around and took out a note that belonged to the previous Lin Fan.

    He pulled over Huang Hao's hand and placed the note in his palm. "Junior Brother Huang, get a good meal as a ‘thank you' gift from me."

    "Damn it!" Seeing the twenty YHB note, Huang Hao's eyes nearly fell out.

    Just then, Lin Fan saw Lu Qiming and ran after him, turning back to Huang Hao. "Junior Brother Huang, stay safe. I'm currently busy, so see you next time."

    Looking at Lin Fan walk away, Huang Hao nearly blew his top.