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Chapter 26

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 26: Wait and See

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    "Senior Brother Lu…" Lin Fan called out to Lu Qiming. Hearing Lin Fan, he stopped in his tracks and smiled upon seeing Lin Fan's new badge.


    "Congrats, Junior Brother Lin, for being promoted to first-class."

    Lu Qiming never liked to flaunt his achievements, but he was happy to receive the new badge that was hanging on his waist too.

    Being observant, Lin Fan caught it and laughed. "Back at you. Senior Brother Lu has promoted similarly, no?"

    "Haha." Both of them burst out in laughter.

    Lin Fan asked Lu Qiming about the rewards that he got and was satisfied to hear Lu Qiming's answer.


    "Senior Brother Lu, where are you going?" Lin Fan asked.

    "Didn't we just receive the rewards?" Lu Qiming smiled. "I'm going to the Hall of Skills to exchange for something. The money is useless to me right now, so why not use it to upgrade my skills?"

    Both of them chit-chatted, and Lin Fan found out that a mortal high-class skill set cost fifty thousand YHB.

    However, Lin Fan was planning to make a trip to the Hall of Skills as well anyway at some point.

    "Junior Brother Lin, what about you?" Lu Qiming asked.

    "I'll take up some missions. Maybe to catch a bandit or something."


    Lu Qiming nodded and looked at Lin Fan worriedly. "Junior Brother, please be careful. Some bandits are powerful, it would be dangerous to go alone, so try to team up."

    "Of course, I will." Lin Fan smiled.


    In the Magnificent Flame Sect's territory, the cities were safe and peaceful, but there were a lot of bandits lurking around outside the cities.

    Some of them cultivated evil skills and were wanted by the Magnificent Flame Sect. They were the main source of practice for the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples.

    It wasn't a hundred percent safe, and from the previous Lin Fan's memory, there was quite a number of disciples that died under their hands yearly.

    After parting ways with Senior Brother Lu, Lin Fan went to pick up a mission.

    He was lucky that day to receive a mission that wasn't far away from the sect – only ten miles away. A group of bandits lurked around there, and many businessmen that passed by had died at their hands. The rewards were quite a deal.

    But the rewards weren't important to Lin Fan anymore.

    Because this was his chance to escape.

    He received the mission and left.

    However, he failed to see the note that the bandit was in Body Tempering Stage Nine

    As for the Magnificent Flame Sect, he would not be returning in a short period of time.


    After a few days, Lin Fan reached his destination. He lurked around the area and had already marked down his target.


    The group that he had his eyes on was dressed in black and carried weapons.

    "Stop right there!" Lin Fan yelled, sounding extremely righteous.

    The bandits were chatting happily before Lin Fan called out to them. They turned around hearing Lin Fan, only to see a guy standing on a hill holding a 9-ringed broadsword in his hands. He looked at them proudly, justice written all over his face.

    The biggest bandit stared at Lin Fan in disdain. "Who are you?"

    "Hehe." Lin Fan sneered and took out his badge. "Can you see this?"

    The more observant one among them held his breath upon seeing the badge. "Third in-charge, he's a first-class outer disciple from the Magnificent Flame Sect. They must be here to get us! Let's run away!"

    "To where? Heaven?" The third-in-charge gave his servant a slap. "Are you alone?" He sneered.

    Lin Fan raised an eyebrow and laughed. "Of course. One person is enough to defeat you, my dear."

    "Let me see, one, two… wow, I guess that bandits live in small groups, huh? You only have ten people and yet you dare to intercept merchant caravans? Haha, brave indeed."

    Lin Fan spoke arrogantly.


    "Third in-charge, this idiot is too arrogant, let me teach him a lesson." Hearing that Lin Fan was alone, the servant was no longer afraid and was even dying to teach Lin Fan a lesson.

    "Okay." The third-in-charge nodded. He wanted to test Lin Fan's ability too.

    "Kiddo, let me send you to hell today!" The bandit twirled his knife and slashed it down toward Lin Fan.

    Seeing the other party, Lin Fan let out a laugh and chopped down. Blood splattered everywhere in no time.

    Points + 30

    "Hey, little trash." Lin Fan laughed, looking at the bandits. "Are you all crippled? There's nobody who can fight, huh?"

    The third-in-charge looked at Lin Fan expressionlessly, showing how little he valued his opponent. He smirked and clapped. "Come out and treat this gentleman here nicely."

    Lin Fan stared at him blankly.

    But the next minute, Lin Fan was left in a daze.

    Suddenly, numerous figures appeared from the bush. Lin Fan took a quick glance.

    Seeing Lin Fan's expression, the other party burst out in laughter. "Kiddo, I know that the Magnificent Flame Sect lists us as missions, and I've been waiting for you to fall in my trap one by one. But I never expected to meet such a brave guy like you, coming on your own….

    "Haha, no matter how many you bring though, I'm not afraid. I'll let you know about my definition of scary."

    Lin Fan was left speechless as the scene.


    Before the third-in-charge could finish his words, Lin Fan did something unexpected. He commanded his servants to get him, but Lin Fan was nowhere to be seen.

    Lin Fan snickered and made a loser sign with his hand before dashing off at lighting speed.

    "Just you wait and see how I'll come back at you soon."

    To Lin Fan, bleeding was nothing.

    "Third in-charge, he's gone!" the bandit shouted.

    The third-in-charge gave his servant a tight slap and huffed. "I'm not blind. This idiot, so brave as to come at me? You're practically digging your own grave!"