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Chapter 28

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 28: Not an Easy Person

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    Huang Fugui turned over and stared at Lin Fan in disdain. "What?"


    Seeing this, the crowd dispersed within no time.

    They could feel an argument would take place soon.

    A third-class outer disciple who was following Huang Fugui around stepped out immediately. "My Senior Brother Huang is talking to you."

    Lin Fan walked to him while caressing his badge. He raised his foot. "Don't you see this? Your peanut shell is on my shoe."

    The third-class outer disciple wanted to retort, but seeing the badge, he swallowed back his words.

    "Senior Brother Huang, he's a first-class outer disciple."


    Huang Fugui rolled his eyes and sneered. "So what? I, Huang Fugui, am a first-class outer disciple too." He turned to Lin Fan and smiled thinly. "Then wipe it off. What's the big deal?"

    Lin Fan gritted his teeth.

    "As a first-class outer disciple, you should be a role model for all disciples, but look at your behavior. Aren't you slightly embarrassed?" Lin Fan shook his head and looked at Huang Fugui in pity.

    Hearing this, Huang Fugui went into a fit. He cared most about his reputation. "What do you mean?" he shouted at Lin Fan. "How am I not a role model? Make your words clear before I punch you in the face."

    Huang Fugui stepped out, holding his fist at Lin Fan.

    He was confident in his ability. As a Body Tempering Stage Seven, he was a famous figure among the outer disciples.

    Even though Lin Fan was similarly a first-class outer disciple, Huang Fugui was not afraid of him.

    Lin Fan turned to the crowd and got them to make way. "Senior brothers and junior brothers, what do you see on the ground?"

    The disciples looked at each other and then the road.

    They shook their heads in confusion.

    Lin Fan stared at them and pointed to the ground, acting as if he was about to cry. "The clean road is now covered with peanut shells!"

    The disciples understood immediately.

    "The sect is our home," Lin Fan continued. "It's our responsibility to keep our sect clean so that it remains a conducive environment for living. But this guy, he cares nothing about our sect! How can he be called a role model? Which role model would dirty our home?"


    Huang Fugui raised an eyebrow.

    "Me? Ruining the sect? What bullshit are you saying?" Huang Fugui snapped.


    Just then, a fly flew over and stopped on the shell.

    "Am I wrong? Don't you hear that fly? It's annoying, huh?" Lin Fan turned to the crowd.

    The disciples nodded in unison.

    "Yes. Very irritating."

    "That sound gives me insomnia, oh my."

    "After cultivating, I have become more sensitive, and it does affect me."

    Lin Fan nodded, satisfied with the answers. "Look at your masterpiece." He pointed at Huang Fugui. "What if we were cultivating one day, and because of your beautiful peanut shells that brought along some noisy flies, we were affected and ended up making a small mistake that leads to grave consequences for our health? Wouldn't you be considered a murderer? As a senior brother, how dare you!?"


    "What bullshit." Huang Fugui stared at him, red with anger. He never would've thought that this Lin Fan was so superb at bullshitting.


    Lin Fan sighed and shook his head. "Senior Brother, it would be good if you just admitted to your mistakes. We are nice people and would forgive you for sure, but you're still denying your mistake and accusing me of bullshitting. Don't you feel any guilt at all?

    "I'll give you a chance now. Apologize, and we will leave this matter behind."

    The crowd got into a commotion.

    "That senior brother is right. It may just be some peanut shells, but look at the possible consequences."

    "Yeah, they bite me at times too. These flies are so irritating."

    "Senior Brother Huang is wrong this time. I agree with this senior brother."

    "I agree that Senior Brother Huang is wrong."

    "This senior brother is right. The sect is our home. It's our responsibility to keep it clean."

    Huang Fugui's face fell. He felt cheated.


    As a first-class outer disciple with an ability that was above average and a wealthy family, he was a role model in many disciple's eyes.

    But now, this guy had tarnished his reputation.

    Suddenly, Lin Fan walked up and snatched the peanuts away from Huang Fugui's hand. He cleared his throat and turned to the disciples. "I'll confiscate this from you on behalf of all the disciples here. Are you fine with that?"

    "Whatever. Just wait and see." Huang Fugui glared at Lin Fan. He was aware that he would not win if he bickered with Lin Fan, and fighting with him was certainly not the best option.


    Huang Fugui left with a huff.


    But before he went far, Lin Fan spoke again, and the words made him so angry that he wished to kill him on the spot.

    "Haish, it's fine. We do not need apologies anyway. I hope that all of you won't copy his actions. Let's hope he will reflect on his actions."

    The crowd nodded.


    "Okay, let's continue the business. C'mon guys."

    Seeing that he had collected enough, he smiled and popped a peanut in his mouth.


    Lin Fan's eyes lit up.

    He chuckled.

    This stirred up the crowd. More disciples brought in their scrap iron.

    Meanwhile, those who had thrown their scrap iron away earlier were full of regrets.


    If Lin Fan knew that anyone called him an idiot, he would surely beat them to death.