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Chapter 29

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 29: Deadly Weapon

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    After a day, Lin Fan managed to get himself some scrap iron. He was like a dog with two tails now as he felt that success was getting nearer.


    Thinking about the sneaky bandits, Lin Fan saw red.



    Lin Fan kept the iron in his storage ring and headed home, planning to collect more the day after and start making grenades.

    Of course, the scrap iron he had collected was enough.

    In Huang Fugui's room, he was in a bad mood for the entire day.

    "Darn it. That dog deserves some punishment." Huang Fugui cursed. He had never been this embarrassed in his life.

    A disciple ran over. "Senior Brother Huang, I have gotten information about him. That dog's called Lin Fan. He was promoted to a first-class outer disciple due to excellent performance during the war. I heard from a disciple that brought him his rewards that he's stingy and has a bad character."


    Huang Fugui was not a smart person. He was seeing red, but he could not come up with any good ideas to deal with Lin Fan. "What do you think we should do about this?"

    The disciple furrowed his eyebrows, thinking hard. Suddenly, an idea came to him.

    "Senior Brother, since that dog is busy collecting scrap iron, it must mean a lot to him. Why don't we hijack his business so that he won't gain anything tomorrow?"


    Huang Fugui raised an eyebrow. "Collect scrap iron as he does? What do I need that trash for?"

    "Aiya, Senior Brother Huang. Look, he will surely be unhappy if he couldn't get what he wants, and he would realize that his wealth is incomparable to Senior Brother's and he would back off by himself. How good is that?" The disciple chuckled, happy with the idea he came up with.


    Huang Fugui took in the disciple's idea and thought through it. He laughed and patted on his back. "Smart. I'm happy to have a servant like you. Go and prepare it. Let's see how that dog behaves tomorrow."


    "Yes, Senior Brother Huang. I'll do my best." The disciple went off, feeling confident with himself.

    The next day, just like yesterday, Lin Fan pushed his cart to the street where the disciples stayed.

    "Collecting scrap iron! One YHB for 0.5 kilograms. Do not miss this chance!"

    At this point, all disciples living on this street knew about Lin Fan, the idiot that collected trash. Thus, they spent their day yesterday picking up scrap iron, just waiting for Lin Fan to arrive. Hearing Lin Fan, all of them rushed over.

    Seeing the items in their hands, Lin Fan chuckled.

    Just as he thought that it would be a smooth day, an unexpected event occurred.

    The noise could be heard coming from the distance.

    Huang Fugui's servant was standing at the end of the street holding a gong. "Senior brothers, come. We are collecting scrap iron at 0.5 kilograms for 2 YHB!"

    The disciples who were about to sell it to Lin Fan turned to him.

    "Oh my, he's buying it at a higher price! Let's go!"

    "Man, since when is this trash worth so much?"

    "I have no idea, but let's sell it to whoever offers more."

    Lin Fan watched the disciples run off dumbfoundedly.

    He turned around to see Huang Fugui standing arms akimbo, looking at him proudly.

    He glanced at Lin Fan with a look of "Poor guy, let's see how you are going to beat me." in his eyes.

    "Damn it," Lin Fan muttered.

    This event caused a commotion within the crowd. The disciples ran toward Huang Fugui's cart, abandoning Lin Fan's cart.

    Lin Fan watched the scrap iron pile up in the other party's cart.


    On the other hand, Huang Fugui wasn't exactly having a good time.

    But watching Lin Fan glancing at him angrily, Huang Fugui felt that he was on cloud nine.

    However, expectations always varied from reality; Lin Fan had already pushed his cart and went off.

    The servant bought every disciple's scrap iron and came to Huang Fugui happily. "Senior Brother, it's all done. That dog won't be getting any."

    "How much did it cost?" Huang Fugui asked.

    "Twenty-thousand and four hundred YHB, Senior Brother," the disciple said in all smiles.


    "What?" Huang Fugui's heart sank upon hearing the amount. "That much?"

    Looking at the scrap iron that was piled up into a hill, Huang Fugui had a bad feeling.


    Lin Fan went back to his place, cursing at Huang Fugui in his heart.

    "For the next few days, I'll use my brain and let everyone know how powerful Lin Fan is. Wait for my gifts."

    Lin Fan snickered upon thinking about the scrap iron that Huang Fugui collected.


    Over the next few days, he spent his time making grenades, and he did not leave his room.

    But during this period, an unexpected event happened.

    The Tool Refining School's disciples came to collect scrap iron only to realize that the "trash" was valuable now.

    0.5 kilograms for 2 YHB?

    Might not even have any?

    The disciples were struck dumb.

    They thought that they were being conned, but after asking a few more disciples, they realized that the scrap iron had grown in value recently.

    "Junior brothers, they are really valuable now. 0.5 kilograms for 2 YHB. If you do not want it, then I am selling it to Senior Brother Huang."

    The disciples from the Tool Refining School: "???"

    Lin Fan, who was currently busy with his grenades, would never have thought that he had increased the price of scrap iron in the sect.