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Chapter 30

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 30: Such a Snake!

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    "Finally, it's all done!"


    Looking at the grenades on his table, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

    After a few days of hard work, he had finally produced these perfect weapons.


    He couldn't wait to show them off to the bandits.


    Lin Fan kept them and went out of his room.

    Seeing Lin Fan, Lu Qiming called him. "Junior Brother Lin, where have you been the past few days? I have not seen you around."

    "Senior Brother Lu." Lin Fan turned around with a smile. "I was busy cultivating, and I have an errand to run today."

    In Lu Qiming's eyes, Lin Fan had spent his days fruitfully and was feeling more confident so he was off to complete his mission now.

    "All the best, Junior Brother."


    Lin Fan grinned from ear to ear as he thought about the thirty grenades that were inside his storage ring.

    As Lin Fan left the sect, he saw a familiar figure.

    In front of Huang Fugui stood two women who were chatting happily with him.


    "Mother, take this. Younger sister is getting married, and we need a nice dowry so that people won't look down on us." He took out his remaining money and put it in the older woman's hand.

    It was more than ten thousand.

    The other woman at the side looked younger. She was chubbier and resembled Huang Fugui.


    "Elder Brother, what about you?" Huang Qinghua looked at her elder brother worriedly.

    In front of his family, the arrogance that Huang Fugui carried normally was long gone. He smiled and patted his sister on her head. "I will be fine. As a first-class outer disciple, there's no way I would starve. Take care of Mother for me, alright?"

    "Okay, I will." Huang Qinghua nodded.

    Huang Fugui looked at her, hating to part with them. "Mother, take care. I'll attend sister's wedding."

    "Fugui, take care of yourself. Life is the most important thing. We will always be waiting for you at home." The older woman was filled with worries, but her child had grown and started to make his own decisions.

    "Yes, I will." Huang Fugui nodded and sent both of them to the carriage. He only bid them goodbye after numerous reminders.

    Lin Fan hid at the side, eavesdropping on their whole conversation.

    Watching his family leave, Huang Fugui sighed. He was having a bad time right now. As a senior brother, he didn't know how to reject the scrap iron sent over by the disciples.

    "Hi, Senior Brother Huang. You look happy today. Did you strike a jackpot?" Lin Fan walked over in all smiles. "I didn't know that you had such a pretty sister. Lucky you."

    Huang Fugui did not expect to see Lin Fan outside. He glared at him. "None of your business." He then stopped in his tracks after realizing that Lin Fan was heading out. "Going to complete a mission? I hope you don't die outside."

    "Be at ease, Senior Brother." Lin Fan flashed him a smile. "The person who can kill me has yet to be born."


    "Hehe." Huang Fugui snickered and went off.

    Lin Fan shrugged and went off to complete his mission.

    A few days later, on a hill, the bandits sat down in a group.

    "Third in-charge, it's been days since we did anything, our brothers are getting impatient!"

    "What for? The first and second in-charge are not impatient, so why are you getting impatient?" The third-in-charge shouted at him and rolled his eyes. "Darn it. Where's the dog that the Magnificent Flame Sect sent? Where the hell is he? Has he dropped into a hole?"

    Seeing them, Lin Fan rolled his eyes too.

    "Ahem!" Lin Fan coughed and raised his 9-ringed broadsword, looking at them angrily. "Uncultured man! How dare you commit such an injustice action in broad daylight? Today, I, Lin Fan, the first-class outer disciple of the Magnificent Flame Sect, will teach you about justice! Time to die!"


    The bandits who were about to fall asleep jumped up upon hearing Lin Fan.

    "Third in-charge, that idiot is back again!" a bandit yelled.

    Hearing the bandits calling him an idiot, Lin Fan blew his top. "Who dares to call me an idiot?"

    "Me! So what if I dare?" The bandit stood up arrogantly and pointed at Lin Fan. "Kiddo, it's your death day today!"


    Lin Fan sneered and threw a grenade at them. He pulled the pin and started counting down. He stood far away and posed, waiting for it to explode.

    The grenade rolled to the bandit's feet.

    "Eh? What's this?" The bandit stared at it in confusion.

    The other bandits came to take a look too.

    "Looks like a ball."

    "Looks weird though. It's so small, what can it do?"

    "There must something inside."

    The bandits gave their opinions one by one and discussed with curiosity.

    The bandit who had been trying to gain credit picked it up immediately. "Third in-charge, this thing must be something good!" he said with all smiles.

    The third-in-charge was standing somewhere farther away, so he could not even see clearly what it was.

    Lin Fan did a countdown in his heart.


    The third-in-charge nodded. "Bring it over. I want to see what that idiot can bring."

    As the bandit was going to pass the third-in-charge the grenade, it exploded.

    An explosion could be heard.

    His servants were sent flying in an instant.

    The third-in-charge, who was originally curious about the grenade, was so shocked that he fell to the floor. He stared at his servants lying on the floor in disbelief.

    "What on earth was that?" He was filled with fear.

    Points +30

    Points +20

    Points +10

    Points +30


    Lin Fan stood at his spot, smiling as he watched the scene unfold. He gained about 200 points.

    Seeing the bandits trembling in fear, Lin Fan went up to them with his broadsword.

    "Trash, I'm coming for you!"

    Seeing Lin Fan, the third-in-charge immediately yelled at the rest to show up. "Come out and kill him!"

    Lin Fan, on the other hand, smirked and instigated him even more. "I'm going to kill for justice today!"


    He took out another grenade from his ring and pulled the pin. He did a count down and aimed it at the crowd when there were only a few seconds left, leaving them with no room to escape.

    Blood-curdling screams could be heard.

    Seeing this, the third-in-charge gave Lin Fan a death glare. "If you dare, sheath your secret weapon!"

    "Why not? Let's see who will be the one surviving!"

    The third-in-charge ran up toward Lin Fan in anger with his weapon. "Go to hell."

    "Talking about yourself?" Lin Fan pulled the pill of another grenade and threw it at the third-in-charge.

    The third-in-charge jumped out of his skin seeing it.

    "Shameless! You promised to not use it!"

    "Help me, third-in-charge…."

    "My legs!"

    The screams of his servants travelled into his ears.

    The third-in-charge's heart sank.

    But there was nothing he could do, as this secret weapon was too strong for him.

    It was deadly!