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Chapter 31

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 31: I Must Cultivate

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    Lin Fan watched the scene unfold in front of him with satisfaction. A smirk crept up to the corner of his lips as he walked to the third-in-charge with a grenade in his hands.

    In his eyes, these were all points.

    "Don't you dare come over!" the third-in-charge yelled, trembling. The sight of the grenade was enough to send him shivering in fear.

    Lin Fan laughed and took out his badge, swinging it at the third-in-charge. "Look at what's written on here. First-class outer disciple! How bad did you think I would be? But nevermind, since you will be going to hell right now."

    "No, I…" The third-in-charge stammered upon hearing this. Lin Fan was smiling evilly at him.

    Lin Fan wanted to pull the pin to his grenade, but before he did, he changed his mind and kept the grenade. The third-in-charge sighed in relief, happy that he was able to preserve his life. But soon, Lin Fan said something that made him turn green.

    "Your cultivation is not worth me wasting my baby." Lin Fan shook his head and took up his 9-ringed broadsword, running toward the third-in-charge.

    The third-in-charge was scared out of his wits hearing Lin Fan, but he regained his posture quickly and shouted at Lin Fan angrily, "Let's see how good you are then!"

    Lin Fan shrugged.

    He started chopping at the third-in-charge aimlessly.


    A strong force sent the third-in-charge flying back, and Lin Fan seized the chance to chop him in half.

    Points +70

    "Yahoo!" Lin Fan laughed and turned to the bandits that were lying on the ground, heavily injured.

    Watching their boss being killed, cold beads of sweats formed on their foreheads as they scrambled away.

    "Run! That guy killed our boss."

    "Please do not kill me. I know my mistake."

    Lin Fan sighed seeing the bandits scrambling away.

    He took out a grenade and pulled its pin, throwing it a distance away with all his might.

    The bandits jumped out of their skins seeing the grenade land, as they scuttered away.

    "No, please. No!"

    Lin Fan laughed seeing the bandits drop dead. He continued to throw the rest of his grenades out, and the bandits were unable to escape his hands.

    Numerous sounds were heard as Lin Fan's points increased rapidly.

    After killing all the bandits, he now had 4,200 points.



    After Lin Fan was done, he started to rummage through the corpses.

    He skipped the servants since they would definitely have nothing on them. He went straight to the third-in-charge. Lin Fan grimaced seeing the third-in-charge, who was currently in two pieces.

    He fumbled around and got himself ten thousand YHB and a bottle of pills.

    "This sucks. How the heck are you that poor?" Lin Fan kicked his corpse away.

    All of a sudden, Lin Fan felt an attack coming from his back along with a shout.

    "Trash, how dare you kill my people!?"


    He turned back to see a fierce-looking and buff man glaring at him. He held an enormous mace in both his hands. It was so huge that it could make one shiver in fear.

    As the second-in-charge, Li Xionghe rushed over immediately hearing the explosions.

    When he arrived, he saw numerous pits in the ground and bits of flesh all over. He soon realized that they were his servants.

    As the second-in-charge, how could he close an eye upon knowing what a terrible death his servants had? He blew his top and looked around in search of the culprit. He found Lin Fan rummaging through the corpses and knew that it was him.

    "What the heck? Who are you?" Lin Fan stared at him weirdly. There was a huge difference between their physical structure.


    Lin Fan stared at Li Xionghe, dumbfounded.

    But Li Xionghe was glaring at him angrily. "Who am I? Asking that after you have killed my family members? You must be dying to take a trip to hell." Li Xionghe might've been huge, but he was fast. He stomped, and the ground around him cracked as he moved toward Lin Fan at lightning speed.

    Lin Fan's face fell.

    Li Xionghe yelled, and his arms enlarged in an instant. He gained strength within no time, and the mace came down on Lin Fan.

    "Damn it!" Lin Fan jumped up, avoiding the attack. The mace touched the ground, creating a pit. Some rocks smashed into pieces and hit Lin Fan in his face.

    "Kid, you'll surely die today." Li Xionghe glared at him, anger filled his eyes. On the other hand, Li Xionghe was shocked at Lin Fan's cultivation too.

    Moreover, the first-in-charge was a disciple of the Magnificent Flame Sect, thus they knew when they should be careful. Since Lin Fan picked up the mission alone and didn't have a high cultivation, they did not pay much notice to him.

    "Wow," Lin Fan said in awe. he thought and swallowed the Lighting Speed Pill.

    It increased Lin Fan's speed tremendously.

    But Lin Fan wasn't planning to run.

    A few rounds of fighting passed.

    Lin Fan was constantly dodging the attacks. He did not even have a chance to make use of his grenades.

    The misses made Li Xionghe blow his top. He yelled, and the mace's attack increased to lightning speed.

    Lin Fan did not manage to dodge the attack, and he was sent flying. Lin Fan puked out blood.