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Chapter 32

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 32: A Quiet World

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    "Oh my god. I must have broken my ribs. No way." Lin Fan lay down on the floor, puking more blood. He didn't know what such pain felt like, so he didn't really know what kind of expression he should have.

    Seeing Lin Fan drop to the ground, a smirk crept up Li Xionghe's face.

    He was starting to get frustrated when he was unable to take Lin Fan down earlier. As a Body Tempering Stage Nine, it was a normal thing to kill a cultivator of a lower realm within five attacks, but the other party had taken a speed-type supporting pill, making him hard to catch. Li Xionghe decided to make use of his ultimate skill. His arms hurt now, but it was all worth it.

    He bent his knees and, in an instant, he leapt up and landed right in front of Lin Fan who was ten meters away. "Kid, remember that it will be your death day today."

    After Lin Fan dropped to the floor, Li Xionghe was no longer as angry as he was, but he was now extremely annoyed since the troop that he had built up with his blood, sweat, and tears was now gone.

    The resources that they snatched were all for their first-in-charge. The higher the position the first-in-charge had in the sect, the more benefits they would have.

    As the saying goes, "The strongest is king." One's ability was everything. Other than cultivating diligently, they needed money too.

    Pills, skills, and many more. Which of them was free?

    Lin Fan lay on the floor, looking at the other party in deep pain. "Brother, can you give me a chance? Let's talk through this."

    "Talk? With you?" Li Xionghe stared at Lin Fan coldly and smashed the mace into the ground, creating another pit. "This is your death day, and it was set the moment you killed my servants."

    Lin Fan blinked. The mace on the side caught his eyes. He took a glance at his 9-ringed broadsword and shook his head.

    Li Xionghe was obviously annoyed with Lin Fan and couldn't wait to kill him. He took the mace and aimed at Lin Fan, preparing to crush him to death.

    Seeing him taking up the mace, Lin Fan immediately scuttered up to Li Xionghe and hugged his legs tightly. "Brother, please. Hear me out first. I beg you."

    He vomited blood immediately.

    To Li Xionghe, Lin Fan was already equivalent to dead.

    "Hmph, what do you have to say?" Li Xionghe snickered and raised an eyebrow.


    Lin Fan shed crocodile tears and shook his head. "Look, I have my parents, kids, and even a pretty wife! She would be a widow if I died!"

    "So?" Li Xionghe snapped.

    "But you're telling the truth?" Li Xionghe raised his eyebrows.

    "Of course." Lin Fan sobbed.

    "Where is your wife? I'll take her under my wing once you're dead. Be at ease, I'll keep you intact so she can give you a burial."

    Li Xionghe was confident that his attack was able to send Lin Fan to the heavens.

    But Li Xionghe saw something out of the corner of his eyes. Lin Fan was holding something in his hand, and he was fiddling with a ring attached to it. "What are you trying to do?"

    Lin Fan hugged Li Xionghe's leg tightly and stared at him pitifully. "Oh, nothing much. I'm just activating my grenade to send myself off."


    "Grenade? What's that?" Li Xionghe blinked his eyes. He was a knowledgeable person, but he had never heard about a grenade.

    Lin Fan hugged Li Xionghe's leg tightly and started his explanation. "There are many types of grenades. Mine is the 82-2 model grenade, which is made in China. It's economic, small, and lightweight. There's plenty of TNT inside, and it will produce up to 330 fragments and can blast anything within 6 meters. After my modification, there are more than two hundred metal beads in it, which have a diameter of 10mm…."


    Li Xionghe was utterly confused by Lin Fan's muttering.

    He wanted to kick Lin Fan off, but Lin Fan was hugging him too tightly so there was no way he could do it.

    "What on earth are you saying?" Li Xionghe glared at him.

    Lin Fan looked up slowly. He sighed and shook his head. "It's too late."

    "What's too late? What are you even saying?" Li Xionghe had a bad feeling after seeing the expression on Lin Fan's face.

    Just then, Lin Fan sighed. "Haish, I guess I'll just be honest with you; this is the item that killed your family. Six seconds have passed, so you won't be able to escape. I have done an estimation for you – it's a short distance explosion which will cost a leg at the least…."

    Li Xionghe felt that something was amiss. He wanted to do something to Lin Fan, but…

    It was too late.

    A huge force sent two figures flying into the sky, and one of them seemed to have been dismembered.

    Lin Fan was blasted into many pieces.

    Experience Points +10



    Li Xionghe, who was in Body Tempering Stage Nine, had a strong body, including his organs. However, the grenade was so strong that even he was unable to survive the explosion without a single injury.

    A blood-curdling scream could be heard.

    He looked at the blood all over his body and reached for his legs, which were no longer around.

    "How could this be? How could this happen?" Li Xionghe wailed while vomiting blood. His face was now as pale as a piece of paper. The only reason why he was alive at all was because of his strong cultivation.

    "That trash! How dare you bring me to death with you!? I'll find your wife and torture her to death!" Li Xionghe wailed in pain and anger.

    But he was so badly injured that he was about to faint.

    Ten seconds soon passed.

    Lin Fan opened his eyes and stood up. He slapped his face lightly. He then checked his body.

    Just then, he saw Li Xionghe lying in a pool of blood nearby. "Hey, big guy. What's up?"

    Hearing Lin Fan, Li Xionghe turned around. What he saw next left him in utter disbelief.

    "How could this be…?"

    Lin Fan came to Li Xionghe's side, laughing. "How is my grenade?"

    "How come you're alright!?" Li Xionghe screamed.

    Lin Fan looked at the mace on the side and held it up.  He then smiled at Li Xionghe. "Why am I alright? I have no idea. I'll remember you for sure though. No worries.

    "Oh, by the way, my wife is only in my imagination. I'm just a poor single dog."


    Li Xionghe was dying to skin Lin Fan alive. He vomited blood again.

    Lin Fan said nothing more and smashed the mace down at Li Xionghe.

    "Die, trash."


    Points +90