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Chapter 33

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 33: Overcrowded

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    Lin Fan rummaged through Li Xionghe's corpse. After a long time, Lin Fan found something.

    "My god. Just this?"

    After such a long time, all Lin Fan found was a skill book.

    Violent Mace.

    "Whatever, better than nothing. Now, this is my weapon. I'll change it when I find a better one." Lin Fan played with the mace and nodded in satisfaction.

    All of a sudden, a voice rang in Lin Fan's head.

    "Do you want to use 10 points to activate Violent Mace?"

    Lin Fan was dumbfounded.

    But Lin Fan didn't really care that much.

    Points -10

    Violent Mace (Level 1)


    Increase in strength; requires 100 points to reach level 2.

    Lin Fan thought it over and understood why. The Undying Refinement of Bones could increase cultivation, thus he obviously could not use points for it.

    On the other hand, Violent Mace was used to make one stronger but didn't affect one's cultivation.

    Lin Fan did not hesitate and chose to level up.

    Points -100

    Violent Mace (Level 2)

    Increase in strength; requires 200 points to reach level 3.

    Lin Fan felt that his arm got stronger, and while gripping the mace, it felt as if he had trained for years.

    He was also more energized now.


    Lin Fan could hear the wind gush.

    The mace fit well in Lin Fan's hand, as if he had had it for a long period of time.

    "Oh my, I thought the cheat only provided the lottery draw, but there seems to be more."

    He continued to level up.

    Level 3, Level 4…

    Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that there was a change to the panel.

    Violent Mace (Level 4)

    Increase in strength, Air Explosion; requires 800 points to reach level 5.

    Lin Fan spent 710 points to reach level 4.


    It wasn't that much, but it was somewhat costly to Lin Fan at the moment.

    However, he did indeed feel stronger.

    He did not hesitate to try out the nine different skills in the skillset.

    Lin Fan felt his blood boiling.


    After the attack, he could clearly see explosions occurring around himself. Cracks could be seen on the ground.

    "Oh my goodness. This is great!"

    Lin Fan's eyes shone in excitement.


    Lin Fan went off, leaving behind a mess. Pieces of corpses and blood could be seen everywhere. There were deep holes in the ground too.

    When he returned to the sect, he saw both of his senior brothers.

    "Senior Brothers, where are you going?" Lin Fan placed the mace on his shoulder and walked up to them happily.

    Yin Xiaotian, who was chatting with Gao Dazhuang, looked up upon hearing Lin Fan, but the maces on his shoulder scared him. "Where did you get that thing, Junior Brother Lin?"

    Lin Fan smiled proudly. "Ah, I went to get my mission done and snatched the bandit's weapon."

    The both of them looked at Lin Fan in awe. "Powerful."

    "Senior Brothers, where are you heading to?" Lin Fan asked.

    "That guy Zhang Long invited me and Gao Dazhuang to join a group mission." Yin Xiaotian rolled his eyes. He disliked Zhang Long, but it wasn't so intense that he hated him.

    Besides, he was interested in the group mission since Zhang Long was a reliable person, thus he didn't need to worry about his safety.

    But if it was anyone else, one would need to put their guard up. It was normal that one might be betrayed by his or her sect mates if there were benefits at stake.

    Lin Fan was in all smiles hearing him. "Senior Brothers, you two have to agree to it. I'm going too. How can you not?"

    On the side, Gao Dazhuang gave Lin Fan a smile. "We heard that Junior Brother and Senior Brother Lu agreed to join, that's why the both of us decided to join. Your Senior Brother Yin has agreed, he just wants to complain."

    Yin Xiaotian glared at Gao Dazhuang. "Dazhuang, when I am around, you can shut up. All you need to do is beat people up."

    "Okay." Gao Dazhuang smiled at Yin Xiaotian.

    Lin Fan raised an eyebrow and turned around. "Senior Brothers, I'm going to claim my rewards, see you later."

    He bid them goodbye and went to the booth to collect his rewards – a thousand YHB and a mortal middle-class cultivation pill.

    To Lin Fan, the rewards were basically nothing.

    When Lin Fan left the Hall of Missions, a person came to him.

    "Greetings, Junior Brother. I'm Liu Feng."

    Lin Fan stared at him weirdly. "Senior Brother Liu, how can I help you?"

    He had fair skin and almond eyes that shone brightly.


    "Junior Brother." Liu Feng plastered a smile on his face. "I saw your mace from afar and was attracted by its appearance. May I know where you got it from?"

    Lin Fan laughed. "Senior Brother Liu, you have a good taste. It was a gift."

    "Gift?" Liu Feng stared at him in disbelief. He took a closer look.

    Seeing that Liu Feng was staring at him at disbelief, Lin Fan laughed and came up with a story. "It's a weird story, but I met a stranger who came to me frantically and pleaded for me to take it. I rejected his offer, but he insisted that I take it. Thus, I took it. Senior Brother, I'm lucky to have met such a nice person.


    "Anyway, I have to go now. Goodbye, Senior Brother."

    Liu Feng stood on the spot and watched Lin Fan leave with anger boiling in his heart.


    He then left frantically with a heavy heart.