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Chapter 34

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 34: Outing!

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    Back in Lin Fan's room, he placed the mace at the side and started to cultivate.


    He took out the pills that he was rewarded from the mission. They weren't of a high level, but they still helped in cultivation.

    They were all of the mortal level.

    After some time, he opened his eyes. There was an increase in his experience points, but not enough for him to get to Body Tempering Stage Eight.

    There was something new on Lin Fan's mind now – his points.

    "Let's get to level five," he mumbled.

    Points -800

    Violent Mace (Level 5)

    Points -1,000

    Violent Mace (Level 6)

    Points – 1,400


    Violent Mace (Level 7)

    Increase in strength, Air Explosion, Ultimate Speed; requires 1,800 points to reach level 8.

    Lin Fan felt an increase in strength within no time. It felt like he was twice as strong compared to the past, and he had better control over the mace.

    "This is good and convenient! If I had unlimited points, I would be able to level it to its peak, and maybe I would be able to defeat a Body Tempering Stage Nine despite being a Body Tempering Stage Seven."


    Lin Fan didn't know if he was thinking too much, but he felt that he was indeed that powerful.

    Lin Fan was currently at level 7, and he was fascinated with the power that it gave him.

    Lin Fan decided to do a draw once again. He refused to believe that he would be unlucky forever.

    "Let's go. Two silver lotteries. Please give me something good."

    Lin Fan crossed his fingers, praying to get something good.

    Points -600

    Silver Lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Lin Fan sighed.

    Silver Lottery: mystic middle-class cultivation pill, Green Pill

    "Thank god." Lin Fan smiled.


    He popped it into his mouth and continued cultivating.

    Lin Fan's experience points continued to increase.

    After cultivating with the pill, he began to cultivate the Undying Refinement of Bones.

    But the increase was not satisfying.

    He took out the paper that recorded all the different routes he had tried out.

    A night passed.

    Lin Fan had already lost count of the number of times that he died. Now, he had plenty of experience points, but he still had yet to come up with a skillset.

    If any other person knew about Lin Fan's thoughts, they would have killed him.


    It took others two to three years to reach Body Tempering Stage Six or above, but Lin Fan managed to do it within a few days.

    Moreover, the Undying Refinement of Bones, which was classified as mortal middle-class skillset already, could help in increasing the speed of cultivation. It would drop a bomb on others if they found out about it.

    It was out of this world. Only a mystic skillset would have such an ability.

    The next day, Lin Fan heard noises outside his room. He stopped cultivating immediately and got off his bed.

    "Junior Brother Lin, are you awake?" He could hear Lu Qiming calling for him.

    "Yes. I am." Lin Fan felt slightly frustrated after not gaining anything from a night of experimenting.

    He went to open the door.

    "Eh?" Lin Fan stared at the people in front of his door weirdly. "Why are all the senior brothers here? Is there some event going on?'

    Lu Qiming, Yin Xiaotian, Gao Dazhuang and Zhang Long were all present. They had all brought their bags along, looking as if they were about to go on a trip.

    Zhang Long stared at Lin Fan in confusion before turning to Lu Qiming. "Didn't you inform Junior Brother Lin that we are setting off today?"

    Lu Qiming looked slightly awkward. "Sorry, it's my mistake. I forgot to inform Junior Brother Lin."

    "Are we supposed to set off today for the mission?"

    "I'm sorry, Junior Brother Lin. Senior Brother has forgotten to inform you about it." Lu Qiming smiled apologetically.

    "It's okay. I'm ready to go." Lin Fan flashed him a smile.

    Lu Qiming turned to Lin Fan.

    "It's okay. We can wait if you need more time."

    Lin Fan shook his head. "I'm fine. Let's go."

    "Wait. Junior Brother Huang isn't here yet," Zhang Long said.

    Not long later, they could hear a voice shouting for Zhang Long.

    "Senior Brother Zhang, I'm here!" Huang Fugui rushed over. He might've been tired from the running, but he was in all smiles.

    He had a close relationship with Zhang Long, and to Huang Fugui, this mission was important since it came with a splendid reward. These days were tough for him, considering that he had spent most of his savings on his sister's wedding and the scrap iron.

    Huang Fugui was deeply troubled.

    Even though the disciples from the Tool Refining School had accepted the fact that scrap iron now cost money, it wasn't an easy task to sell it considering that Huang Fugui had such an abundant stock of scrap iron.

    It was even a loss-making business.

    When Lin Fan turned around, he chuckled.

    "Hi, Senior Brother Huang."

    Seeing Lin Fan, Huang Fugui's face fell. "You? Why…?"

    The rest were confused upon seeing Huang Fugui's reaction.

    "Junior Brother Lin, are you and Junior Brother Huang not on close terms?" Zhang Long asked, voicing out his doubt.

    Lin Fan laughed and placed his arm around Huang Fugui. "No, we do have a bit of a misunderstanding, but I am sure that Senior Brother Huang won't hold a grudge, right?"

    Huang Fugui slapped Lin Fan's hand off and walked to Zhang Long.

    "Senior Brother Zhang, we might not be on good terms, but you can be at ease that I'll put the grudge aside for this mission."

    Lin Fan frowned and sighed. "Senior Brother Huang, why are you so petty?"


    Hearing this, Huang Fugui's face turned red with anger.


    However, if Lin Fan were to know about his thoughts, he would shrug and burst out into laughter.