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Chapter 35

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 35: Play Dead

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    The group was now good to go.

    A man stood at the gate, anger written over his face as he watched Lin Fan and the group disappear from his sight.

    Along the way, Lin Fan observed his surroundings while carrying the mace on his shoulders. Other than trees and plants, there were no living things around. Being bored, he waddled up to Huang Fugui's side and placed his arms around him. "Senior Brother Huang." He smiled cheekily. "Lemme ask you a question."

    Huang Fugui took a glance at him and increased his speed, not wanting to entertain Lin Fan.

    "C'mon. We are from the same sect and are going on a mission together now." Lin Fan caught up with him. "Let's make a deal. Spare me some of your scrap iron, will you?"

    "Hehe." Huang Fugui sneered.


    "Haish, Senior Brother Huang's too cold. Maybe that's how he gets his girls." Lin Fan sighed.  "Senior Brother Zhang, what's the mission that we are going to complete?"

    "Okay, I'll do a briefing. We will be going to the south's Withered Soul Swamp to hunt down a gangster that does evil practices. I have done my research, and he should be a Body Tempering Stage Eight. With our cooperation, I'm sure we will be able to take him down."


    "Eight?" Lin Fan raised an eyebrow. "Senior Brother Zhang, there's only a few of us, is this fine?"

    "Of course we'll be fine. Are you afraid?" Huang Fugui sneered.

    Lin Fan chuckled upon hearing Huang Fugui. "Afraid? Of course not. I'll show you how good I am when we meet that dog."

    Huang Fugui raised an eyebrow and continued on his way. To Huang Fugui, Lin Fan being here was good for nothing.


    They continued on their way till sunset.

    The group was currently standing in front of a forest. The howling of beasts travelled into their ears.

    Lu Qiming turned to the group. "Be careful, guys. The forest is filled with ferocious beasts. We'll take a rest here, it's too dangerous to continue with our journey during the night."

    Hearing Lu Qiming, Lin Fan muttered to himself. But it suddenly dawned on him that his senior brothers were unable to do the same.


    Lin Fan stood at the side while the group pitched the tents.

    While Lu Qiming was making the fire, Lin Fan stared at the forest, deep in thought.


    "Okay. You guys can stay here, I'll go somewhere nearby and catch some beasts for dinner." Lu Qiming stood up to leave.

    Hearing this, Lin Fan seized the chance. "Senior Brother Lu, this is such a small matter. Leave it to me."

    "Junior Brother Lin, I'll go with you."

    Lin Fan waved his hands immediately.  "There's no need for the trouble, Senior Brother. You can trust me and rest here."

    "Okay. Take care, Junior Brother." Lu Qiming nodded and walked off. He knew that Lin Fan wasn't weak, and they were only on the periphery of the forest.

    "Okay." Lin Fan waved his hands and disappeared from Lu Qiming's sight with his mace. When he was far enough away, he burst out into laughter.

    "Your grandpa is coming…." He dashed in without hesitation.


    Lin Fan observed his surroundings. Towering trees tangled with each other, forming a web that blocked out the sunlight. The sky turned dark slowly, making it harder for Lin Fan to see.


    "Beasts, come out! Where are you!?" Lin Fan wandered around with his mace, but there were no beasts to be seen. He sighed.

    All of a sudden, Lin Fan felt that there was something behind him.

    Lin Fan stopped in his tracks. There seemed to be something around. He listened closely and realized that the other party was behind him, as if waiting to make a move.

    "I see you. Come out." Lin Fan turned around, and rustling could be heard.

    "What on earth?" Lin Fan mumbled.

    Lin Fan turned around once more.

    Indeed, when Lin Fan turned his back to the bush again, he heard rustling.

    An emerald pair of eyes stared at Lin Fan through the bush.

    A wolf-like beast was staring at Lin Fan with saliva dripping from its mouth. It had been eyeing Lin Fan ever since he stepped into the forest.

    But to its surprise, the prey was alert. The prey actually knew it was being followed.

    As a beast, it never directly fought with its opponents if it could help it.

    To the wolf, it seemed that Lin Fan had not taken notice of him, but it was unsure and decided to wait for a while more to confirm.

    Lin Fan stood still, turning impatient.

    Lin Fan lay on the ground without hesitation and started to yawn. "Haish, it's getting dark. I'm going to take a rest."


    He didn't care if the beast could understand him, but it was a must to make his act look realistic.

    The beast who was in hiding was in disbelief when Lin Fan lay on the ground all of a sudden. It looked around and realized that the sky had turned dark, and it was time for the prey to sleep.

    The beast pounced on Lin Fan at lighting speed, aiming for his head.

    Lin Fan lay on the floor motionlessly, trying to hide his laughter.