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Chapter 36

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 36: Harvest


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    Before the beast could get Lin Fan, Lin Fan opened his eyes and jumped up, catching the beast on its leg.


    The beast's eyes were out on stalks. Lin Fan's sudden action caught the beast unaware. It was about to bite into its prey that was lying on the ground motionlessly, but never in its life would it have imagined that its prey would shoot up and grab onto its leg tightly.

    The beast dropped to the ground immediately.

    Lin Fan was left dumbfounded at the scene.

    Lin Fan scooted closer to the beast in confusion.

    "Hey, wake up!" Lin Fan smacked the beast's face, trying to wake it up.


    After Lin Fan's numerous tortures, the beast woke up. The human's scent filled its nostrils. It took the beast a few minutes to realized that it fainted because of a human being.


    When the beast registered that fact, it felt humiliated and howled in anger.

    It pounced at Lin Fan, wanting to bite him to death.


    The beast was a Body Tempering Stage Three ash-gray wolf that was well-known for its extremely strong bite force. However, to Lin Fan, it was just a piece of cake.

    Seeing the ash-gray wolf pouncing on him, Lin Fan smiled in glee and waved the mace at the wolf's face.

    The wolf jumped out of its skin seeing the mace coming for it.

    The mace struck the wolf's head.

    Lin Fan watched the wolf drop dead excitedly.

    Points +30

    Lin Fan jumped up in bliss upon seeing the points.

    Lin Fan was initially worried about points since he could not kill as he wished, but now, he had found an alternative way of getting points.

    When Lin Fan turned to pick up the wolf, he realized how terribly it had died. Lying motionlessly in a pool of blood was now a disfigured wolf. Lin Fan sighed and prayed for it to rest in peace.

    The gain in points gave Lin Fan motivation.

    He was addicted to the lottery draw recently. Violent Mace required a huge amount of points to upgrade to maximum too.

    A loud howl could be heard from afar.

    "Darn it. I guess I'll spend some more time here." Lin Fan stored the dead wolf into the storage ring and dashed further into the forest.

    At the camp, Lu Qiming paced up and down. It had been a long time since Lin Fan left.

    "Is Junior Brother Lin fine?"

    Yin Xiaotian was worried too. "He should be fine if he does not go deep into the jungle."


    Meanwhile, Lin Fan's eyes shone brightly at the scene that was playing out in front of him.

    A pack of wolves stood in a circle, surrounding a huge wolf as if they were conducting some ritual.

    The wolves forming the circle took a peek at the event that was occurring in the middle. They were all green in envy, but there was nothing much that they could do except lament that they weren't the king wolf as they watched the cute little female wolves fall into the hands of their king.

    "Woohoo! There's at least fifteen of them here. I will be wealthy if I manage to kill all of them." Lin Fan hummed. Compared to humans, beasts lived in groups most of the time, and it was easier to kill them.

    Being overly excited, Lin Fan accidentally stepped forward and broke a branch, alarming the wolf pack. They turned to the bush he was hiding behind. From where Lin Fan was hiding, he could see numerous pairs of emerald eyes staring at him.

    "Ah, it's so unlucky that you found me." Lin Fan stood up with his mace. A grin formed on his face as he came up to the wolves.

    Realizing that it was being disturbed, the wolf king let out a growl. In no time, the wolves standing in a circle rushed up to Lin Fan.

    "Just in time." Lin Fan laughed and waved his mace. He felt extremely energized. Having Violent Mace at level 7, his attacks were extremely strong.

    The wolves fell to the ground one by one as blood began to form into a big puddle. The dead wolves were misshapen now; under the attack of a mace, it was rare that one's corpse would remain in a perfect condition.

    Lin Fan saw a huge increase in his points, but it wasn't enough. The wolves were mostly Body Tempering Stage Two or Stage Three, thus there wasn't much he could earn by killing wolves.

    In no time, the place smelt of blood, and the wolves' natural instincts were aroused. Lin Fan gained many injuries under the joint attack of the wolf pack, but it did not affect him a bit since he could not feel pain.

    The scene unfolding in front of the wolf king left it stunned. Never in its life would it have imagined that a human would be able to slaughter all its servants.

    But it could feel that Lin Fan had gotten weaker, and the wolf king was confident that the idiotic human would die under its claws soon.

    Lin Fan tried to catch his breath. Blood was trickling out of his wounds profusely. The reason why Lin Fan was able to slaughter all the wolves so quickly was that he just took all their attacks and did not try to avoid them.

    "Now, the two of you." Lin Fan stood close to the wolf king.

    The wolf king glared at Lin Fan with its bloodshot eyes. It was angry that Lin Fan killed its servants and was preparing to take Lin Fan down.

    But before it could, it was struck dumb.

    Lin Fan raised the mace slowly and smashed it on his head.

    Lin Fan dropped dead in the blink of an eye.


    The wolf king watched the scene unfold in utter disbelief. It couldn't even tell what was going on.

    The wolf king howled to the female wolf under it.

    "Look, he killed himself because he's too scared of me, the wolf king!"

    The wolf king was extremely pleased with what had taken place. To it, Lin Fan committed suicide because he was scared of it.

    After ten seconds, Lin Fan opened his eyes. He was currently feeling great and energized.

    He sat up to see that the wolf king was mating right in front of him. He stared at the scene speechlessly before picking up his mace and smashing down at the king wolf.


    When the wolf king realized that something was on top of its head, it was already too late.


    Points +60

    Points +30

    Lin Fan sighed in relief.

    Points: 3,850

    He changed and picked a few corpses that were in better condition and brought them back.

    Back in the camp, the group was stunned when they saw the wolves Lin Fan carried back.

    "Junior Brother Lin," Lu Qiming called him. "What happened? Why are all of them in this state?"

    Lin Fan sighed. "I have no idea. They turned into this when I smashed them with my mace."

    The group was left speechless. Seeing the corpses, they did not have the appetite to eat them, but they had no choice.

    After dinner, Lin Fan returned to his tent and started cultivating.