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Chapter 37

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 37: Bring Them up the Sky


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    "I'm so lucky! I'll be rich just by slaughtering beasts." Lin Fan chuckled. He was currently sitting in his tent, grinning from ear to ear as he thought about the points that he would be able to gain by slaughtering beasts.

    For these beasts, it was a pity to be marked by such a perverted man.


    Now, Lin Fan was in a dilemma about whether he should do a lottery draw or level up his Violent Mace.

    Points -1,800

    Violent Mace (Level 8)

    Increase in strength, Air Explosion, Ultimate Speed; requires 2,600 Points to reach level 9.


    Lin Fan felt his blood boil as a current flowed through his body. Now, he had reached the limit for his strength, and he would be able to finish training Violent Mace within no time.



    "Let's go. Six silver lotteries."

    "Buddha, Jade Emperor, please bless me, amen."

    Points -1,800

    Silver Lottery: A breakthrough to Body Tempering Stage Eight pill


    Lin Fan shot up, unable to believe what he was seeing.

    Like a dog with two tails, Lin Fan jumped up and down excitedly.

    "My dear Jade Emperor, your humble disciple Lin Fan loves you with all my heart." Tears of happiness rolled down Lin Fan's cheeks.

    Silver Lottery: Thank you, please try again.


    And ever since then, all Lin Fan received was "Thank you, please try again." He would have committed suicide if he did not manage to get something good with the first one.


    "C'mon, two draws."

    Points -200

    Bronze Lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Bronze Lottery: Aladdin's lamp.


    Lin Fan wasn't expecting to get something out of the bronze lottery, so he was in disbelief when he saw the sentence.

    "Oh my god. Did I save the world today?"

    He couldn't believe his eyes.

    Aladdin's lamp: Able to use it twice. Turn into a spirit and conduct fake wishes.


    "Huh?" Lin Fan blinked his eyes. He did not understand the instructions.

    Lin Fan took the pill without hesitation.


    Lin Fan could feel a great change taking place in his body. He didn't know how to describe it, but it seemed like he was currently filled with energy.

    Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Eight (+)

    The next day, Lin Fan woke up feeling refreshed. He was happy from the luck he had yesterday, and he had a good night's sleep too.

    The group set off within no time.

    When they entered the forest, the rest of the group tensed up.

    Zhang Long observed the surroundings and turned to the group. "This forest is inhabited by beasts, which live in groups. It will be hard for us to escape if we bump into them."

    "Wait, do you smell blood?"

    "Yeah." Lu Qiming nodded. "It should be coming from the front."

    Lin Fan tiptoed to take a look.

    "Be careful," Zhang Long whispered. "This is the wolves' territory. I'm afraid something has happened."

    Wolves were considered beasts with low cultivation. They had an average cultivation of Body Tempering Stage Three, and the wolf king was only in Body Tempering Stage Six, thus there was no reason for such a strong smell of blood. The smell of blood was so strong that it made the group panic.

    Except for Lin Fan, who was pleased that he had killed the wolf pack that his senior brothers were scared of.

    But when they reached the place, Lin Fan was dumbfounded.

    The motionless corpses were all gone, replaced with bones.

    "What is this?" Lin Fan's jaw dropped open.

    Seeing this, Zhang Long turned pale. "Let's be careful. There might be some scary organism that passed by here."

    The group was shaking in fear after seeing the bones left behind.

    On the other hand, Lin Fan was confused.

    After a few days, the group stopped in front of an eerie forest. Chills ran down their spines.

    "So, this is the Withered Soul Swamp?" Lin Fan asked.

    "We need to be careful. According to the sect's research, this gangster can corrode humans. We must not act on our own," Zhang Long told the group.


    It was a difficult mission, but they were in such a big group, so nothing would go wrong if they worked together.

    Suddenly, they heard noises coming from the front. It seemed to be an intense fight.

    "Someone must have arrived before us," Zhang Long told the group. "We will go over slowly and check the situation out."

    Lin Fan nodded seriously. "Senior Brothers, follow me, I'll bring you up the sky." (Gaming term that means carrying group mates.)


    "Junior Brother? Bring who up the sky?" The group was utterly confused.

    "Ah, just be careful. Follow me, I promise that we will all be fine." Lin Fan was sure that nobody in the group was better than him.

    And he was curious too.