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Chapter 38

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 38: How Do You Wish to Die?


    Exodus Tales  Exodus Tales

    At the front stood a man in black surrounded by yin energy. There was a trio standing right in front of him; two guys and a girl.

    "Gangster, it will be your death day today." a tall man who was holding a sword said confidently to the gangster.

    "Brother, you need not waste your saliva with such an evil cultivator. We should just kill him and bring his corpse back to our tribe in exchange for rewards." The girl was in her youth. She was as pretty as a picture but emitted an arrogant aura.

    "Haha." The gangster burst out laughing. "Just you three? You must be here to experience how corrosion feels. It's your death day today. As for this pretty little girl, I'll let you experience what heaven feels like."


    "Hmph, how dare you?"


    The trio was angered by his words. They encircled him and attacked without hesitation.


    Behind a rock, Lin Fan watched the fight silently and rubbed his chin, ‘"Senior Brother, there's someone here to snatch our prize. Why don't we take them all down?"

    If he was alone, he would watch the fight silently and ambush them when the time came, winning all the points.


    But with his senior brothers around, he could not just do what he wished.

    "The trio should be from some aristocratic family. Looking at their clothing, they should have a high status in the family or are direct disciples. But I do not know which family they are from," Lu Qiming muttered.

    The Magnificent Flame Sect had a big territory that consisted of different cities. Many aristocratic families inhabited the cities. They might not have been as powerful as a sect, but one should not look down on them.

    The most observant amongst them, Yin Xiaotian, seemed to have an answer. "Should be the Wang family from Yunluo City. When Lord Wang came to the sect, I saw him wearing similar clothing."

    "We can't turn a blind eye to them if it's the Wang family," Zhang Long said.

    As the group was immersed in their discussion, the gangster got the upper hand of the fight, and the trio dropped to the floor.

    "This cannot be. The tribe must have given out wrong information. He's not in Body Tempering Stage Eight, but Stage Nine!" The taller guy clutched his chest in pain as he stared at the gangster, fear swimming in his eyes.

    "Haha, Body Tempering Stage Eight? Do you guys even update your news? I have long broken through to Body Tempering Stage Nine and will soon be breaking through to the Earth Star Border Realm! Who do you think you guys are? My dear Body Tempering Stage Seven trash."

    He turned to the girl who was lying on the floor with a glint in his eyes. "An aristocratic family disciple, huh? I like that."

    Wang Shufeng tried to sit up. He was as pale as a piece of paper, but he yelled at the gangster nonetheless. "Gangster, if you dare lay a finger on her, I will ensure that you die a terrible death!"


    "Ha." The gangster walked toward the girl, ignoring the threats from Wang Shufeng.

    Wang Ziyan trembled in fear as the gangster walked toward her. Cold beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. She was only here to have an experience, but who would have thought that she would meet a Body Tempering Stage Nine opponent?

    They were nothing to the gangster with their ability.

    She shut her eyes in despair, waiting for the worst to arrive.


    "What the hell? They are a bunch of noobs!" Lin Fan rolled his eyes. He hoped to witness some interesting fight, but the trio lost before anything could take place.

    Zhang Long patted Lin Fan's back and smiled. "Junior Brother Lin, we will distract the gangster. Leave with the trio."

    "Yeah." Yin Xiaotian nodded. "That's the only thing we can do. Escort them to safety, and we'll meet later on."

    Lin Fan wanted to oppose, but Zhang Long had already left with the rest of the group.

    "What the heck? You want me to rescue them? I think I'm suited more for battling." Lin Fan rolled his eyes.

    "Junior Brother Lin, go!" Lu Qiming shouted at him.

    Lin Fan sighed and ran toward the trio without hesitation. He ran over to save them at lightning speed.

    "Ha. Daring to come at me when you're just in Body Tempering Stage Seven?"

    Within no time, they were all in a mess.

    The trio was delighted to see saviors, but when they realized that they were similarly in Body Tempering Stage Seven, they sighed in disappointment.

    Wang Shufeng was a Body Tempering Stage Eight cultivator, but he was no match for the gangster, so why would the other Body Tempering Stage Seven cultivators be able to defeat the gangster?

    When Lin Fan reached the battlefield, he immediately stopped beside the girl and scooped her up, putting her on his shoulder without further ado.

    "What are you doing? Let go of me!" Wang Ziyan said, blushing.

    "Shut up. I'm saving your life." Lin Fan rolled his eyes.

    He then rushed to the other two and picked them up.

    "This brother, please inform your friends to escape as soon as possible. The gangster is too strong for them. They won't be able to defeat him," Wang Shufeng said while trying to catch his breath. He was still as pale as a sheet of paper.

    "Oh no. We're dead! We were given the wrong information and we are trapped!" the other guy wailed in despair.

    But to Lin Fan, the three of them were nothing but noisy.

    All of a sudden, there was a change in the fight.

    "Junior Brother Lin, go!" Having the lowest cultivation, Lu Qiming was sent flying with a punch.

    And Zhang Long felt tired as time passed. The difference in cultivation was too much, and they had lost the upper hand to the other party since the beginning.

    Zhang Long wanted to seize this chance and run away with Lu Qiming, but the gangster noticed it and prevented them from doing so. "Escape?" He sneered. "You must be dreaming. This place will be your grave today."

    Lin Fan never expected this to happen. He thought that his senior brothers would be able to hold on longer, but they could not, sadly.

    Wang Ziyan didn't want to die here, thus she grabbed onto Lin Fan's shirt tightly. "Please bring us to safety, I beg you."

    But to her surprise, Lin Fan threw her on the ground hard before doing so to her brothers.

    Wang Ziyan bit her lips in pain as she glared at Lin Fan. She never expected to meet such a rough person.

    "Senior brothers, shoo. Let me handle this." Lin Fan took up his mace and walked toward the gangster.

    "Oh no." Wang Ziyan shut her eyes in despair.

    When Zhang Long wasn't looking, the gangster attacked him and he fell to the ground, vomiting blood.

    Lin Fan immediately rushed up and helped him up. "Senior Brother, take a rest. Leave this to me."

    He wanted to let Zhang Long fight the opponent for a while, but he never expected them to be defeated at such a fast speed.

    Seeing his senior brothers being injured, Lin Fan was extremely unhappy. He blocked the gangster and waved the mace in front of his face.

    "Trash. How dare you bully my friends? I'll make sure this becomes your grave!"

    Zhang Long watched the scene in shock. "Junior Brother Lin, what are you doing?"

    "Lin Fan will never abandon his friends. Sit back and relax, Senior Brothers. Today, Lin Fan will show you what the word ‘strong' means!" Lin Fan waved his hand and replied calmly.

    Huang Fugui, who was lying on the ground, looked up in shock hearing Lin Fan.

    The gangster looked at Lin Fan in disdain. "You're really brave, huh?"

    Wang Ziyan watched the scene and sighed. To her, Lin Fan must've been a crazy man that thought a Body Tempering Stage Eight was a match for a Body Tempering Stage Nine.

    That was when she deeply regretted coming out for an experience.

    But it was too late.