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Chapter 39

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 39: He's Gone?

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    Lin Fan stood right up in front of the gangster, staring at him in disdain.

    "Hoho. Brave? No. Let me tell you something. I'll give you a chance; call me daddy and I'll leave you a perfect corpse, how does that sound?"

    Wang Ziyan turned to Wang Shufeng, turning green. "He must be a madman! Does he know what it means to be a Body Tempering Stage Nine cultivator?"

    Wang Shufeng sighed in despair. He never expected the gangster to be this powerful. If he did, he would never have come here.

    But there was no point crying over spilled milk now.

    Lu Qiming gritted his teeth, which were covered in blood. He glared at the gangster and yelled. "Just try us…."

    The gangster burst out in laughter. "Okay. I get it. Best friends, huh? It's okay. I'll send all of you off together."

    To him, Lin Fan was nothing but a piece of trash.

    On the other hand, Lin Fan took the time to plan out what he was going to do. The other party was a Body Tempering Stage Nine while he was only a Stage Eight.


    All of a sudden, Lin Fan squinted his eyes and stared at the gangster's back.

    The taunting in Lin Fan's eyes was long gone, replaced by a serious look. The gangster realized it, and his heart sank in fear that something bad had happened.

    "Oh my gosh! There's a naked woman standing right there with her legs wide open!" Lin Fan gasped, covering his mouth in utter disbelief.


    According to Lin Fan's knowledge, a naked woman was attractive to at least 70% of males, and adding on sexual connotations, it could attract 100% of males without fail.


    "A naked woman?" The gangster raised an eyebrow and turned back immediately, but there was nothing, only something on his head.


    "Go and die, you dog." Lin Fan seized the chance to smack the gangster with the mace.

    Violent Mace was already at level 8, and it was extremely powerful. It could cause explosions in the air too.


    "This nugget!" The gangster raged. He never expected his opponent to be this sneaky. The gangster tried to dodge, but all he felt was pain on his cheeks. He felt that his cheeks were wet, and to his dismay, it was blood.


    The mace smashed into the ground, leaving a deep pit due to the strength that Lin Fan possessed.

    Lin Fan grinned from ear to ear. "Haish, I should have turned you into mincemeat."

    Injuring the other party as soon as they began the fight was equivalent to having a 50% chance of winning.

    The rest could not believe what they just saw. They never expected Lin Fan to be this powerful. The previous attack might've seemed normal, but it contained an extremely strong force.

    "Wow, Junior Brother Lin is so powerful?" Zhang Long gasped. He would not have believed it if he did not witness this scene.


    The gangster wiped the blood off his face and yelled at Lin Fan. "I'll make sure that you die now!"

    Everyone present could smell a stench of corrosion as yin energy waltzed around the gangster, who was coming for Lin Fan.

    "Haha, want to kill me? Are you sure you are capable? Let's see what I am going to turn your brain into!" Lin Fan jumped up with the mace, smashing down on him. "Watch out for your precious brain!"

    Hearing Lin Fan, Lu Qiming panicked. "Junior Brother Lin is too careless! How can he tell the enemy his next…?"

    But before he could finish his sentence, his jaws dropped wide open.

    What did Lu Qiming see?

    He saw his junior brother jump up, aiming for the gangster's head. The gangster then raised his hands to block the attack in time, and his Junior Brother Lin stretched out his leg and kicked his opponent's crotch at lightning speed as if he had trained this skill for years.



    The gangster shrieked and crouched down in pain. His face fell as he glared at Lin Fan. "Chicken nuggets! How dare you trick me?"

    "How can you blame me?" Lin Fan sighed, shaking his head. "I'm surprised a fool like you could survive until today. It's a miracle! Take another attack."


    Yin Xiaotian watched the scene unfold in utter disbelief. It had never crossed his mind that his junior brother would have the upper hand when fighting against such a sneaky opponent! This was almost impossible!

    "Wow." The group gasped. They were taken aback by Lin Fan's tricks. They were so good that even the group felt afraid.

    Just then, Lin Fan realized that the gangster was crouching down with beads of sweat trickling down his forehead.

    Thus, Lin Fan stopped in his tracks. Seeing that, the gangster looked at Lin Fan warily.

    Lin Fan placed his mace at the side and squatted down, looking at him. "I, Lin Fan, never take advantage of someone who's in a perilous state. I'll let you take a break. Be at ease, I'll stay still."

    "Junior Brother Lin, no!" Zhang Long shouted. "We should not go easy on a villain like him!"

    Lin Fan shook his head and looked at the gangster with justice swimming in his eyes. "Senior Brother Zhang, it's fine. I have made up my mind. Gangster, I'll allow you to take a break."

    The gangster said nothing and looked at Lin Fan warily. He didn't believe that Lin Fan would be so kind as to allow him to take a break, but as time went by, he realized that Lin Fan indeed just stood still.

    Zhang Long and the rest watched the scene with jitters. They did not know what Lin Fan was thinking.

    After ensuring that Lin Fan would stay still, the gangster could hold it in no more and clutched his crotch, trying his best to relieve the pain.

    He snickered to himself. But he soon realized that something was not right. The gangster shot up and gritted his teeth.

    "Why are you such a snake!?" he yelled as Lin Fan ran toward him with the mace.

    "Villains like you do not deserve nice treatment. Killing you is the only way to do everyone justice.

    "Explode, my mace!"

    Lin Fan growled. His arms increased in size visibly, and the mace moved faster. Explosions could be heard in the air.

    "Damn it!" The gangster growled and blocked the attack with his arms, which were as hard as steel.

    The gangster's cheek turned red in no time.

    "Woah!" Lin Fan blinked his eyes. "I can't believe you can take that!"

    With that, Lin Fan smacked the gangster with the mace continuously.

    The strong force sent the gangster falling to the ground. He never expected Lin Fan to be this strong, as if he was more than a Body Tempering Stage Eight.

    His arms were now swollen too.

    "Idiot, who would block my attack with their body? I'm surprised that you're still alive!" Lin Fan continued to smack him hard.

    "Nuggets. Why did I meet such a sneaky snake? I do not even have time to react! Tell me what I should use to block other than my hands!" The gangster cursed.

    The group watched the scene unfold dumbfoundedly.

    Zhang Long was at a loss for words. He could not believe that the gangster was now being beaten by his junior brother to the point that he was unable to retort!

    On the other hand, Lin Fan was in an extremely great mood. He enjoyed beating the gangster up, whose arms were currently covered in blood and who was at a loss over what to do.

    He did not even have the chance to counter-attack!

    "Am I strong? Answer me! How good am I?" Lin Fan was in a good mood currently.

    Violent Mace was at level 8, so it gave Lin Fan rapid speed. To others, the mace was nothing but a shadow.

    Suddenly, Lin Fan realized that something was not right.

    "Hey, where is that idiot…?" Lin Fan placed the mace on his shoulders before turning to the group. "Have you guys seen that dog?"

    The rest gulped, breaking out in cold sweat.

    Lu Qiming raised his hands that were shaking and pointed to Lin Fan's mace, "Junior Brother…" he stammered. "With you."

    "With me?" Lin Fan looked around. "I don't see him!"

    To the crowd, they were witnessing a bloody murder.

    The gangster was currently hanging on top of Lin Fan's head, pierced by the mace, looking like he was on his death bed.