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Chapter 40

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 40: Boohoo!

    Lin Fan tried to catch his breath. He was running out of breath from the "intense workout" previously.

    He looked around, but the gangster was nowhere to be seen. "Where did that dog go? How can he escape from my attacks? Now, now, there's no need to hide back in your little hole. You're good, so I do not mind conceding defeat!"

    The crowd watched Lin Fan murmur to himself as he walked around the area searching for the gangster.

    Lin Fan felt a drip of water on his face. Lin Fan wiped it off only to realize that it was blood. He looked up abruptly to a ridiculous scene.

    "What the hell, why are you there?"

    He stared at the gangster dumbfoundedly.

    Desperation was written all over the gangster's face. Never in his life would he have imagined that he would die in this way.

    Lin Fan placed the mace down with a bang, causing the gangster to fly to the side. "Look. I said to not bully my friends, do you regret your actions now?"

    As the gangster was only a Body Tempering Stage Nine, he was unable to take it anymore after he was so seriously injured. After taking a last glance at Lin Fan, he died.

    Points +90

    Hearing this, Lin Fan was sure that the gangster had died.

    Lin Fan sighed. His hobby was obviously acting cool.

    Remembering his senior brothers, who were injured, Lin Fan rushed over. "Senior Brother Lu, are you alright?"

    "I'm fine. But since when were you this powerful, Junior Brother Lin?" Lu Qiming asked. He had yet to recover from his shock. He did not expect his junior brother to be this powerful, having the ability to kill a Body Tempering Stage Nine cultivator.

    Lin Fan laughed. "Senior Brother, I'm not exaggerating, but I could kill ten of that kind of trash within no time. Do you believe me?"

    Lu Qiming stared at Lin Fan with his jaws wide open. He felt that he was quite lacking in comparison.

    Lin Fan turned to the rest, who were staring at him in awe, and chuckled.

    "Junior Brother, give them these." Lu Qiming took out the healing pills he got from the sect.

    It could not make them recover totally, but it could make them stop bleeding.

    "Okay." Lin Fan passed down the pills. As for Huang Fugui, he was the last to get one.

    As for the Wang family disciples, they were rooted to the ground. When Lin Fan walked toward them with the mace on his shoulder, chills ran down Wang Ziyan's spine.

    Especially because of the fact that the mace was still covered in blood after it was used to murder somebody.

    The guy that they thought was insane was this powerful?

    When Lin Fan passed her the pill, she felt intimidated by Lin Fan. In a split second, Wang Ziyan was sure that Lin Fan was an elite.

    She stared at Lin Fan in awe.

    "Here." Lin Fan smiled thinly.

    "Thank you." Wang Ziyan nodded.

    Same goes for Wang Shufeng. He never expected a Body Tempering Stage Eight cultivator to be this powerful!

    To them, a Body Tempering Stage Nine was too powerful for them to handle, but it seemed otherwise for this guy who was distributing pills. It even seemed easy for him to kill one!

    Especially his weapon; it was so heavy and huge, thus it must've been quite fatal.

    Wang Shufeng looked at the gangster's corpse lying on the side.

    Wang Shufeng gulped seeing the corpse.

    Looking at Wang Shufeng's glance, Lin Fan hummed happily.

    He then strolled to Huang Fugui.

    Huang Fugui still had not recovered from the shock. He couldn't believe that Lin Fan was so strong, and he was happy that he did not beat Lin Fan up the other time they had a conflict back at the sect or he might not even still be breathing now.

    Thinking about that, Huang Fugui patted himself on the shoulder.

    "Senior Brother Huang, are you alright?" Lin Fan smiled warmly at him.

    "I'm fine, Junior Brother. You're so dope." Huang Fugui gave him a thumbs up.

    "Hehe, it's nothing much." Lin Fan smiled and went back to Lu Qiming.

    All of a sudden, they heard a rustle.

    Lu Qiming panicked and shouted after seeing the item, "Be careful!"

    A light flashed through the air, taking the shape of a sword.

    It was not aiming at Lin Fan, but Huang Fugui.

    Realizing the attack was coming at him, Huang Fugui became as pale as a sheet of paper. To him, the attack was too fast for him to react.

    "Younger sister, I won't be able to see you get married." Huang Fugui shut his eyes in despair.

    Zhang Long and the rest were panicking too. They never expected someone to ambush them or to choose Huang Fugui, the seriously injured one, as their target.

    Huang Fugui was already waiting for his death.

    All of a sudden, Huang Fugui felt someone holding his shoulder. When he re-opened his eyes, Lin Fan was standing right in front of him.

    And the pearly white sword was covered with blood now that it was piercing through Lin Fan.

    "Senior Brother Huang, are you alright?" Lin Fan furrowed his eyebrows as if he was in deep pain.

    The culprit took the chance to retrieve the sword and left within no time.

    Hearing Lin Fan, Huang Fugui's heart sank. Never would he have dreamt that his Junior Brother Lin would take an attack for him. Not only so, Lin Fan even ask him if he was alright!

    "Junior Brother Lin, why…?" Huang Fugui looked at him in disbelief.

    Lin Fan was as pale as a sheet of paper. "Senior Brother, you still have your family waiting for you, and your younger sister is waiting for you to attend her wedding! I have no family, I am no one's concern."

    Tears rolled down Huang Fugui's cheek. "Junior Brother Lin, I…" He sobbed in regret and anger.

    Huang Fugui was crying.

    He regretted that he treated Lin Fan badly before. Huang Fugui blamed himself for being a stingy man.

    Lu Qiming and the rest were shouting at the culprit in anger too.

    Lin Fan watched the masked man run off at the speed of lighting. He picked up his mace without hesitation. "Senior Brother, be at ease. With Lin Fan around. I guarantee you will be safe!"

    Huang Fugui watched Lin Fan stand right in front of him, blocking them from the masked man. This made Huang Fugui feel even worse, and clear watery snot sneaked out from his flaring nostrils and his eyes swelled.

    Lin Fan thought.

    Lin Fan carried the mace on his shoulders and yelled. "Come after me if you dare!" Lin Fan then ran deeper into the swamp while screaming at his senior brothers. "Senior Brothers, do not take revenge for me…."

    The masked man followed behind Lin Fan at lightning speed.

    "Junior Brother Lin…!" The group gasped, but there was nothing they could do.

    Huang Fugui watched the skinny figure that was getting smaller. Seeing the blood that flowed out as he went, Huang Fugui dropped to the ground, crying hysterically.

    He never dreamt that somebody would take an attack for him.

    Especially for such a reason.