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Chapter 41

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 41: My Daddy Aladdin

    Behind a tree hid Lin Fan, who was leaning against the tree, trying to catch his breath.

    "Who is he anyway? Since when did I do anything to him?" Lin Fan let out a laugh, unable to comprehend the situation.

    He knew for sure that the other party was coming for him and wanted him dead badly.

    "What did I do in my past life that caused me to attract so many weird people? Haish." Lin Fan sighed, beads of sweat falling down his forehead. He was tired, but there was no other choice except for him to deal with the situation brought to him.

    Even though his Violent Mace was now level 8, it was still impossible to turn the world upside down with a mortal level skillset.

    Liu Feng stood a few meters away from Lin Fan, trying to search for him.

    He was a first-class disciple of the Magnificent Flame Sect with the cultivation of Earth Star Border Stage One, and also the first-in-charge of the bandits.

    How did he manage to become so powerful? It was all thanks to his intelligence. He built up a team that lived within twenty miles of the sect that robbed passing merchants and invested the harvests into his cultivation.

    Even though they were wanted by the sect, the team was not fearful of it. They killed any weaker disciples who picked up the mission and hid when stronger disciples picked up the mission when Liu Feng wasn't around.

    They had been living in peace for a long time.

    However, Liu Feng never dreamt that his hard work would be destroyed by a Body Tempering Stage Six disciple within a day.

    He followed them from the sect and finally found a chance to strike.

    As for those seriously injured Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, they weren't important to him. They were just the next few lives that he would take after he claimed Lin Fan's life.

    Suddenly, an idea popped up in Lin Fan's head.

    "Ah ha."

    Lin Fan laughed softly.

    Lin Fan broke a branch on purpose, attracting Liu Feng's attention.

    Hearing the sound, Liu Feng's eyes shone as he looked at the tree that Lin Fan was hiding behind. "So, you're there? Let's see how you will escape now." Liu Feng smirked.

    Suddenly, Liu Feng furrowed his eyebrows. From where he was standing, Lin Fan did not seem to have noticed him, but he was holding a weird-looking lamp and glancing around wearily.

    "Darn it. Why am I so unlucky? That guy's out for me. I must hurry and make a wish with this Aladdin's lamp or I won't be able to survive with my injuries," Lin Fan muttered loud enough for Liu Feng to hear.

    Liu Feng was about to stab Lin Fan, but hearing his words, he put down his sword in curiosity. "Aladdin's lamp? Wish? What's that?"

    To him, Lin Fan was already on his death bed, and there was no chance that he would be able to survive any longer than today.

    Liu Feng was confident that he could kill him anytime he wanted, thus he hid behind a bush, curious of Lin Fan's next move. However, what he heard next dropped a bomb on him.

    "Aladdin's lamp, the only gift in the world left behind by the greatest goddess that is used by mortals to grant their wishes unconditionally without restrictions… I'm seriously injured now, so Aladdin's lamp, please help me recover," Lin Fan muttered loudly to himself, but it seemed like he was reciting it for someone else.

    He rubbed the Aladdin's lamp while chanting, "Daddy Aladdin, daddy Aladdin, please fulfil all my wishes."

    Liu Feng watched Lin Fan skeptically, but the next moment, an incredible thing happened.

    White smoke could be seen emitting from the lid, and within a short while, a half-naked man in a green hat and arms akimbo waltzed out of the lid.

    "Human, speak your wishes."

    "Daddy Aladdin, please heal my injuries!"

    "Simple. Take your weapon and end your life. Then you will be able to recover from all injuries."

    Liu Feng raised an eyebrow, thinking that Lin Fan must have gotten an item made by an evil cultivator that was used to trick others into ending their lives. But to his surprise, Lin Fan followed the instructions and smacked his mace hard on his head. Blood splashed everywhere, and Lin Fan dropped dead immediately.

    Liu Feng stared at the scene in disbelief. He did not understand what was going on but decided to hide and observe for a while more.

    Suddenly, Liu Feng was dumbfounded. Lin Fan, who had just committed suicide, stood up, now free of injuries.

    "A treasure? It's real?" Liu Feng jumped up excitedly as if he had discovered something that was out of this world.

    "Who's there?" Lin Fan turned around, acting shocked.

    But Liu Feng could no longer wait. He walked out from his hiding spot, wearing a smirk on his face. Greed was written all over his face as he stared at the lamp in Lin Fan's hand hungrily.

    All he wanted now was the Aladdin lamp.

    If he could snatch the lamp over, then nothing mattered to him anymore, not even the sect or the world! He was going to be the most powerful person alive!

    The greatest of all!

    Lin Fan wore a shocked expression on his face and kept the lamp immediately. "You… who are you? Have you been watching me?" he stammered.

    "Haha!" Liu Feng laughed. "Give me that and I'll spare you."

    "No. You get away from me! I will never give you the lamp!" Lin Fan yelled into Liu Feng's face before stepping back, acting as if he feared that Liu Feng would take it away from him.

    Lin Fan's actions made Liu Feng more confident that he must get the lamp into his hands.

    "Then you shall die!" Liu Feng said nothing more and moved toward Lin Fan at an incredible speed.

    Lin Fan was slightly shocked.

    However, Lin Fan was not afraid of it.

    "C'mon! I'm not afraid of you!" Lin Fan dashed forward. He wanted to make use of this chance to test how far apart he and an Earth Star Border elite were.

    Both of them clashed.

    "Hehe." Liu Feng sneered. He raised his left hand and congealed Yuan energy in his hand, aiming at Lin Fan's chest.

    Lin Fan had never realized that an Earth Star Border elite could be so strong that he wouldn't even have a chance to counterattack.

    With an attack, Lin Fan's ribs collapsed. His organs exploded, and blood flowed out of him rapidly.

    Lin Fan lay on the ground, staring at Liu Feng in disbelief. "How… can you be this strong?"

    "Shut the hell up." Liu Feng pierced the sword through Lin Fan and pinned him to the ground.

    The golden lamp fell out of Lin Fan's pocket to the ground with a thud.

    Seeing the lamp, Liu Feng held it up with a wide grin.