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Chapter 42

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 42: I'm the Best

    After ten seconds, Lin Fan successfully revived. He could feel Liu Feng standing next to him and a sword piercing through his body, making him unable to move.

    Liu Feng stared at the lamp in his hands, his curiosity building up like a cat fixing on its prey. He was still unable to believe what he just saw.

    But upon remembering the incident that just took place with Lin Fan, he bought it.

    Who would have the ability to return from death?

    Nobody in this world. Not even a Heaven Star Border elite, which was the realm above the Earth Star Border, would have such an ability.

    He recalled how Lin Fan called out the spirit in the lamp and imitated his action. "Come out!"

    But there was no reaction.

    "Eh? What's wrong?" Liu Feng shook the lamp, not expecting that he would fail.

    Lin Fan initially wanted to show himself, but he realized that Liu Feng did not recite the chant just as he did.

    Liu Feng tried to recall Lin Fan words. His face fell immediately upon remembering it as, to him, the chant was extremely embarrassing. But remembering what he had witnessed earlier on, he gritted his teeth and mumbled.

    "Daddy Aladdin, daddy Aladdin. Please fulfil all my wishes."

    Liu Feng clenched his fist, taking note of this.

    A smile crept up Lin Fan's mouth. He had lost a huge amount of blood now, but nothing felt better than tricking Liu Feng.

    Smoke emitted from the lid, and a half-naked figure with a bright green hat waltzed out of the lamp. The figure had a black beard and a loud voice.

    "Human, speak your wishes."

    Seeing the figure, Liu Feng's hands trembled in excitement.

    "Aladdin, I want to become the god of this world!" Liu Feng shouted at the genie as if he was insane.

    Lin Fan stared at Liu Feng in disdain.

    "Human, you got the spell wrong. I can't fulfil your wish."

    Liu Feng raised an eyebrow. "Wrong spell? How could it be?"

    Suddenly, a sentence flashed in Liu Feng's mind. He felt his cheeks heating up in shame, but for his wish, he gritted his teeth and recited it.

    "Daddy Aladdin, I want to be the most powerful god in the world!" Liu Feng said out loud.

    Lin Fan, who was currently pretending to be the genie, nodded in satisfaction.

    "Simple. But wait, who are you?" Lin Fan looked down at Liu Feng, staring at him weirdly.

    "The person who summoned you! And you have to fulfil my wish!" He could wait no longer to become the best.

    "Human, do not lie to daddy. I'm not blind. I know he's the one who summoned me."

    Like a cat on hot bricks, Liu Feng turned to Lin Fan, who was pinned on the ground by his sword, and pointed at him. "I have killed him, so I am the one who's summoning you!"

    The genie kept quiet, making Liu Feng panic. The last thing he wanted now was for his dreams to go down the drain.

    "Human, daddy Aladdin is a just, nostalgic, and handsome god. I can't fulfill your wish since you aren't the summoner, but if you give the last summoner three kowtows, then I'll recognize you as the new master. Are you willing to do so, human?"

    "Kowtow to him?" Liu Feng shrieked. But he calmed himself down immediately.  "But wait a second, why did  not ask to be the best in the world?" Liu Feng wondered and voiced his question.

    "Human, you have too many questions, daddy wouldn't answer questions on a normal basis, but since you're a nice guy, I'll spill the truth. He didn't respect daddy enough, thus I was unwilling to fulfill such a wish. I'll only do so if you are respectful."

    Liu Feng snickered.  He turned to Lin Fan and kowtowed toward him without hesitation.

    Lin Fan tried his best to hide his smile.

    Liu Feng gritted his teeth.

    "Aladdin, I have done it," Liu Feng said.

    "Human, are you sure that's how you should address me? I will only help those who respect me."

    "Darn it!" Liu Feng took in a deep breath and plastered a smile on his face. "Daddy Aladdin, I have done as you asked."

    "Human, I am pleased with your actions. Speak your wishes now." Lin Fan nearly laughed out loud seeing Liu Feng's expression.

    "I want to be the strongest god in the world! The best!" Liu Feng yelled.

    "Human, this is such a simple wish." Lin Fan placed a grenade on his palm. "Put this in your mouth and repeat the phrase ‘I'm the greatest of them all' seven times. The world will bless you with the power and luck you need. From then on, you will be immortal and become the greatest of all."

    Liu Feng stared at the grenade like a dog with two tails. "What's this?"

    "What the hell? Why are you so noisy? If I wasn't the great Aladdin, I would have sewed your mouth up," Lin Fan muttered and answered Liu Feng's question. "It's a pill that has stored the energy of all elites in the world and the souls of those that have passed on. They will make you the strongest in this world."

    "Human, answer daddy, are you willing to accept this inheritance?"

    Liu Feng trembled in excitement, "Yes, I am."

    "Great. Stuff it in your mouth."

    Liu Feng did as he was told without the slightest hesitation. It was too huge for his mouth, but to become the best, he tried his best to get everything in.

    "Mmm!" Liu Feng could no longer talk, but he wanted to find out the next step.

    Lin Fan tried his best to not burst out laughing. "Human." He hid his snickering. "Daddy will activate it for you."

    Without hesitation, Lin Fan used his Aladdin finger to pull out the grenade's pin.

    "Human, follow my instructions clearly. Repeat that phrase in your mind seven times, and if you take it out or stop reciting it, the process will fail and you will lose your chance to become the greatest forever. I can only be summoned twice, so cherish your chance since you're the second one." Lin Fan was afraid that Liu Feng would take the grenade out, thus he tried to scare him.

    Excitement could be seen on Liu Feng's face, as he repeated the phrase Lin Fan told him to in his mind.

    There are only two chance and that idiot wasted one! Darn it!

    Lin Fan watched Liu Feng silently and sighed.


    "Human, await the best feeling in the world. A feeling that you'll never forget!

    "This is all daddy can do."

    Liu Feng nodded excitedly. "Yes, my dream is going to come true!" he mumbled.