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Chapter 43

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 43: Non-Existent Misunderstandings

    The melodic sound that welcomed one to heaven rang across the whole place.

    Lin Fan, who was still pinned to the ground, opened his eyes and took the sword out. Blood splashed all over the place, leaving a pool of blood on the ground.

    Experience Points +10

    After ten seconds, Lin Fan woke up feeling refreshed and happy.

    He immediately stood up to look for Liu Feng.

    A meter away, Liu Feng lay on the ground, covered in blood. He was not yet dead, but he could no longer speak or move.

    Even so, anger was written all over his face. Liu Feng knew that he had been tricked.


    Lin Fan burst out laughing seeing Liu Feng laying on the ground. He skipped to his side, smiling cheekily at him.

    "Hey, how are you feeling right now? What have you turned into? But wow, you survived, huh? Great. It's almost impossible to survive from an explosion!"

    Liu Feng may have been an Earth Star Border cultivator who had a constitution that was stronger than normal people, but who would be able to take an explosion in their mouth?

    He had no more teeth left currently, and his face was disordered, revealing some of his flesh. It was a bloody scene.

    Lin Fan could not even bear to look at Liu Feng.

    "Remember: ambushing isn't good, and do research on your target before taking action. The other party might be someone you can't mess with." Lin Fan felt that he should teach Liu Feng a lesson – with his life.

    Liu Feng stared at Lin Fan in dismay. This result was totally out of his expectations.

    Liu Feng never would've thought that an Earth Star Border cultivator like him would end up in such a state.

    This would be something that was carved in his mind forever.

    Lin Fan got his mace back and walked toward Liu Feng. "Take note. It's your pleasure that you would be able to die at Lin Fan's hands."

    With that, Lin Fan aimed the mace at Liu Feng.

    It was unknown where Liu Feng got his energy, but he managed to take out his sect badge and hold it up with his trembling hands.

    Lin Fan took a closer look and gasped. "First-class outer disciple!"

    To Liu Feng, this was his only chance to survive. As long as the other party knew that they were from the same sect, he would be able to keep his life.

    Since it was illegal to kill one's fellow sect mates.

    However, life doesn't always go the way you want.

    "Ah! I'm blind! I can't see anything. I can't see anything!" Lin Fan shrieked and closed his eyes before waving his mace around randomly.

    Liu Feng shut his eyes in dismay and, with a bang, he went to heaven.

    Points +200

    "Do you think I'm an idiot?" Lin Fan sneered.

    "Wow, rich daddy." Lin Fan found a stack of cash and kept it in his storage ring before continuing to rummage. Liu Feng found two bottles of pills and a mystic low-class swordsmanship skillset.

    Just then, an idea crossed Lin Fan's mind.

    "Junior Brother…!"

    Suddenly, he heard Lu Qiming calling for him.

    Followed by another cry. "My poor Junior Brother Lin, he must have died because of us… boohoo…."

    Hearing this, Lin Fan's face fell.

    Lin Fan picked up the sword and got into a position before stabbing himself hard.

    He then stood in front of Liu Feng with a handsome posture.

    "Junior Brother Lin…!" Lu Qiming and the group were just about to give up, but seeing the familiar figure standing not far away from them, smiles were all over their faces.

    Lin Fan dusted his shirt, looking impressive. When he turned around to look at Lu Qiming, a smile formed on his handsome face. "Senior brothers, are you okay?"

    Seeing the wound on Lin Fan, Lu Qiming was at his wits' end. "Junior Brother Lin, how are you feeling?"

    "I'm fine." Lin Fan smiled thinly. "It's just a small wound."

    The Wang family disciples looked at Lin Fan with jaws wide open. They were surprised that Lin Fan was still able to stand up straight when blood was flowing out of him in such large amounts.

    If it was them, they would surely have died of pain.

    Huang Fugui, who was still sobbing, burst out into tears once again seeing Lin Fan's wound as guilt overtook him. "Junior Brother Lin, you're seriously injured. Take a good rest."

    "I'm fine, Senior Brother Huang. A man should not be whining about such a small injury," Lin Fan said calmly.

    Hearing Lin Fan, Zhang Long and the group were left speechless. They realized that they had underestimated their Junior Brother Lin. The same Junior Brother Lin that won over that beast on the battlefield.

    Lin Fan's determination was something that the group would die for.

    The group than remembered the corpse, which had already been disfigured. They went toward it to check out his identity.

    Being observant, Lu Qiming spotted the badge immediately.

    "Liu Feng."

    Zhang Long and the group's faces turned green upon hearing the name.

    This was a familiar name to them, as Liu Feng was one of the stronger ones among the first-class outer disciples.

    It shocked Lin Fan too, as he found the name oddly familiar.

    Lu Qiming kept the badge silently and glanced over at Yin Xiaotian.

    Yin Xiaotian understood him and stood out. "Okay, since all seniors and juniors are fine, then let's go back.

    "And take the evidence of the mission with us."