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Chapter 44

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 44: Cunning

    The gangster's corpse lay at the side.

    For the sect's mission, one needed to submit evidence in order to prove that they had completed the mission.

    For example, this gangster's whereabouts were unpredictable, thus the sect would not be able to tell if the mission had been completed without evidence.

    Gao Dazhuang stared at the corpse in disgust. "This disgusting evil cultivator is a murderer! We should bring his corpse back to the sect!"

    "Yes, Dazhuang is right." Yin Xiaotian agreed.

    The Wang family disciples turned to look at each other. They had similarly picked up a mission from their family, and they had to bring something back to report on the completion even though the gangster did not die at their hands.

    Lin Fan cleaned up his wound simply and stood up to leave. The wound by Liu Feng was deep, but that was a different wound. He only made it bleed to fool Lu Qiming and the group since he couldn't just show up in front of them completely fine.

    But they were in a rush, so Lin Fan did not make the injury a serious one.

    "Fellow brothers, I have something to discuss with you." Wang Shufeng stood out after Wang Ziyan's nudge. The Wang family disciples hoped that the group would let them have the corpse.

    "What?" Lu Qiming turned around.

    "Fellow brothers, since the Wang family and Magnificent Flame Sect are on close terms, I'll just be frank. We are here because we picked up the same mission from our family. Since you can prove your mission with the gangster's belongings, could you hand us the corpse for us to report on the mission too?"

    "This mission holds great importance to the three of us and will affect our status in the sect. We hope that you would render a helping hand, and we will thank you in the future."

    Wang Shufeng seemed to be a polite person.

    To Lu Qiming, it made no difference to them as the corpse wasn't important in the first place. Since the Wang family disciples had spoken up, the group was more than willing to let them have the corpse.

    "Oh, in that case…"

    The trio grinned happily. Lady Luck was on their side today. Not only were they saved, but the mission was also completed easily.

    But suddenly, a voice cut Lu Qiming off.

    "Wait." Lin Fan stepped out.

    "What is it, Junior Brother?" Lu Qiming turned Lin Fan.

    "Senior Brother, we need to take a seat and discuss this properly. C'mere. Let's sit here, shall we?" Lin Fan plopped down on the ground, followed by Lu Qiming and the group. Seeing this, the trio followed too, even though Wang Shufeng realized that things might not be going their way.

    Lin Fan smiled upon seeing that everyone complied.

    "Firstly, I saved your lives. Secondly, I killed him. Thus, I have the right to decide what I want to do with this corpse. Of course, you may have it, but not for free." Lin Fan rubbed his fingers, hinting at some money.

    Lu Qiming scooted closer to Lin Fan. "Junior Brother Lin, we have completed our mission. Since the Wang family…"

    Lin Fan shook his head. "Just listen to me, Senior Brother."

    He wanted to roll his eyes at Lu Qiming badly.

    Wang Shufeng was aware that it had been a long time since these Magnificent Flame Sect disciple took a trip out of their sect, thus he did not plan so much before communicating with them. He never would've expected that Lin Fan would react this way, but he wasn't planning to give up since he would have a chance to complete a mission easily.

    "Brother Lin, we are all the Magnificent Flame Sect's children. Helping each other is something we are taught to do. Moreover, it's fate that brought us together. I, Wang Shufeng, will remember you and personally welcome you when you come to Yunluo City in the future…."

    He continued to ramble on. In summary, he kept trying to find ways to convince Lin Fan to give them the corpse for free.

    Lin Fan stood up without hesitation and turned to his senior brothers. "Senior Brothers, let's go."

    Huang Fugui, who was now full of respect for Lin Fan, ran to the corpse without hesitation. He picked it up in no time, as he had made up his mind to listen to Lin Fan well in the future.

    Lin Fan's presence was just too much for him to handle.

    "Wait," Wang Shufeng called out. They would definitely need the corpse. They never thought that Lin Fan would be this unfriendly though.

    Wang Ziyan huffed. "Why is this guy so petty?" she whispered.

    Lin Fan glanced back at Wang Shufeng. "What?"

    "I want it." Wang Shufeng gritted his teeth. He felt that he was going to get robbed today.

    "Great. Let's discuss how much it will cost, shall we?" Lin Fan raised an eyebrow.

    Lu Qiming stared at the scene blankly. He never expected Lin Fan to be this straightforward.

    Wang Shufeng thought for a while and raised a finger. "Ten thousand."

    Lin Fan rolled his eyes and turned around. "Senior Brother Huang, let's go. We have to get back and earn money for our lunch. I should not have saved you, such a petty disciple! The last one I met was such a nice person, I should not have assumed."

    "Brother Lin, why don't you tell me how much you think it should cost?" Wang Shufeng went forward. This mission was important to him!

    Lin Fan laughed, revealing his snowy white teeth. He knew that the disciples from aristocratic families were richer since they had family businesses.

    "Hmm, then I'll just be frank. A hundred thousand." Lin Fan felt that it was a reasonable price.

    Hearing that, Lu Qiming and the group were dumbfounded.

    Seeing that the other party was in deep thought, Lin Fan was glad, but he had no time to waste with them.

    "Are you going to take it? If you aren't, we're leaving."

    The Wang family disciples got into a discussion. "Darn it, if we didn't need it, we wouldn't do such a thing."

    "Yes," Wang Shufeng replied.

    Lin Fan grinned and turned to Huang Fugui. "Senior Brother Huang, pass them the corpse. Come back with the money too."

    Huang Fugui nodded. "Okay."

    "Wait!" Lin Fan shouted when Wang Shufeng got his hands on the corpse. "I forgot about something."

    Wang Shufeng stared at Lin Fan weirdly, wondering what he was going to do next. But all Lin Fan did was rummage through the corpse and take every belonging of the gangster.

    Wang Shufeng was dumbfounded. He never expected that anyone would be so thick-skinned and cunning.

    The transaction was done.

    Lin Fan waved them goodbye.

    The Wang family disciples left angrily.

    "Senior Brother Lu, next time, do not be too nice. See, we got quite a sum. I'll take fifty thousand and the rest can be split among you guys."

    Zhang Long stared at the money in his hands and went into deep thought.

    "Makes sense." Zhang Long nodded after some time as if he had just been enlightened.

    Yin Xiaotian and the others were in a great mood. They didn't expect to earn anything before they even submitted the task.

    "Junior Brother Lin. You're smart! Gao Dazhuang will follow you everywhere!" Gao Dazhuang said with respect.

    "Nah." Lin Fan waved his hands modestly.