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Chapter 45

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 45: The Stronger, the Better

    On the way to the Wang family:

    "That money grubber! He's so cruel!" Wang Ziyan rambled as she kicked the stones on the ground.

    She swore that she had never seen anyone as petty as Lin Fan in her life.

    Wang Shufeng sighed, feeling the pain from the loss of his money. "It's okay," he replied calmly. "We technically just paid to get this mission done. As the missy of the family, you're rich. This is nothing to you, isn't it?"

    "No, I'm just angry!" Wang Ziyan huffed. She just couldn't get over how Lin Fan conned them.

    Wang Teng, who was carrying the corpse, scrunched his nose in disgust. "What the hell, this corpse is just like meat paste! That guy is nuts! I can't wait to go back and wash up."

    The gangster who was on Wang Teng's back had been disfigured so badly that it was hard for one to tell that he was even a human being.

    But Wang Teng had no other choice but to carry the corpse back. Among the trio, he bore the lowest status. He had taken note of Lin Fan, who was so brutal that he smashed the gangster till his body was no longer intact.


    On their way back to the sect, Lin Fan was in a good mood. He could not stop humming. He realized that his senior brothers had started to look up to him more.

    They now looked at him with respect – the kind one gave to the elites.

    After a few days, in the Magnificent Flame Sect, Lin Fan and the group heaved a sigh of relief. The journey back was dangerous after all.

    But there was nothing that Lin Fan feared. There was nothing dangerous in his world, because no matter what happened, he would revive with full energy after ten seconds.

    "We're finally back." Zhang Long heaved a sigh of relief. "Brothers, I'll report our mission now and collect our reward."

    The others were agitated too. The group would've been unable to return if not for Lin Fan.

    None of them expected the gangster would be a Body Tempering Stage Nine that they were no match for.

    They realized that Lin Fan was becoming more and more mysterious these days too. They didn't know his current realm either, but they did not investigate further as everyone had their own secrets.

    "Senior Brothers, you can go without me. I'll be going back first. I need to rest, so just bring me my share when you guys are done dividing it." To Lin Fan, the rewards were nothing.

    After Lin Fan left, Lu Qiming turned to the rest and whispered, "We should keep it a secret."

    Yin Xiaotian nodded. "Liu Feng should be the person that ambushed us."

    The rest nodded. They were aware of the trouble it would bring if anyone else found out about it.

    Since Liu Feng was a first-class outer disciple in the sect, Lin Fan would be in trouble if anyone found out that he was killed by Lin Fan, so it would be a secret that they brought to their graves.

    In his room, Lin Fan emptied his storage ring and checked the items.

    A bottle of mortal low-class pills.

    Two bottles of mortal middle-class pills.

    A bottle of mortal high-class pills.

    A bottle of mystic middle-class cultivation pills.

    To other disciples, taking such a huge number of pills at the same time was a no-no, but to Lin Fan, it was free experience points.

    He opened the bottles and popped the pills in his mouth.


    He felt a strong flow of energy in his body.

    If there was anyone watching Lin Fan, they would surely be scared for him. Who in the world would dare to take all those pills at once?

    It would injure one's body and lead to sequelae.

    But to Lin Fan, it was happiness.

    After some time, Lin Fan opened his eyes with a smile on his face.

    Name: Lin Fan

    Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Eight (+)

    Experience Points: 60,250

    Points: 340

    Talent: Immortality

    Lottery: Bronze (100), Silver (300), rest yet to be unlocked.

    "Eh heh!"

    Lin Fan was happy with the result.

    He took out the swordsmanship skillset he got from Liu Feng and read it before putting it back.

    He took out the paper recording the different paths.

    "Ah, so I have already reached this stage. Let's continue." Lin Fan loved cultivating, and he would cultivate whenever he could.

    Not long later, Lin Fan's body felt weird, and he felt like he was going too far.

    Lin Fan immediately took out the sword from his storage ring and committed suicide.

    Experience Points +10

    After ten seconds, Lin Fan woke up and continued to cultivate.

    Lin Fan placed the sword in front of him, committing suicide anytime he needed to.

    Suddenly, a sentence appeared on the blank page of the skillset creation.

    Bronze Tempering Method: strengthening of the physical body. Experience Points +1

    Mortal low-class.

    "Go and die! How dare you get worse!? Damn it!"

    Lin Fan rolled his eyes and ignored the book.