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Chapter 46

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 46: Communication Barrier

    The fiery ball of light rising from the horizon colored the sky in shades of orange and yellow.

    Lin Fan was going into an obsession. His bloodshot eyes were now staring blankly into space.

    "Will I ever succeed?" Lin Fan was at the edge of tearing up out of frustration.

    Suddenly, an unexpected thing happened.

    A sentence appeared on a blank page out of nowhere.

    Golden Body Tempering Secret: undying body and expansion of muscles. Experience Points +3

    Mortal high-class.

    "6666…." Seeing this, Lin Fan nearly jumped up in excitement.

    Lin Fan hummed. He was satisfied with the result. He exchanged for it with his blood, sweat, and tears (literally) after all.

    Most Magnificent Flame Sect disciples in the Body Tempering Realm would train the Body Refinement Technique. Lin Fan's Golden Body Tempering Secret was able to level up at twice their speed, and he would have an undying physical body.


    In Huang Fugui's room:

    Seeing Huang Fugui busy packing the scrap iron, the disciple rushed over and stood right next to him. "Senior Brother, I'll do it and help you sell them at a decent price."

    The scrap iron had taken up a huge space in Huang Fugui's room, but since Huang Fugui had spent so much on it, they could not just throw it away.

    As the most loyal servant of Huang Fugui, the disciple went up to render Huang Fugui some help. "Senior Brother, trust me. I have done a thorough check and realized the disciples at the Tool Refining School are looking for them. They will surely buy it at a high price."

    "Shut up." Huang Fugui glared at him. "Place it in the box and follow me to pay Junior Brother Lin a visit."

    The disciple observed that Huang Fugui was in a good mood, so he assumed that he was going over to give Lin Fan some trouble.


    On their way, Huang Fugui became the center of attention as soon as he stepped on the road.

    "Do you see that? Senior Brother Huang is rich now. Scrap iron costs three YHB for 0.5 kilograms now!"

    "I have a lot of scrap iron right now, but who should I sell it to?"

    "Save it, idiot! Senior Brother Huang won't buy it now, but he will buy it all in the future."

    The disciple started explaining to his friend as if he was an economist. They had faith in the scrap iron industry.

    But Huang Fugui wasn't bothered by their words. All he wanted to do now was pass all of it to his Junior Brother Lin.

    They were not on good terms because of a misunderstanding.

    However, after that trip to complete the mission, he was extremely grateful to Lin Fan and saw him in a different light.

    Especially because of the fact that Lin Fan took an attack for him. Huang Fugui still dreamt of it nightly and cried because he was so touched.

    In his room, Lin Fan finished cultivating. He was extremely pleased with the results. His hard work and effort he took to diligently record down all the different routes had finally paid off.

    Now, he had a mortal high-class level skill. If he wished to create a better skillset, all he could do was get a mystic skill creation guide book as his current guide book was only for creating skillsets of a mortal level.

    "Junior Brother Lin." He heard someone calling for him.

    Lin Fan opened his door to see Huang Fugui pushing his cart over.

    "Senior Brother Huang, what's up?" Lin Fan asked lazily.

    The disciple stepped out, preparing to fight. "Is that how you are supposed to address a senior brother?" He snapped.

    The disciple was about to scold Lin Fan, but before he could, he was sent flying out of the room.

    Hung Fugui stepped forward, grabbing Lin Fan's hands in his. "Junior Brother Lin," he said with guilt. "Senior Brother is so sorry for what happened the other time. I hope you can forgive me for that.

    "This is my gift to you. Please accept it." Huang Fugui pointed to the cart.

    "It's fine, Senior Brother. I am not angry at you," Lin Fan said, dumbfounded.

    "Senior Brother, how can I accept this? I will pay you for it. Scrap iron is costly after all," Lin Fan lamented.

    Hearing that, Huang Fugui nearly broke out into tears.

    He never expected his Junior Brother Lin to think of him. To Huang Fugui now, money was nothing compared to his Junior Brother Lin, but he couldn't reject Lin Fan's kindness either.

    "I'll follow whatever Junior Brother says." Huang Fugui patted Lin Fan's shoulder.


    "In that case, I'll take it since Junior Brother needs it urgently. As for the cost, Junior Brother hopes that Senior Brother will sell them to me on credit first. I'll pay you back later," Lin Fan said.

    Huang Fugui hoped to earn something from the transaction, but since Lin Fan asked, he agreed to his request. "Of course. I only hope we can put our differences aside."

    Lin Fan smiled and patted Huang Fugui's shoulder. "Thank you for trusting me. Junior Brother will remember for sure. Senior Brother can be at ease."

    "Okay." Huang Fugui nodded. He trusted his junior brother a lot.