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Chapter 47

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 47: Chicken Soup for the Soul

    "Junior Brother Huang, you're here too?" Zhang Long greeted Huang Fugui as he walked into the room.

    "Senior Brother Zhang, what brings you here?" Lin Fan asked.

    "I have submitted the mission and am here to pass Junior Brother the rewards." Zhang Long smiled. He saw the cart of scrap iron on the floor and turned to Lin Fan, confused. "What's that?"

    "Gifts to Junior Brother Lin." Huang Fugui laughed.

    Zhang Long couldn't understand why Lin Fan would need such a thing, but it wasn't his problem anyway. He took out the rewards from his pocket and gave them to Lin Fan.

    The group was grateful for Lin Fan's contribution during the mission, as without him, they would have died there.

    "Senior Brother, are you sure there are so many rewards?" Lin Fan took a quick look.

    "Nah, it's not much." Zhang Long waved his hand urgently.

    Lin Fan waved his hand. "I'm not stupid. We are so close after all. I'll take just ten thousand and two pills. Split the rest amongst yourselves, Senior Brothers. If you are unwilling to do so, I'll break off all ties with you."

    Lin Fan cared for his senior brothers after all.

    "Junior brother, you…" Zhang Long looked at him, at a loss for words. He was deeply moved by Lin Fan's actions. Zhang Long stepped forward and patted Lin Fan's back.

    To him, it was his luck that he could befriend Lin Fan.

    After sending both of them off, Lin Fan entered into deep thought.

    Now, with the scrap iron, he would be able to make an abundance of grenades and start earning points.

    But before that, he should spend the money he had on pills and skillsets.

    As a Body Tempering Realm cultivator, he didn't really need a skillset yet though. All he should focus on now was upgrading himself.

    But when Lin Fan reached the Hall of Pills, he no longer thought the same way.

    It was a luxury for most disciples.

    If they couldn't afford pills, then they would have to cultivate the old-fashioned way.

    After a tour around the Halls of Pills, a mystic high-class cultivating pill caught Lin Fan's eyes.

    Mystic Bone Flame Pill: mystic high-class cultivating pill.

    Side effects: Bones will crack after consumption, causing unbearable pain. Giving up halfway during cultivation will cause sequelae and major injuries to the body.

    Cost: Two hundred and fifty thousand YHB

    Mystic level pills were treasures as they could assist one's cultivation to reach the highest level of the Earth Star Border Realm.

    Most of the cultivators in the sect were in the Earth Star Border Realm, thus mystic level pills were pricey.

    Lin Fan calculated the amount of money he had.

    Later that afternoon, in the sect's Resentment Arena:

    The Resentment Arena was set up by the sect with the purpose of providing a place for disciples to resolve their differences peacefully and legally.

    The disciples were allowed to fight, but under the condition of no life-threatening acts.

    "Taking bets! Second-class outer disciple He Xu going against second-class outer disciple Bai Xin!

    "He Xu, Body Tempering Stage Six!

    "Bai Xin, Body Tempering Stage Six!

    "Take your sides!"

    A middle-aged man stood at the side of the Resentment Arena, getting the disciples to bet on the disciple they thought would win. In the sect, the Resentment Arena served a gambling purpose too, and it was a fast way for disciples to get rich.

    The two disciples on the stage were there to resolve their differences while the spectators were there hoping for a chance to hit the jackpot.

    Lin Fan stood amongst the crowd with his mask on. This was a normal way of dressing in the Magnificent Flame Sect.

    Watching the disciples fight, a smile crept up Lin Fan's mouth.

    But Lin Fan did not participate in the bet. He stood at the side and watched the fight take place silently.

    In the arena, Bai Xin and He Xu stared at each other with anger. With a whistle, both of them attacked each other.

    Not long later, He Xu sent Bai Xin flying. Bai Xu lay on the arena staring angrily at He Xu, who was stepping on him. "Bai Xin, you have lost." He Xu sneered. "You have to be more respectful from now on!"


    Bai Xin's sword was now on the side. He glared at He Xu as he wiped off the blood on his face.

    He Xu tidied his clothes and stared at Bai Xin in disdain. "Look at how simple it is to defeat you." He snickered and went out of the arena, leaving the injured Bai Xin crouching at the corner.

    Both of them had the same cultivation, but He Xu had practiced his Emperor of Sea, Land, and Air boxing skillset to its maximum capacity, so Bai Xin's ability was far behind him.

    Bai Xin helped himself up and disappeared among the crowd silently.

    He never thought that he would be so much weaker in comparison to He Xu.

    Looking at the solemn back view, a smile crept up onto Lin Fan's face.

    Lin Fan trailed after Bai Xin.

    At the edge of the cliff, Bai Xin sat there silently. He stared blankly into space, disappointed with himself.

    "Junior Brother, results aren't of that much importance. As long as you persevere, that's the most important." Lin Fan walked over and sat next to him.

    Bai Xin took a glance at Lin Fan. "Thank you, Senior Brother. But I lost to him, after all."

    "No. Failure is the mother of success. Learning from your mistakes and improving is way more important," Lin Fan said, trying to make Bai Xin feel better.

    And Bai Xin did feel better.

    He felt that Lin Fan made a lot of sense too.

    Bai Xin also let down his guard around Lin Fan.