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Chapter 48

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 48: Full of Vim

    "Senior Brother, may I know who you are?" After hearing Lin Fan, Bai Xin felt that he needed to get to know such a knowledgeable senior brother.

    Lin Fan shook his head. "It's not important. The thing that's important is that we are fated to meet, so that's why we are having a chat right now."

    "Senior Brother, do you know the reason for my defeat?" Bai Xin asked. He felt that he had finally found someone who understood him, so he wished to voice his troubles.

    "You already have the answer, don't you?" Lin Fan questioned.

    "Yes. I know it's because I do not have a skillset that's as strong as his. I wouldn't lose if I had one!" Bai Xin sighed. "But a skillset costs an arm and a leg! I am not rich enough to get one.


    Bai Xin sighed and covered his face.

    "Junior Brother," Lin Fan called him softly and took out the skillset when no one was looking. "Look at this."

    "A skillset?" Bai Xin stared at Lin Fan blankly.

    Lin Fan smiled happily. "Mystic low-class Gale Swordsmanship. Suits you, doesn't it?"

    Bai Xin gulped, but hearing that it was a mystic level skillset, he sighed. "Senior Brother, only an Earth Star Border can cultivate that."

    Lin Fan expected that answer, but he was confident in his persuasiveness. "Is that so?"

    "Yes." Bai Xin nodded. "We can cultivate it too, but the results wouldn't be as good since we do not have Yuan energy."

    "Junior Brother, look, as long as you can cultivate it, it's not a problem as long as you get the gist of it. It won't differ by too much even without Yuan energy. What do you think of it, Junior Brother? I am sure it would be better than the skill you are practicing now."

    "Senior Brother, you're right." Bai Xin agreed with Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan turned to Bai Xin and sighed.

    "Haish, it's fate that brought us together, and as your senior brother, I'm sad to see you troubled over such matters. What about this? Senior Brother will sell you this skillset!"

    "Are you serious?" Bai Xin turned to Lin Fan excitedly, but it did not last long. "I'm afraid I won't be able to afford it, Senior Brother."

    "Junior Brother, it's fine. How much do you have?" All Lin Fan wished to do was sell the skillset, regardless of the price.

    "Senior Brother, to be honest with you, I only have twenty thousand YHB including my savings. I was planning to get a mortal skillset after I saved enough."

    "Hmm, nevermind. I'll sell it to you at twenty thousand YHB. What does Junior Brother think?" Lin Fan asked.

    "Ah?" Bai Xin stared at Lin Fan dumbfoundedly. "Senior Brother, this is a mystic level skillset! Are you sure?"

    Bai Xin could not believe his ears. A mystic level skillset would cost an arm and a leg if one were to purchase it from the sect.

    "I am." Lin Fan nodded his head confidently.

    Bai Xin was nearly moved to tears. He never expected to meet such a nice fellow sect mate.

    Lin Fan scanned his surroundings and took out the skillset. "Junior Brother. Check it quickly."

    Bai Xin flipped through it and passed Lin Fan all the money. "Thank you, Senior Brother."

    Lin Fan was on cloud nine after receiving the money. He stood up and tidied his clothes before turning to Bai Xin. "Junior Brother, here's a piece of advice for you."

    Bai Xin looked at Lin Fan gratefully. "Please, Senior Brother."

    "Fearlessness is the key to success. Failures and barriers are inevitable parts of your life, but perseverance will bring you to the top. Take over the world with your courage and a never-give-up mindset!

    "Taking baby steps is important too. You will reap what you sow one day!"

    Lin Fan walked off and waved Bai Xin goodbye.

    "Junior Brother, Senior Brother believes that you will succeed someday. All the best!"

    Bai Xin watched Lin Fan go off as tears blurred his vision. He was so touched that there was someone to care for and motivate him.

    "I will! Senior Brother!

    "Failure brings about success, I will make it one day!"


    "Wow! I got twenty thousand easy." Lin Fan hid in a corner and placed all the money into the storage ring before taking out another copy of the skillset and going for his next target.

    He had made a number of copies of Gale Swordsmanship.

    A number of disciples passed by Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan mainly targeted disciples who had a sword as their weapon and looked poor.

    Just then, a disciple carrying a sword on his bag passed by Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan followed up immediately.

    Sensing that Lin Fan was trailing after him, the disciple turned around, confused. Before he could say anything, Lin Fan spoke up.

    "Junior Brother, let me show you something. Alright?"

    The disciple was confused by Lin Fan's action, but he agreed nonetheless. "What?"

    Lin Fan let him take a peek at the skillset when nobody was looking.

    "Mystic low-class swordsmanship. Look, is it good?"

    Lin Fan acted sneakily, acting like the salesmen on the streets he had seen on Earth.

    "Hehe." Seeing the skillset, the disciple flashed Lin Fan a smile, one that made him look like a pervert. "Oh, that's great."

    The disciple understood what Lin Fan was up to – illegal selling of skillsets. There were a number of them in the sect in the past, but the sect had taken actions against them, and not many dared to do so anymore.

    The disciple never expected that he would be so lucky as to meet one.

    Seeing that the other party was interested, Lin Fan grinned and pulled him away. "Junior Brother, let's go over there and have a talk."



    It was now evening. Lin Fan hid in a corner and took off his mask. Seeing how thick the stack of money was, he couldn't hide his smile.

    He smiled happily.

    Meanwhile, a disciple had called over the law enforcement disciples to where Lin Fan first appeared. "Senior Brothers, I saw someone selling skillsets illegally."

    The law enforcement disciples exchanged a glance and aimed to get to the bottom of this.

    Luckily, Lin Fan only planned to do it once. He might've been in deep trouble if he continued.