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Chapter 49

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 49: Let's Go, Fan Fan

    Lin Fan was satisfied with the amount he had earned after a day of hard work.

    He then came to the Hall of Pills and bought the Mystic Bone Flame Pill.

    It came with serious side effects, but they were nothing to Lin Fan.

    He did not plan to make use of his remaining money. Now, Lin Fan understood how important money was to cultivation.

    Poverty was inevitable for those with low cultivation.

    Money was no longer an important factor for those with high cultivation.

    In this world, the rich were rich while the poor worked for them in order to become richer.

    In his room, Lin Fan stared at the red pill on his palm and took it without hesitation. He started cultivating immediately.

    Lin Fan could feel changes taking place to his bones. They seemed to be cracking, but he could not feel the pain.

    His experience points increased rapidly.

    The pill fused into his body, helping with his cultivation.

    If any others were to see this scene, they would be dumbfounded. Who in the world would be able to endure such a painful journey?

    But of course, nobody would expect Lin Fan to be immortal and unable to feel pain.

    The next day, Lin Fan opened his eyes, grinning happily.

    "Break through, my dear cultivation.


    He pressed the plus sign.

    Experience Points -128,000

    Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Nine (+)

    Lin Fan felt changes taking place in his body, and numerous explosions could be heard. This symbolized that his bones, organs, and the rest of his body had reached their maximum potential.

    He could feel the distinct difference compared to a Body Tempering Stage Eight.

    Name: Lin Fan

    Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Nine (+)

    Experience Points: 58,654

    Points: 340

    Talent: Immortality

    Lottery: Bronze (100), Silver (300), the rest yet to be unlocked.

    After a sleepless night and the help of the pill, Lin Fan managed to break through to Body Tempering Stage Nine.

    When Lin Fan stepped out of the house, he saw a number of disciples wearing armor walking around.

    "What do those law enforcement disciples want? What happened?" Lin Fan muttered.

    Seeing Lu Qiming, he went up to find out.

    "Senior Brother, what's wrong?"

    "I heard that there was a disciple who tried to sell skillsets illegally. The law enforcement disciples are here to find them," Lu Qiming whispered.

    "Did they find any clues?" Lin Fan asked.

    "Nope. It was only reported, so the law enforcement disciples are here to investigate. I wonder which disciple is so daring! The previous offenders were caught and taken care of, but there are still people breaking the rules." Lu Qiming sighed. He looked disappointed that he did not manage to meet the offender.

    Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

    "Eh, Junior Brother, you look different today." Lu Qiming stared at Lin Fan weirdly. He didn't know what the difference was, but he felt that Lin Fan was different.

    Lin Fan raised an eyebrow.

    "More handsome, I guess," Lin Fan said happily.

    Lu Qiming was speechless, but he decided to not pour cold water on Lin Fan.

    After staying for a while longer, Lin Fan bid Lu Qiming goodbye and went back to make grenades. He was leaving to collect his points soon.

    After a few days, Lin Fan packed about a hundred grenades in his storage ring.

    Lin Fan left the sect early after he had finished packing.

    "Junior Brother, where are you heading to?" Yin Xiaotian greeted Lin Fan. Wherever he was, Gao Dazhuang was too.

    "Out to run an errand. What about you, Senior Brother Yin?" Lin Fan asked.

    "Going to Yunluo City with your Senior Brother Gao. Staying in sect daily is boring. Are you coming with us, Junior Brother?"

    "Thank you, Senior Brother, but I have to go the opposite direction of you guys, unfortunately."

    "Okay, we will go first. See you soon, Junior Brother. Take care!" Yin Xiaotian and Gao Dazhuang waved him goodbye.

    "I will."

    Lin Fan went out of the sect humming. He was not planning to come back after gaining enough points.

    He travelled for three days straight without rest.

    Finally, Lin Fan grinned at the forest that he was standing in front of.

    Qixia Forest was home to many beasts. The deeper one went, the more dangerous the beasts they would meet. For example, there were Earth Star Border beasts and above.

    To Lin Fan, he was just here to gain points. He never thought of getting into trouble with the beasts of higher cultivation.