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Chapter 50

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 50: Lin Fan, Dead!

    Qixia Forest was home to a variety of beasts, and it was a forbidden area to man. It was easy to enter the forest, but it was almost impossible for a man to escape unscathed unless they were a pervert like Lin Fan who didn't even pay attention to the outer ring of the forest as the beasts inhabiting it were not strong enough for his liking, such as wolves.

    The growling of the beasts boomed through the forest, hurting Lin Fan's ears as he ventured deeper.

    Lin Fan picked up his pace as he dashed through the ancient trees, shoes painted brown with mud as he went.

    Just then, Lin Fan saw something out of the corner of his eyes. His eyes shone as he hid behind a rock to observe the back.

    It took the form of an ordinary eagle, but unlike one, there was a white horn growing right out of its head, four sharp claws, and it possessed a spine that was similar to a human being. The Spine Horned Eagle also had a long tail and extraordinary bite force.

    Among the beasts that were in the Body Tempering Realm, the Spine Horned Eagle was one of the strongest.

    Most of the Spine Horned Eagles were Body Tempering Stage Sixes or Sevens, but there were better ones in Body Tempering Stage Nine.

    Most disciples would avoid a Spine Horned Eagle if they came across one.

    The Spine Horned Eagles were known for their speed and their bite force that crushed one within no time.

    "Wow." Lin Fan chuckled and did a headcount of the number of Spine Horned Eagles in the flock.

    He hid behind the rock and took out a grenade without hesitation.

    The flock that was resting reacted upon hearing a rustle. The Spine Horned Eagles looked around to see a circular item rolling over, and it piqued their curiosity.

    One of the Spine Horned Eagle thought it was food, thus it swallowed it.

    Well, they were beasts that were only in the Body Tempering Realm after all, so it was normal that they didn't have an IQ.

    "Haish, you can't blame me for killing you!" Lin Fan sighed.

    Blood and flesh flew all over the place.

    Points +60

    Points +70

    Points +60


    Lin Fan lay back on the rock, shutting his eyes as he watched the points increase.

    And that was the end of his prayer.

    Lin Fan took the mace from his storage ring and dashed forward. "Kill…!"

    The Spine Horned Eagle king watched the scene unfold in front of it dumbfoundedly.

    It had no idea why, but its servants started exploding out of nowhere.

    Another explosion could be heard from its left.

    The Spine Horned Eagle king turned around to realize that its servants were all gone before it even saw its enemy.


    Suddenly, the Spine Horned Eagle king heard a voice. It could see a human dashing toward it with a huge weapon. This angered the Spine Horned Eagle king. It let out a wail and went for Lin Fan.

    "Die!" Lin Fan never expected the Spine Horned Eagle king to be so lucky.

    The Spine Horned Eagle king might've been powerful, but it wasn't made of steel. With an attack, it went off to the heavens.

    Points +80

    Points: 1,690.

    Now, Lin Fan was confident that he would be able to earn even more afterward. This forest was filled with an abundance of beasts for him to earn points from!

    Within no time, explosions boomed across the Qixia Forest, and beasts with lower cultivations could be seen scuttering away from their homes for their lives.

    "Who else?"

    Lin Fan walked around the forest with the mace on his shoulders. He felt like he was the king of the forest now. Everywhere he went, there was an explosion.

    The beasts in the Body Tempering Realm were evacuating from their homes after being bombed continuously.

    The Body Tempering beasts couldn't handle the grenades. If one grenade wasn't enough, then two would do the work.

    Now, Lin Fan had 6,000 Points.

    Lin Fan was satisfied with his earnings. He had earned them through hard work after all.

    As for the scarier beasts, Lin Fan did not have the means to do anything to them.

    In a cave located somewhere in the inner ring of the Qixia Forest, a pair of bloody red eyes shone brightly in the dark.

    A deep growl boomed across the cave, destroying its surroundings with its powerful soundwaves.

    It was hibernating, but the continuous noises woke it up.

    This irritated the beast. It had been angered by the culprit that was disturbing it from its sleep.

    The beast was determined to crush the culprit.

    A gigantic figure came out of the cave and stood up, stomping off.


    "Hey, darlings! Come out!" Lin Fan whistled, happy with his loot.

    Watching the points increase, Lin Fan was on cloud nine.

    Suddenly, an ear-splitting growl spanned across the place, causing the leaves to fall from the trees.

    Lin Fan covered up his ears immediately.

    "What on earth!? What kind of beast would let out such a sound?"

    His plan was to deal with all the easy ones and leave the boss for last.

    "Eh, it's turning dark already?" Lin Fan realized that there was a shadow over him, and it was getting increasingly huge.

    When he looked up, he was dumbfounded.

    "What the hell!? Where did this gigantic monkey come from?"

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape was a beast with a cultivation above the Earth Star Border. They were descendants of the Huanggu Vicious Apes and possessed strong energy. They fed on blood too and were one of the toughest beasts to deal with.

    The gigantic claw covered the sky, blocking the sunlight as it closed in on Lin Fan. With a bang, the ground shook, and cracks could be seen all over the ground.

    Before Lin Fan could react, he was smashed.

    Blood dyed the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape's palm red.

    Lin Fan, KO!