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Chapter 51

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 51: Wasting My Time with You

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape towered above Lin Fan, who was now a puddle of goo, and wiped the bloodstain off its palm.

    To the ape, Lin Fan was nothing but a mosquito.

    The beasts in the surroundings all shuddered in fear upon hearing the roar that belonged to the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape. It was the boss of Qixia Forest, and no other beast dared to anger it.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape growled. Its bulging ruby-red eyes and scar-covered muscular figure scared many beasts off, confirming the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape's territory and its loathing of trespassers.

    The growl also sent a message that daring to disturb the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape would end with someone getting crushed by it.

    Thundering stomps could be heard as the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape made its way back to its cave.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape was a beast with a cultivation above the Earth Star Border Realm, and it was the king of Qixia Forest.

    After ten seconds, the puddle of goo slowly took the shape of a man and froze into a solid form.

    "What the heck happened?" Lin Fan stood up only to realize that he was once naked again. He immediately took out a set of clothes and tried to recall the incident.

    He looked around to see endless cracks on the ground.


    "What on earth? I am here earning my points and you ended my life without any reason? So what if you have high cultivation?" Lin Fan rolled his eyes.

    "Just wait and see. Let's see who will become the daddy, even though I do not know what the heck you are. And I will kill any monkeys I see in the future, you dog."

    And that was how Lin Fan's hatred of monkeys came about.

    He shuddered in fear at the thought of how he died in an instant.

    Lin Fan dusted his clothes and continued on his point-earning journey.

    After a short distance, Lin Fan stopped in his tracks after coming across a pack of beasts who looked fearful.

    "Yahoo, my chance!"

    Lin Fan took out a grenade and threw it right at the beasts.

    Explosions boomed across the forest as beasts started running away from their homes for their lives. To the beasts, the explosion sound symbolized deadliness, but to Lin Fan, it symbolized heaven.

    In the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape's cave, the beast was hibernating.

    All of a sudden, continuous explosions travelled through its ears, disturbing its sleep.

    The beasts living near the cave all awoke at the growl, wondering why the king of Qixia Forest was angry.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape stepped out of its cave. An Earth Star Border Stage One beast that was unaware of the situation was loitering in front of it and soon became the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape's snack. The beast's blood dirtied the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape's mouth, making it look a hundred times more ferocious than it already did.

    Its ruby-red eyes stared into the distance with towering anger.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape was now nowhere to be seen.


    Lin Fan was currently in a good mood. He had earned 7,520 points by this point.

    Suddenly, he realized there was a gigantic figure stomping toward his direction, turning the sky dark. On its way, the figure bumped into a flock of birds that were flying toward the direction of the sun, and within no time, there was blood everywhere.

    "What the hell. This thing again?" Lin Fan said. He had a bad feeling, so he pulled out his grenade and threw it at the figure.

    The figure stomped, causing the ground to shake.

    This was the first time Lin Fan ever saw such a monstrous beast. Comparing the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape with the gigantic beast on the battlefield, the product of the Sunshine Sect was nothing.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape stared at the small human standing right in front of it – the noise pollution culprit.

    Lin Fan had nearly driven the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape nuts. It had sensitive hearing and could hear any noises ten times clearer than a normal beast.

    Thus, these ear-piercing explosions were intolerable to it.

    Lin Fan stood rooted to the ground, trembling in fear.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape raised its hand and smacked down on Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan pulled the pill on his grenade without hesitation. "Daddy, I'm at fault. I'll kill myself."

    Lin Fan exploded.

    And he was dead.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape angrily glared at Lin Fan who was motionless on the ground. It raised its hand and smashed down at him hard.

    The ground shook, sending the leaves falling from the trees to the point of becoming bald. Lin Fan was now mincemeat, and cracks were all over the ground.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape continued to smash Lin Fan even though he was already a puddle of goo, unleashing its anger at the stupid human that disturbed its sleep.

    After letting out its anger, the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape disappeared from the spot with a leap.

    After a few seconds, Lin Fan opened his eyes with anger.