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Chapter 52

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 52: Cruel Humans

    Lin Fan was now aware that the ape that killed him twice was the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape, the descendant of an extinct species. It had extraordinary strength and a cultivation at about Earth Star Border Stage Eight.

    And the reason that it came to Lin Fan continuously was probably because of Lin Fan's grenades. The explosions had disturbed its sleep.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape returned to its cave, falling into sleep again. It was happy that it had killed the human, but at the same time, it was confused. Why were humans these days so stupid, coming one by one after it killed the previous one?

    To the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape, all humans looked the same. Lin Fan was too tiny for it to spot any similar features to realize it was the same person.

    When a beast reached the Earth Star Border Realm, it would become more intelligent. Furthermore, this beast was a descendant of the Huanggu Vicious Apes, so it was almost as smart as mankind, it was just unable to speak.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape fell asleep once again.

    All of a sudden, the ear-piercing noise could be heard again, causing the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape to jump up in anger.

    It was absolutely angry now, and to it, all of mankind deserved death.


    After a stroll, Lin Fan managed to find a few beasts and earn some more points.

    Points +50

    Points +60

    Seeing the points increase, Lin Fan couldn't hide the smile on his face.

    The sky turned dark again.

    Lin Fan laughed.  Lin Fan took out his mace from the storage ring and placed it on his shoulders, staring at the huge figure.

    The Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape landed in front of Lin Fan, growing.

    "Nuggets. Do you think you're the only one who can growl?" Lin Fan took a deep breath and started yelling, waving the mace at the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape. "C'mon! Who's afraid of you?

    "Take my attack!

    "The explosion of Violent Mace!"

    Lin Fan dashed toward the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape angrily, wanting to take it down.

    The Demonic Ape never expected that a tiny man would dare to challenge it. Thus, it raised its hand at Lin Fan.

    Lin Fan exploded, and all the bits went flying under the strong force.

    The Demonic Ape boomed as if warning Lin Fan that this would be the result of messing with it.

    Within a second, the battle between a strong-willed human and the monstrous beast ended.

    Of course, the man was defeated.

    The Demonic Ape left without hesitation.

    After ten seconds, Lin Fan revived again.

    Lin Fan made his way toward the Demonic Ape's cave.

    "What the heck? Where have all the beasts gone?" Lin Fan found it tougher to find beasts for points.

    Explosions filled the forest.

    Lin Fan laughed evilly. He used a few extra grenades than he needed to just to annoy the Demonic Ape.

    In the Demonic Ape's cave, the beast woke up and went for Lin Fan once again.

    Five minutes passed.

    Lin Fan, dead!

    One hour passed.

    Lin Fan, dead!

    Two hours passed.

    Lin Fan, dead!


    Soon, the sun was setting.

    Once again, explosions rang across Qixia Forest.

    The Demonic Ape woke up once again in anger, staring at the origin of the noise. It did not go to Lin Fan this time around even though it seemed to be in a bad mood.

    The Demonic Ape's roar boomed across the forest as it punched a hole through the cave.

    The cave collapsed.

    The Demonic Ape stomped off in anger.

    The Demonic Ape was going nuts. It had already forgotten the number of times it killed the human beings, but the explosions never stopped, and it was unable to take it anymore.

    The Demonic Ape was enraged. It should've been sleeping right now, not moving house.


    On the other hand, Lin Fan was prepared to fight the Demonic Ape, but it did not show up even after a long time.

    "You must be dreaming to think that you're my opponent.

    "If you're not coming, I'm going to continue!"

    Lin Fan's aim now was to get as many points as he could.

    Even though it was pitch-black now, Lin Fan never gave up.

    After a night of noisiness and running for their lives, the beasts started to leave Qixia Forest one by one.

    This was not a suitable place for them to inhabit anymore. They could not even rest because of the noise! And this would affect their fight for survival in the daylight.

    For their safety, the beasts made a difficult choice, which was to leave their lovely homes.

    The next day, after a night of searching for beasts, Lin Fan was tired too. He could not seem to find anymore beasts.

    He took a look at the storage ring. It was now empty.

    "I don't even have one grenade left. I should return home now."

    Points: 28,510