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Chapter 53

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 53: Do You Think I'm Stupid?

    Back in the Magnificent Flame Sect, it was a special day today because the Sunshine Sect was here to pay a visit.

    The Magnificent Flame Sect's disciples loathed the Sunshine Sect disciples, but the sects had to maintain a good relationship with each other now, so they had to welcome them as they did for any other guest.

    On the streets of the Magnificent Flame Sect, most of the disciples were enraged by the news.

    "Darn the Sunshine Sect! How dare they pay us a visit? And we still have to welcome them? Why not just send them to hell?" a disciple yelled, face reddening from anger.

    His friend next to him shook his head. "Senior Brother, calm down. We're located too close to them and are weaker than them. There's nothing we can do about that. There's still a lot we need to learn from their sect. It's beneficial for both us and the commoners living around the border too."

    "Junior Brother, I understand that. I'm just unhappy about the sect's treatment of them! How good would it be if we had the Saint Hall Sect's strength?"

    "That day will come soon as long as we work hard."


    Near the gate of the Magnificent Flame Sect, the elders of the Magnificent Flame Sect stood there upright with disciples next to them.

    Amongst the eight elders, there was an extremely bulky elder. He had a long beard that touched the ground, and his skin shone brightly under the sun.

    "They are here." Elder Tian Xu stared at the front blankly.

    He loathed the Sunshine Sect too, but for the sect, he had to treat them nicely.

    A pitch-black divine ship could be seen in the sky. There was a man standing on the front of the ship, hands behind him as he looked down at the Magnificent Flame Sect. His disciples stood behind him, looking at the spacious area that belonged to the Magnificent Flame Sect with greed.

    To most of the Sunshine Sect disciples, this region should belong to them. If not for the intervention of other sects during the previous war, they would have already gotten it in their hands.

    "Tian Xu…!" the man boomed. His voice thundered through the place.

    Elder Tian Xu stepped out with a smile on his face. "Xuan Kun, it's not nice to scare the other disciples. We are here to welcome the Sunshine Sect's representatives."

    "Haha." Xuan Kun was fierce-looking. His robe danced in the wind as he nodded.

    The divine ship landed, and the Sunshine Sect disciples dismounted, staring at the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples in disdain.

    This angered some of the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples. They were unhappy that they were unable to take down their enemy that was standing right in front of them.

    The Sunshine Sect disciples looked at the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples arrogantly, as they thought that they were way better than them.

    Of course, the disciples weren't allowed in the meeting among the leaders.

    But when a piece of news was announced, the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples caused an uproar.

    The two sects were going to have a friendly match for their disciples, which was suggested by the Sunshine Sect with the reason of strengthening their bond and making more friends.

    Of course, that was nonsense. There was no one who didn't know that this was their way of showing off their ability and spreading the message that the Sunshine Sect would forever be better than the Magnificent Flame Sect.

    Hearing this, the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples could not wait for the event to start so they could teach the Sunshine Sect a lesson. The outer disciples would go against the outer disciples and inner against inner.

    In Qixia Forest, Lin Fan skipped through the woods. He had no more grenades left, but he had almost 29,000 points now. I'm rich!

    He found a bare tree and climbed up.

    Violent Mace (Level 8).

    Points -2,600

    Violent Mace (Level 9)

    Increase in strength, Air Explosion, Ultimate Speed, Enraged.

    Lin Fan felt a strong current of energy flowing through every part of his body.

    He took out his mace and smashed it into the ground.

    The mace crashed into the ground, making the ground crack and leaving a deep pit in the middle.

    Lin Fan felt that he had increased in strength to the point where he was the strongest person in the world. Of course, he was thinking too much. He was just a narcissist.

    He kept his mace and went back onto the tree.

    "Now I have 25,910 points left. Time for the lottery." Lin Fan hummed. "I may be unlucky, but I have so many points to try it out!"

    Points -3,000

    Silver Lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Silver Lottery: A mortal high-class cultivation pill.

    Silver Lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Silver Lottery: A mortal high-class skillset – Cruel Blood


    Lin Fan continued on and got a special item.

    Silver Lottery: a special invaluable technique – Ultra Precise Blade Claw.


    "Oh my! I got three items out of ten draws. Lady Luck, you're finally with me! I might have gotten a piece of trash, but the other two are good enough to make up for it."