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Chapter 54

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 54: I'm Back!

    Lin Fan took the pill and started cultivating.

    Of course, there were not many experience points to be gained.

    He then turned to take a look at Cruel Blood

    1,000 points to learn Cruel Blood.

    "Learn it." Lin Fan sighed.

    Cruel Blood (Level 1)

    Specialty: mad increase in energy.

    Side effects: causes one to be anemic. Will recover in three days.

    3,000 points to level up.

    "Oh my, this method will not only kill your enemy but will leave you half-dead too!"

    "Level up."

    This was Lin Fan's favorite way of levelling up. Simple.

    Cruel Blood (Level 2)

    Specialty: mad increase in energy, stunning blows.

    Side effects: will bring injury to one's bones and invisible illnesses.

    5,000 points to level up.

    And level three was the maximum capacity of Cruel Blood anyway

    "Level up."

    Cruel Blood (Level 3)

    Specialty: mad increase in energy, stunning blows, blood tattoos.

    Side effects: death after three uses.

    "What the hell? This creator of this skillset must be a masochist!" Lin Fan shuddered in fear.

    Ultra Precise Blade Claw (Invaluable): Extremely sensitive to any weapon with a blade. Will allow the user to grab the weapon with one's hand with absolute accuracy.


    That was the only world Lin Fan could use to describe it.

    Lin Fan jumped down from the tree and let out a yell.

    "Cruel Blood!"

    All of a sudden, Lin Fan's blood started to circulate around his body at an insane speed as if he was a dragon. His skin was burning and his hair started to turn red in color. Shiny red lines appeared on his skin. At this moment, Lin Fan resembled Aquaman, but red in color.

    Lin Fan could hear the cracking of his bones as his body increased in size.

    He then smashed the mace down to the ground.

    The ground started to shake, and cracks started to form in the ground.

    "Wow, this is great!" Lin Fan gasped. He never expected that he would be this powerful after being in this world for just a month.

    Lin Fan had earned enough, and he had no reason to stay any longer in Qixia Forest anyway.


    After a few days, in the Magnificent Flame Sect:

    "Good job, Senior Brother!" The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples cheered loudly for their senior brothers who were on the arena.

    In the audience seats, the Sunshine Sect's elder, Xuan Kun, sat next to Tian Xu, while the other Sunshine Sect and Magnificent Flame Sect elders sat on their sides respectively.

    "Tian Xu, the skills that your disciples are practicing are not special enough!" Xuan Kun watched the competition calmly as if it had nothing to do with him. He was just here to test the Magnificent Flame Sect's limit. Since he had achieved his aim, other events were not worth his attention.

    As for the peace treaty between the two sects, it was nothing to him.

    To Xuan Kun, only commoners cared about that. To him, becoming stronger was the true path.

    Elder Tian Xu laughed. "The specialness depends on how a disciple picks a skill up."

    This made the other Magnificent Flame Sect's elders unhappy. To them, Xuan Kun had already gone overboard.

    But there was nothing the elders could do. They had fought Xuan Kun on the battlefield once, and none of them except Tian Xu were capable of fighting him.

    Next to Xuan Kun sat an odd-looking man. "Elder Xuan Kun, from what I have observed, the mortal skillsets trained by the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples are poles apart from ours." He had a nasally voice, and he was staring at the Magnificent Flame Sect elders in disdain.

    Xuan Kun laughed and shook his head. "It's because the Magnificent Flame Sect was founded much later than the Sunshine Sect, thus their founders did not have many resources to work with besides skillsets from other sects, which resulted in skillsets of lesser efficiency."

    Xuan Kun spoke loud enough for everyone in the audience seats to hear, leaving all the Magnificent Flame Sect elders scowling. Xuan Kun's words made them see red, but he was speaking the truth. In the past, the main skillsets that the Magnificent Flame Sect made use of were adapted from different skillsets. However, this was no longer the case.

    All of them turned to the elder with a nasally voice in anger, questioning his identity. "Who are you?"

    The nasally-voiced elder laughed and bowed. "Greetings, elders. I'm a disciple that was appointed a few days ago to be sent on this trip."

    Hearing him, the Magnificent Flame Sect elders' blood boiled. To them, this was an absolute embarrassment.

    Appointing an inner disciple as a temporary elder suggested that a Magnificent Flame Sect elders' abilities were only as good as the Sunshine Sect's disciples

    "Let's focus on the competition." Tian Xu coughed, defusing the tension in the air.


    "Senior Brother Zhang, it's your turn soon. Good luck," Huang Fugui and Lu Qiming said. In their clique, Zhang Long was the strongest cultivator.

    "Be at ease. I will come back with a win for sure. It's such a pity that Junior Brother Lin isn't around. Beating up the Sunshine Sect disciples would be child's play for Junior Brother Lin." Zhang Long rolled his eyes at the Sunshine Sect disciple who was currently standing in the ring with his nose in the air.

    "I wonder where he went. It's been so long yet he's not back yet." Huang Fugui sighed.

    Time's up!

    Zhang Long went into the ring. He would be going against a Body Tempering Stage Eight disciple.

    Zhang Long only broke through recently, but being a Body Tempering Stage Eight cultivator, he was no doubt one of the strongest outer disciples.

    He stood in front of his opponent with his guard up. Determination was swimming in his eyes as he pledged that he would take the other party down.

    "C'mere." The Sunshine Sect disciple looked at Zhang Long in disdain.

    The crowd's faces fell seeing such a provocative action. They were aware that the Sunshine Sect was shaming them.

    Zhang Long got into position. He was ready to give it his all.

    "Weak. You're too weak. How weak  you guys?" The Sunshine Sect disciple laughed.

    "What is this skill called? ‘Weak.' That should be its name."

    "Senior Brother…." The crowd watched Zhang Long fall to the ground in utter disbelief.

    They never expected that Zhang Long would lose so easily.

    The Sunshine Sect disciple proceed to stomp on Zhang Long's face. "Concede defeat. You're no competition for me."

    "Dream on!" Zhang Long hissed. He was utterly shocked. How could a Body Tempering Stage Eight disciple be this strong?

    "Then enjoy my gift to you." The other party snickered. He grabbed Zhang Long's arms and broke them with a crack.


    Seeing this, Huang Fugui and the rest were like cats on hot bricks. "Senior Brother, concede defeat!"