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Chapter 55

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 55: What Happened?

    The Magnificent Flame Sect's inner disciples managed to achieve satisfactory results, but it was a pity that the outer disciples were on the losing end.

    It also clearly showed the difference between the Magnificent Flame Sect's inner disciples' and outer disciples' ability.

    "Are you willing to give up?" The Sunshine Sect outer disciple, Zhan Yuntian, kicked Zhang Long hard on his jaw, dislocating his jaw. Watching Zhang Long bleed heavily, Zhan Yuntian laughed loudly like a lunatic.

    "Dream… on," Zhang Long murmured. His tongue had already lost feeling, so it was hard for him to speak. But to him, he would rather die than concede defeat to these hateful enemies.

    "Senior Brother, concede defeat!" Huang Fugui cried hysterically, wanting to dash up to the ring to save Zhang Long.

    "Well?" Zhan Yuntian didn't even bother to listen to Zhang Long's reply as he continued to kick Zhang Long's head into the ground. A pit had already formed in the ground, which was painted with blood.

    Zhan Yuntian actually didn't want to let Zhang Long concede defeat, so he dislocated his jaw in advance to make him unable to talk.

    In the audience seats, Elder Xuan Kun watched the battle with great interest. He was happy to see how Zhan Yuntian was abusing the Magnificent Flame Sect's disciple.

    "Tian Xu, your disciples are tough, but this can't go on. He needs to live." Xuan Kun turned to Tian Xu, smiling.

    Elder Tian Xu may have looked calm, but in fact, he was boiling with anger. He was happy to see the spirit of his disciples, but he couldn't just watch Zhang Long die to the Sunshine Sect like this.

    Zhan Yuntian stopped in his tracks, looking up at the elders with arrogance. "Elders, the other party is unwilling to concede defeat, so am I supposed to continue? Even if he ends up dying?"

    "Of course. You should continue until the other party concedes defeat. If he really dies, it's his own fault," Xuan Kun spoke up.

    "No. If he can no longer counterattack, then it's considered a defeat!" Tian Xu's voice boomed across the arena.

    "Haha…." Xuan Kun laughed, staring at Tian Xu. "Are you going to concede defeat for him?"

    Huang Fugui thought that it had all come to an end, but he was wrong. When he saw Zhang Long's action out of the corner of his eyes, he nearly jumped out of his skin.

    "No, oh my god…."

    Zhang Long, who was lying on the ground and covered with blood, took a rock and threw it at Zhang Yuntian's head.

    Sensing the rock, Zhan Yuntian turned around. His face fell as he glared at Zhang Long.

    "You really can't wait to go to heaven, huh?"


    Just then, Elder Tian Xu stood up, glaring at Zhan Yuntian. "This marks the end."

    Zhan Yuntian took a look at Xuan Kun before turning back. "Elder Tian Xu, the disciple of the Magnificent Flame Sect is unwilling to concede defeat, which makes it rather hard to mark an end to this fight. I will gladly stop if he does."

    "I will concede defeat on his behalf," Tian Xu replied sternly.

    The Magnificent Flame Sect's disciples went into an uproar. This was an unexpected result. Never would they have thought that Elder Tian Xu would concede defeat.

    "Haha…." Xuan Kun stood up, turning to Zhan Yuntian. "Okay, stop. Since elder Tian Xu has spoken, we'll leave it there. Step down now."

    "Yes, Elder." Zhan Yuntian bowed.

    Huang Fugui and the rest immediately rushed up to check on Zhang Long. "Pills for injuries, anybody…?"

    The rest of the Magnificent Flame Sect's disciples rushed up immediately upon seeing the situation. "Here, a mystic low-class healing pill."

    Huang Fugui looked at the disciple thankfully. "Thank you so much. I'll pay you back later."

    "It's fine! Senior Brother Zhang is more important."

    The next day, Lin Fan was in a good mood. It might've been a long trip back to the sect, but he was not even feeling tired.

    Not long later, he reached the sect.

    "Eh? Why is the sect so quiet?" Lin Fan looked around, but there was no one to be seen. Normally, the sect would be bustling with activity during this period of time, but today, it was oddly quiet.

    "Senior Brother Lu, are you there?" He went over to Lu Qiming's room, but there was no response, so he decided to break in and was greeted by an empty room.

    "Damn it. I wanted to surprise you guys. How am I supposed to do that now if I can't even find you?"

    Just then, he overheard a conversation from outside that gave him a terrible shock.

    "Haish, I wonder if Zhang Long managed to survive the battle yesterday. Such a poor thing."

    "I have no idea. He was so badly injured!"

    Both parties travelled further until there was no sound to be heard.

    Lin Fan stood rooted to the ground, unable to process the information.

    "Damn it!"

    Lin Fan dashed to Zhang Long's room without hesitation.

    Before he even arrived, he smelled a strong medicinal scent.

    His heart sank, and he had a bad feeling. "Senior Brother Zhang, are you here?" He pushed the door opened.

    But the scene that welcomed Lin Fan was unexpected.

    Some of them had their faces wrapped up in bandages, and some had bruises all over their faces. They were all unrecognizable.

    "I'm sorry. Wrong room."

    Before Lin Fan could leave the room, Lu Qiming, whose face was covered in bandages, called out, "It's us, Junior Brother."

    Lin Fan stood rooted to the ground.

    "What… what's going on?"

    "You're Senior Brother Lu, and that's…?" Lin Fan dared not name the bulky figure as he was unrecognizable by face, but with his height… "Dazhuang…?"

    Lu Qiming was nearly disfigured after the fight. He turned to Lin Fan and called him over. "You're back. We are all fine. Come take a look at Senior Brother Zhang, he's not feeling well."

    Lin Fan's eyes trailed after Lu Qiming's finger to see a mummy on the bed. Zhang Long had a cast over his entire body, and he was now unrecognizable.

    "Oh my god, what happened?" Lin Fan went up to Zhang Long. He was sad to see Zhang Long in such a state too.

    "I wanted to give you guys a surprise, but why are you giving me such a shock?"

    Lin Fan felt his heart dripping blood. He had only gone out for a few days and so many things happened!

    Zhang Long was lying on the bed, wrapped up in bandages, only leaving his eye exposed to the air. His eyes were watery upon seeing Lin Fan.

    "Senior Brother, it's alright. It's alright. Junior Brother will take revenge for you." Seeing this, Lin Fan's heart stung.

    "Senior Brother Lu, what's going on?" Lin Fan did not know what happened, but he swore in his heart to kill them.