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Chapter 56

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 56: Manslaughter?

    "Junior Brother Lin, I'll tell you everything," Huang Fugui said. He was seriously injured too, but after seeing Zhang Long, he was ready to skin the Sunshine Sect disciples alive.

    Now Lin Fan was back, and Huang Fugui was determined to voice out his anger.

    After hearing him, Lin Fan blew his top.

    "Darn it. How dare you treat my friend like this!?" Lin Fan cursed.

    "Junior Brother, where are you going?" Seeing Lin Fan leave the room, Lu Qiming caught up with him.

    Lin Fan turned around, looking at Lu Qiming weirdly. "To seek revenge, obviously."

    "Don't…." The rest went to stop Lin Fan, but it was impossible to stop Lin Fan when he had his mind set on something.

    In the arena, the competition was coming to an end soon.

    To the Magnificent Flame Sect, the result wasn't an ideal one. It may have been a satisfactory result for the inner disciples, but the outer disciples were doing badly.

    This time around, the Sunshine Sect had brought along their elites for the competition. Some of the outer disciples might not have had high cultivation, but they had mastered their skillsets well, so they were stronger than ordinary Magnificent Flame Sect disciples.

    Even though Zhang Long and Zhan Yuntian were in the same realm, Zhan Yuntian had already mastered his skillset, resulting in Zhang Long being defeated quickly.

    Lin Fan stood among the crowd, looking at the participants on the ring.

    "Haha, none of the Magnificent Flame Sect's disciples can fight?" A Sunshine Sect disciple kicked a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple out of the ring. "Get lost since you have already lost."

    The disciple was as pale as a sheet of paper. He vomited blood and walked off with the help of some other disciples.

    The disciples were all in a dour mood upon seeing the scene.

    "Are we really that bad?"

    "Senior Brother Zhang Long was said to have been defeated badly. It's lucky that he managed to survive."

    Hearing the commotion, Lin Fan's face fell.

    "Junior Brother, don't." Lu Qiming went to pull Lin Fan back despite the looks. He was aware that Lin Fan was strong, but the Sunshine Sect disciples were stronger.

    Zhang Long was considered quite strong, and he was now badly injured. That showed how strong the Sunshine Sect disciples were.

    "Senior Brother, name that idiot that beat Senior Brother Zhang up."

    Lin Fan knew that Lu Qiming still doubted his ability.

    "No, Junior Brother."

    "Senior Brother." Lin Fan turned to Lu Qiming sternly. "You have to do so if you take me as a junior brother."

    Seeing Lin Fan's expression, Lu Qiming sighed and pointed to his front.

    Lin Fan followed Lu Qiming's finger. There was a row of disciples in Sunshine Sect clothing. Disdain was swimming in their eyes as if the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were nothing.

    "Junior Brother Lin, the one in the middle…" But before Lu Qiming could say anything more, Lin Fan cut him off.

    "Enough, Senior Brother. That's no longer important."

    "End of the competition!" a Magnificent Flame Sect elder announced.

    "Tian Xu, we have won overall for this competition." Xuan Kun laughed.

    Tian Xu smiled thinly, trying to hold down his anger. "Having my disciples learn their mistakes is more important than winning."

    Xuan Kun laughed, mocking Tian Xu's reason.

    But suddenly, a voice travelled across the arena.

    "I'm not convinced!"

    This shocked the whole arena, as they looked around for the disciple who shouted that.

    Even the elders in the audience seats were confused.

    "Who's unconvinced?" the elder in the ring asked. He was unhappy with the results too, but there was nothing else he could do.

    The Magnificent Flame Sect's outer disciples were simply not as good as the Sunshine Sect's outer disciples.

    Even though the disciples who came were elites from the Sunshine Sect, none of them acted like one. Instead, all of them acted like bullies, and there was no Magnificent Flame Sect outer disciple who could defeat them, so it was a shame for the Magnificent Flame Sect.

    "Junior Brother…." Lu Qiming and the rest called out. They never expected their junior brother to really go up.

    Huang Fugui may have despised the Sunshine Sect disciples to the core, but he could not bear to watch his junior brother die just like that!

    "It's me." Lin Fan went up the ring with the mace on his shoulders. He was fearless.

    "What?" The elder stared at him weirdly before signaling Lin Fan to get off the ring immediately.

    But Lin Fan acted as if he did not notice the elder's action and continued, "Your humble disciple is an outer disciple of the Magnificent Flame Sect who has just returned from a trip. I'm here to compete with the Sunshine Sect disciples to take revenge for my senior brothers who were abused."

    "Arrogant!" Hearing Lin Fan, the Sunshine Sect disciples broke out into laughter. "Let me show you who the boss is!" A Sunshine Sect disciple stood up.

    But he was pulled back by his fellow sect mates. "No. It's my turn."

    "No! It's my turn!"

    The Sunshine Sect disciples started to fight. In their eyes, the arrogant guy in the ring was as good as dead.

    Lin Fan twirled his mace and laughed. "Okay, there's no need to fight. You can all come up together. It will be just enough for me to beat you up."

    As soon as Lin Fan said that, the crowd was shocked.

    "Senior Brother, wow!"

    "Kill them!"

    The Magnificent Flame Sect was motivated upon seeing their first-class outer senior brother being so confident. They were unaware of how the fight would go, but his words were enough to fire them up.

    Xuan Kun sneered at Lin Fan's words. "Tian Xu, your disciple is somewhat rude. The Sunshine Sect might not be able to hold back if we go up against him!"

    Tian Xu took in a deep breath and stared at Lin Fan. "Ridiculous. How can you humiliate our neighbors? Step down and apologize now!"

    Tian Xu was trying to protect Lin Fan. He didn't want him to bring about the path to his own doom. But he was happy to know that the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples had such a remarkable spirit.

    However, he never expected to hear Lin Fan's next sentence.

    Lin Fan took up his mace and gave the Sunshine Sect disciples a side-eye. "Elder, your disciple is not humiliating the Sunshine Sect, I'm just stating the facts. If they are unhappy, they can come up and prove that they are not trash." He then turned to the Magnificent Flame Sect's disciples. "Do you guys agree with me?"

    The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were all cheering for Lin Fan.

    "Yes, Senior Brother is right."

    "Come up if you aren't trash!"

    "Senior Brother is dope."

    The Sunshine Sect disciples blew their top and stepped up to the ring. Especially Zhan Yuntian, whose face flushed in anger. "Okay. Since you're asking for it, you can't blame us for killing you."

    Lin Fan turned back to Tian Xu. "Elder, your humble disciple is no different from a barbarian. If I accidentally kill the neighboring disciples during the fight, what should I do?"

    Before Tian Xu could answer, Xuan Kun stood up. "One's survival shall be submitted to the will of heaven for this fight.