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Chapter 57

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 57: I Don't Want to Know Your Name

    The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples stared at the arena closely with butterflies in their stomachs.

    Their senior brother would be going against twelve Sunshine Sect outer disciples, and some of them were well known to be unbeatable.

    They were all more than worried for their fellow sect mate.

    Afar, a few Magnificent Flame Sect inner disciples stood there, watching the scene sternly.

    "Junior Sister, what do you think about this fight?" a guy who was wearing embroidered clothes whispered.

    His junior sister was a girl that was as pretty as a picture. She had cherry red lips and long, wavy black hair. "He will die without a doubt."

    Another tall guy on the girl's side nodded. "I guess that this outer disciple is mad. Don't cry when you don't even know how you die! The sect has already been badly embarrassed, and he's here to make us even more of a joke!"

    "Junior Sister Ruochen, your fight with the Sunshine Sect disciple was great though." He laughed, trying to get closer to his junior sister.

    "Yeah," Ruochen answered calmly, not wanting to continue on.

    The tall guy did not continue and turned to the senior brother next to him. "Senior Brother Lu, what's wrong? Do you perhaps know him?"

    Lu Daosheng furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at the arena ring closely. Hearing this, he nodded. "Yeah, he's a nice disciple who learns quickly. But he's acting a bit impetuous this time around."

    After seeing Lin Fan's performance during the war, he had a good impression of him, but he was unsure of Lin Fan's action at the moment.


    Below the ring, Huang Fugui and the rest were panic-stricken. "Qiming, what should we do? Junior Brother…"

    Lu Qiming was dumbfounded too. Lin Fan looked calm, but Lu Qiming was nowhere near calm.

    In the ring, Lin Fan sneered. "I suggest all of you come together or you will regret it."

    The Sunshine Sect disciples were enraged upon hearing this.

    Especially Zhan Yuntian. "You must be dying to go to hell." He stepped out, ready to kill Lin Fan.

    They had heard the rules; "One's survival shall be submitted to the will of heaven for this fight."

    "There's no need for you guys. I can do it." A disciple who was standing in the back walked out slowly with his sword.

    He stood upright and he looked fierce.

    The crowd gave way to him upon hearing him. "Junior Brother looks stronger now. He must have improved."

    Ke Yijian looked at Lin Fan in disdain. "Arrogant dingbat, I shall show you where you stand. But I never kill any nameless trash. I'll tell you my name if you can take one of my attacks."

    Seeing Ke Yijian step up, a smile crept up Xuan Kun's mouth. "What do you think about this, Tian Xu?"

    Tian Xu took a look at Ke Yijian. Even if he did not want to admit it, Ke Yijian's energy could be felt even from where he was sitting. It was possible he could blind disciples of low cultivation with his sword light alone.

    That showed the difference between the skillset that the Sunshine Sect practiced compared to the Magnificent Flame Sect.

    The sword was so fast that the spectating disciples could only see the sword light.

    They were all in awe seeing the attack.

    However, Lin Fan seemed to remain just standing there, unbothered.

    Suddenly, when the attack reached his side, Lin Fan raised his hand, and the sword light dispersed within no time.

    "How could this happen?" Ke Yijian was dumbfounded. But the next second, he saw Lin Fan standing right in front of him.

    "It's such a pity that you'll never get to say your name out loud because I never bother with what weaklings are called."

    The sound travelled across the arena.

    The mace struck down against Ke Yijian, nailing him to the ground.

    Fresh blood splattered all around the ring.

    "Junior Brother…" The Sunshine Sect disciples stared at the scene in utter disbelief. They were unable to believe what just happened.

    They stared at the ring with their eyes budging out, not knowing how Lin Fan managed to stop their Junior Brother Ke's attack.

    The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were staring at Lin Fan with jaws dropped, unable to register the fact that their fellow sect mate killed a Sunshine Sect disciple.

    Lin Fan turned to the disciples who were staring at him in awe. "Tell me, am I powerful?"

    Hearing Lin Fan, the disciples nodded in unison.


    "Senior Brother is unbeatable."

    "Muahahaha. Senior Brother is so dope!"

    In the audience seats, Xuan Kun clenched his fist, looking like a pop-eye toy. He could not believe what he just saw.

    Similarly, Tian Xu did not expect that there would be such a powerful disciple.

    Lu Daosheng couldn't help but clap for Lin Fan. "Great, great!" He watched the fight excitedly.

    Lin Fan wiped the blood off his mace in disgust before turning to the Sunshine Sect disciples with arrogance. "I told you to come up together, but none of you bothered to listen to me. I'll give you another chance, c'mon!"

    Lin Fan smirked.

    This fired up the Magnificent Flame Sect's outer disciples.

    "Come, let our senior brother treat you nicely!"

    "Wow, I like that! Senior Brother, good job!"

    "Haha, you see, we are not weak, but it's just that our senior brother was out for a trip. Let's see how well you do with my senior brother back!"


    "You… how dare you kill Junior Brother Ke…?" Zhan Yuntian stared at Lin Fan with hatred. He could not believe that some trash had just killed his junior brother!

    Lin Fan stretched his muscles and sighed. "Why on earth are you so noisy? Come, let me show you what I can do.

    "Cruel Blood!"

    Within a split second, Lin Fan felt energy boiling in his body.

    Steam waltzed around his body as blood-red lines appeared on his body slowly.

    Mad increase in energy!

    Stunning blows!

    Blood tattoos!

    The disciples spectating the fight were all dumbstruck. They felt like were frozen by an unknown force.

    As for their senior brother on the ring, he was like a monster to them.

    This sent chills down their spine.

    "Perfect. Show me how good the Suntrash Sect is, babies!" Lin Fan smiled. With the gain in energy, he felt as if he could crush the world with his hands.

    Lin Fan bent his knees, disappearing into thin air.

    "Watch out…!" Zhan Yuntian gasped.