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Chapter 58

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 58: A Competition That's to My Heart's Content

    "Junior Brother is incredible." Lu Qiming stood rooted the ground, jaw hanging wide open. All of this seemed like a dream to him.

    Watching Lin Fan standing in the middle of the pool of blood, Huang Fugui was flabbergasted. Never would he have imagined that his junior brother would be this powerful based on their daily interactions. It dawned on him that Lin Fan hid his ability on a normal basis.

    Covered in blood with sunlight shining over him, Lin Fan currently looked like a superhero out of the novels.

    He gained many female fans because of this too.

    "Ah, he's so handsome! I can't take this anymore. I'm his fan!"

    "Senior Brother, I love you…."

    Not only were the female disciples now his fans, but he had even gained male fans too.

    Zhan Yuntian and the others were panicking. They didn't think that Lin Fan would be this strong.

    All of a sudden, a shadow was cast right above the Sunshine Sect disciples that were in the ring. They didn't know when, but Lin Fan was right above them and was aiming his blood-covered mace at them.

    "Oh no, hide!"

    "Air Explosion!" Lin Fan yelled, creating a trail of blood with his mace before smashing it on the ground.

    Zhan Yuntian and the rest dodged his attack, but when they looked back at the damage that the mace had created, they were in utter disbelief.

    Rubble shot up and hit some of the disciples. It left a mark on Zhan Yuntian's cheek too.

    Lin Fan shook his head and laughed. "You will not be able to escape."

    The sound rang across the whole Magnificent Flame Sect as Lin Fan disappeared among the dust.

    Zhan Yuntian and the rest dodged his attack with extreme speed. They were all taken aback by how strong Lin Fan was.

    When Zhan Yuntian regained his balance, cold sweat dripped down his forehead as he looked around himself warily, trying to locate where Lin Fan went.

    "Behind you!" Suddenly, a disciple yelled, pointing at Zhan Yuntian's back.

    "Hehe, you're too late…."

    Zhan Yuntian turned around to see Lin Fan standing behind him, smiling like a madman before coming closer.

    Zhan Yuntian trembled as he stepped back. He was so panic-stricken that he could not figure out what to do next.

    His heart was at his throat seeing Lin Fan's smile.

    "This can't be possible…." Zhan Yuntian was unable to believe what was happening. By the time he wanted to counterattack, it was too late.

    "Weak. Now tell me, are you my opponent? Weakling." Lin Fan smashed the mace down, his voice booming across the arena.

    Having trained Violent Mace to level 9, the mace was nothing but a shadow to Zhan Yuntian.

    Zhan Yuntian's eyes opened wide as his organs exploded under the strong force. Blood gushed up his throat as he left a pool of blood on the ring.

    The crowd went silent.

    Nobody dared to speak a word as they stared at the ring blankly.

    Bloody. It was so bloody.

    Maybe Zhan Yuntian didn't even know how he died.

    Lin Fan looked at Zhan Yuntian on the mace with disgust. He grabbed Zhan Yuntian's head and pulled the body off his mace, throwing it on the ground with a thud.

    "Darn it! How dare you dirty my mace!? You will have to pay for this…." He turned to the remaining ten Sunshine Sect disciples in the ring angrily.

    The ten of them stared at Lin Fan, trembling in fear. They were unsure of their survival chances if they were attacked by Lin Fan.

    The sound of dislocation travelled through the arena, leaving the crowd in shock.

    He placed his hand on his arm, smiling sheepishly. "Wait a minute. My arm has dislocated. Let me fix it real quick."

    Lin Fan moved his arm.

    "Okay, let's continue."

    The spectating disciples watched Lin Fan in fear. Lin Fan was so brutal that it sent chills running down their spines.

    "Senior Brother Lu, this disciple…" As inner disciples, they never paid attention to the outer disciples, but this scene was more than enough to change their opinion.

    They were unable to believe that there was such a terrifying disciple that he could just fix a dislocated arm without a fuss and continue the fight.

    Lu Daosheng watched the fight blankly, not knowing what to feel.


    "Okay, since none of you want to start, then I will." Lin Fan laughed and twirled his mace. He scanned the remaining disciples one by one before stopping on one of them. "You seemed arrogant, so you shall be the next one."

    Realizing that Lin Fan had his eyes on him, the disciple stepped back, cold sweat glistening on his furrowed brows. "How dare you!? You'll be going to hell!

    "Frightening Axe!"

    The Sunshine Sect disciple yelled and the axe in his hands lit up before striking down on Lin Fan like lightning.

    Lin Fan took his mace and smashed it down.

    "Do you know that you're very weak?"

    The weapons clashed.

    Within no time, the axe crumbled. The disciple felt that there was huge pressure on his arms.

    A puddle of blood could be seen on the ground.

    "Who said it's the end?" Lin Fan yelled and raised his mace, aiming at the other party's chest and nailing him to the ground.

    A pit formed in the ring, and cracks could be seen around the pit. All spectators were in disbelief seeing the scene.

    Fresh blood was everywhere, painting the ring red.

    The stench of blood was unbearable.

    "How could this be? Even an Earth Star Border elite might not be this strong!" an inner disciple whispered, stunned by Lin Fan's performance.

    Body Tempering Realms didn't have such power, so it must've been some natural talent.

    "Fun. This is so fun!" Lin Fan muttered to himself.

    Lin Fan took his mace and turned to the other nine disciples in disappointment.

    "Are you from the Sunshine Sect or the Suntrash Sect? How can you watch your fellow brothers die without doing anything? C'mon, let's have a proper fight like men!

    "Come on. Don't disappoint me. Bring about your arrogance!" Lin Fan yelled, leaving the crowd stunned.

    The Sunshine Sect disciples took a step back. They were all trembling in fear.