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Chapter 59

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 59: Elder Brother… Save Me

    The spectating disciples gave Lin Fan a standing ovation. None of them could believe that there was such an outstanding cultivator amongst the outer disciples of the Magnificent Flame Sect. This person would be etched in their hearts forever.

    Covered in blood and looking down on his opponents, this disciple that was carrying his mace was a god-like presence to them.

    Even the inner disciples stood up in awe. It might've been a competition for outer disciples, but it was so mind-blowing!

    This junior brother might not be comparable to them, but the fight was good enough to send chills running down their spines.

    "Such a disappointment. How can you feel fear at this point in time? Let me get an important message across." Lin Fan stomped toward the disciples. He pointed to each of them with his mace as if choosing his next victim.

    "Remember this: if you bully my senior brothers, you will have to pay for it with your lives."

    A loud bang followed as Lin Fan leapt up into the sky toward the nine Sunshine Sect disciples.

    "Watch out."

    "Damn it. I don't believe the nine of us will lose to you."

    "Unmovable Mountain!"

    The nine outer disciples got ready to counterattack with their secret skills. All of them were elites among the Body Tempering Realm, but now they had lost the upper hand to an unknown disciple.

    "Great, I like that you are getting ready. But…"

    Lin Fan's eyes shone as he slammed the mace down.

    "You're still no match for me."

    The poles on the side of the ring started to crumble, and the ring split in half.

    A disciple jumped out of his skin upon seeing this. To him, it was a monster instead of a human being that was standing right in front of him.

    He wanted to retreat from the ring, but before he could do so, he sensed an explosion to his left. The disciple turned to counterattack, but something hit his waist hard, so hard that he thought that he was torn in half.

    "Weak. Can't you do any better?"

    The strong force sent the disciple flying out of the ring while leaving a bloody trail in the sky before he landed in the audience seats.

    The crowd was bewildered. To them, this was too gory!

    The disciple landed right in front of Xuan Kun. His body was already out of shape, and the arrogance that was in his eyes was long gone, replaced with fear. "Elder… help…." he said in pain before dying right in front of Xuan Kun.

    Xuan Kun's clothes were now stained with the disciple's blood. He clenched his fist and gave Lin Fan a death glare.

    "Oh my god. I'm so sorry, I should have been more careful. Be at ease, there won't be a second time…." Sensing Xuan Kun's glare and seeing the blood on his clothes, Lin Fan smiled sheepishly at him. "My fellow sect mates, be at ease. I won't dirty your clothes. But if I do, I'll pay you back later on. But cheer for me right now or it will be a lonely fight!"

    Watching his disciple play the Grim Reaper, Tian Xu was on the edge of his seat, but he had to maintain a poker face. From the side of his view, he could see Xuan Kun digging his nails into his palm. Xuan Kun's face flushed red with anger as he watched his disciples being slaughtered alive. "Xuan Kun, concede defeat now. I'm afraid that my disciple won't stop until he's proclaimed the winner."

    "No need. A Sunshine Sect disciple never concedes defeat," Xuan Kun replied coldly with his eyes stuck on the competition.

    The remaining eight disciples were terrified to witness their senior brothers being killed so horribly in such close proximity. They were unable to believe that Lin Fan was of the same cultivation as them.

    They looked at each other in fear, trying to think of a way out, but the sound of hell cut off their thoughts.

    "Rude kids who are not paying attention during the competition, am I not worth fighting?


    Violent Mace's specialty, which was only available to the cultivator who had trained Violent Mace to its maximum level.

    Lin Fan went for the Sunshine Sect disciple that was closest to him. When the disciple saw the mace in his view, he was like a cat on hot bricks, looking around for cover but to no avail. As his last resort, he pulled out his weapon before lashing out at Lin Fan.

    "I refuse to believe that you won't die under my hands!

    "Invincible Super Speed Knives!" the disciple yelled, pointing his knife at Lin Fan. The knife shone brightly under the sun as the disciple stood in a defensive position.

    Within no time, a strong force came down on the disciple, turning his knife into fragments in an instant. Hearing the cracks, the disciple looked up in dismay, only to see the mace right in front of his eyes.

    "Oh no…."

    A pit was formed in the middle of the ring with a disfigured, lifeless corpse lying in the middle of it.

    Blood trickled down from the mace, leaving a small pool of blood on the ground.

    Chills ran down the spectating disciples' spines.

    They did not know if they were watching a competition or a slaughter.

    Even if they were to kill, they would at least leave the corpse intact, unlike their Senior Brother Lin, who only left behind deformed corpses, or rather, piles of mashed meat.

    They were well aware that Lin Fan was their sect mate and would not cause harm to them, but the sight of the corpse lying on the ring lifelessly made their legs go weak. They could not imagine how horrible it would be if Lin Fan was coming for them instead.

    The sound of the mace being dragged across the ring rang across the arena. To the Sunshine Sect disciples, it was the sound of death.

    "You're too weak for me." Lin Fan shook his head, pouting. "Let's end it here. There's no fun."

    "Wha… what?"

    The remaining seven disciples stared at Lin Fan blankly. Their palms were sweaty, and the adrenaline coursing through their systems was shutting down their ability to think logically.

    "I'm coming…."

    Dust flew everywhere, irritating the seven disciples' eyes. When they reopened their eyes, Lin Fan was nowhere to be seen.

    Lin Fan had levelled up Cruel Blood to its maximum level, so now, he was equipped with extreme speed and strength. Within no time, he could be seen standing right behind a disciple.

    "Hey, I'm right behind you."

    The disciple was standing in a defensive position, painstakingly searching for Lin Fan. Hearing him, blood drained from his face as Lin Fan's creepy smile fell into his vision. And that was the last thing he saw.

    Blood splattered across the ring onto the six other disciples. They were taken aback when Lin Fan appeared right behind their senior brother and had yet to register the fact. When they felt drops of blood splatter on them, they then realized that their senior brother had died.

    "No!" they shrieked. All of them were like cats on hot bricks, scrambling around the ring, trying to find ways to end Lin Fan's life.

    "Boring kids…."

    A voice rang across the ring, rooting them to the ground. It was Lin Fan.

    The disciples spectating were utterly shocked. To them, this was not a competition but a slaughter.

    A few moments ago, the Sunshine Sect disciples who were shivering in the corner still had their noses pointed to the sky.

    "Last one…." Lin Fan laughed, seeing the last disciple who had peed his pants. "Aww, such a poor thing. But that won't change your fate."

    "Elder Brother… save me…." The disciple turned to the audience seats, staring at his elder brother pleadingly. Tears of fear trickled down his face. He felt breathless and his legs turned jelly, making him unable to stand straight. If he was lucky enough to survive this competition, Lin Fan's face would surely haunt him for the rest of his life.

    The newly appointed elder of the Sunshine Sect shut his eyes as the slaughtering of his sect mates took place in front of him. He could not bear to watch them die a horrible death. The last remaining disciple in the ring was his younger brother, and the last thing he wanted was to watch his younger brother die in front of him. However, he dared not go up to the ring because Xuan Kun did not give him the instruction to do so.

    Suddenly, he saw Xuan Kun's finger pointing at the ring out of the corner of his eyes. He understood the hint immediately and shot out of his seat, going to the ring at lightning speed.

    He was so fast that nobody had the time to react.

    He took out a sword from his storage ring.

    "Flashing Lights…."