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Chapter 60

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 60: I'm Bleeding

    "Xuan Kun, what are you doing!?" Tian Xu stood up abruptly, reaching out for the person that was going for Lin Fan in the ring, but he was pulled back by Xuan Kun.

    "Concede defeat and save your disciple's life," Xuan Kun replied coldly.


    However, everything took place within the blink of an eye. It was too late to stop the tragedy now.

    Yan Xu was an inner disciple of the Sunshine Sect that was sent on the trip to the Magnificent Flame Sect. He might've been temporarily assigned to be an elder of the Sunshine Sect, but he was only an Earth Star Border Stage Three.

    This was a trick that the Sunshine Sect played in order to put the Magnificent Flame Sect down.

    His younger brother was standing in the ring. He was dying to save his younger brother, but there was nothing he could do. Suddenly, he saw Elder Xuan Kun signaling at him to kill the Magnificent Flame Sect disciple out of the corner of his eyes.

    Thus, without hesitation, Yan Xu leaped onto the stage, preparing to make use of his secret skill.

    With the speed of lighting, he was already on the stage.

    Flashing Lights, a skill from a mystic middle-class swordsmanship skillset.

    It could enable one's sword to travel at the speed of lightning, so fast that one can only see its afterimage.

    To Huang Fugui and the rest, all they could see was Yan Xu landing on the stage before disappearing into thin air.

    "Junior Brother, watch out!"

    Lin Fan could feel that there was someone behind him.

    Sword light was all over the place, aiming at Lin Fan's vitals.

    A smirk crept onto Yan Xu's mouth. He believed that the disciple right in front of him would be dead in no time. It was impossible for a Body Tempering Realm cultivator to take his attack.

    "A sword…?" Lin Fan sneered. He didn't even bother to look back at Yan Xu as he picked up his mace and aimed it at Yan Xu's younger brother.

    Even the crowd could feel how powerful Yan Xu's attack was.

    "Junior Brother…!"

    The crowd gasped, some covering their eyes, unable to bear witnessing what was about to happen next.

    But as it turned out, the result deviated hugely from their expectations.

    They saw Lin Fan raising his left hand, and all of a sudden, he started to wave his hand around at a lightning speed.

    "Nobody can stop me if I want to kill him!" Lin Fan yelled and slammed down his mace, causing the ring to rumble violently.

    The crowd froze on the spot.

    Yan Xu stared at Lin Fan in disbelief. He had attacked nine times at an extreme speed, but the Magnificent Flame Sect disciple seemed to be able to take all his attacks.

    Blood splattered all around the place as Lin Fan bent down to pick his mace up. He pulled the lifeless body off the mace and threw it off the ring.

    Gasps could be heard as the corpse dropped to the ground. Horror was written all over their faces when they saw the gory state that the corpse was in.

    Yan Xu stood rooted to the ground with his jaws wide open. He was unable to believe that all of his attacks were taken.

    Lin Fan turned around, holding up his hand that was bleeding profusely. He wiped the blood off and turned to Yan Xu calmly. "Are you only capable of being this fast?

    "Tell me, how much faster can you get?"

    Arrogant was the only word to describe Lin Fan right now.

    The spectators were bewildered. They were unable to register what just happened.

    Blocking the high-speed attacks with his body, resulting in his hand being so badly injured. Not only was his raw pink flesh exposed to the air, even his white bones could be seen.

    Chills ran down their spines seeing the deep wounds.

    A cultivator might be at the peak of the Body Tempering Realm, but under the attack of an Earth Star Border cultivator, he was still vulnerable. However, that didn't seem to bother Lin Fan.

    There was nothing that he was scared of in the world.

    "This can't be!" Yan Xu screamed at Lin Fan, not wanting to accept the reality that he was unable to save his younger brother. "How can a goat like you who is only a Body Tempering Stage Nine be able to do that!?"

    Lin Fan stared at Yan Xu and pouted. "Erm, because you're too slow. So slow that I don't even need to bother blocking your attack.

    "But fret not. You're good too. It's a powerful attack." Lin Fan shoved his hand in front of Yan Xu. "My hand is bleeding! It stings, and that's the only thing your sword is able to do, my dear."

    "You…!" Yan Xu stepped back. He was currently as red as an apple as he felt ashamed that he had done his best but to no avail.

    Just then, a female disciple rushed onto the ring. She looked at Lin Fan with admiration before bending down. "Senior Brother, let me help you bandage your injury."

    "Thank you, Junior Sister." Lin Fan nodded. It was a petite girl who looked cute.

    "Senior Brother, are you okay?" The girl gulped seeing the injury, but for Lin Fan, she endured it.

    Lin Fan smiled at her thinly, not answering her question, which made the girl's eyes watery.

    The rest of the female disciples were mad at the scene. They were regretting that they did not step up earlier.

    "Damn it, she's fast."


    "Senior Brother Lu, how powerful is that disciple?" an inner disciple asked, unable to recover from the shock.

    Lu Daosheng was in a daze. He didn't know the answer either! "This…"

    Not to mention Lu Daosheng, Liu Ruochen's jaw was hanging wide open too. Due to her captivating appearance, she was known to be the goddess of many male disciples. Thus, she remained calm despite all situations to keep up her reputation, but the fight that was taking place in the ring was so shocking that she had lost her calm.

    "No, I do not believe this!" Yan Xu yelled as if he had gone insane. Never in his life would he have thought that he would lose to a Body Tempering Realm disciple.

    "Why? Do you wish to showcase your snail-like skills again?" Lin Fan raised an eyebrow. "Okay, okay. I get it. You enjoy performing, right? I'll let you have the ring to yourself so you can perform till you're satisfied. As the host, it's our duty to satisfy the guest, and I think I have done well regarding this. So do not go back and bullshit about how bad the Magnificent Flame Sect is at hosting, okay?

    "Junior Sister, go back to your seat. The guest wishes to continue his performance, so we have to respect his wish."

    Hearing Lin Fan's deep voice, the girl felt that she was falling in love. She nodded shyly. "Take care, Senior Brother."

    Yan Xu felt like vomiting blood. He couldn't believe that he had been shamed.

    "Enough, come back," Xuan Kun chided.

    Hearing this, Yan Xu's heart jumped to his throat. He had angered his elder, and who knew what the punishment would be?

    "The night becomes chilly and the fallen flowers become frosty…." Lin Fan hummed. (Reference to a song:

    "Tian Xu." Xuan Kun turned to Tian Xu. "It's a blessing to have such a disciple."

    Tian Xu smiled and caressed his beard. "Xuan Kun, it's not that my outer disciples are good for nothing, but that they are taught to be humble and nice."

    "Hehe." Xuan Kun forced a smile.

    Feeling that it was about time for him to leave, Lin Fan turned to the audience seats. "Elders, your humble disciple will take his leave."

    He waved his sleeve and jumped off the ring with his mace, leaving in a hurry before anyone could say anything.

    The crowd stared at Lin Fan as he left, admiration swimming in their eyes.