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Chapter 61 - Time to show off

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 61: Time to show off

    Lin Fan picked up his pace.

    "Such a pity," Lin Fan murmured while walking back to his room.

    In Lin Fan's room, he took out the sword from his storage ring and committed suicide.

    After ten seconds, Lin Fan opened his eyes. He felt refreshed, and the side effects of Cruel Blood were all gone now. Even his left hand was healed.

    Lin Fan saw a white cloth in the corner and an idea came to his mind. He wrapped his hand with the piece of cloth.

    He could hear footsteps outside his door.

    "Junior Brother Lin…" Lin Fan could hear Lu Qiming and the group. They were amazed by Lin Fan previously at the arena.

    They pushed open the door.

    The crowd came up to Lin Fan, showering Lin Fan with concern.

    "Junior Brother Lin, are you okay?"

    "Junior Brother Lin, you must be tired."

    "Junior Brother Lin, how's your hand?"

    Lin Fan stared at them blankly, not knowing how to answer their questions.

    Yin Xiaotian patted his shoulder softly. "Junior Brother Lin, you're so amazing. We were scared to death by the Sunshine Sect disciples previously, yet you managed to defeat them all. They must be afraid of you now."

    "Aye, it's nothing much. The Sunshine Sect's too weak." Lin Fan smiled awkwardly.

    "Let's go to Senior Brother Zhang's room," Huang Fugui said excitedly. "I'm sure he would be glad to hear this piece of news!"

    In this competition, Zhang Long was the greatest victim. He almost lost his life during the competition!

    The group came to Zhang Long's room and told him the sequence of events. Their senior brother Zhang, who was unable to even talk, expressed his joy and surprise by blinking his eyes.

    The group sat together.

    "Junior Brother Lin, you have saved the sect from embarrassment this time. The sect will reward you heavily," Lu Qiming said.

    "I'm sure he will say this," Huang Fugui laughed and stood up. He coughed and lowered his voice, imitating Tian Xu's posture of caressing his beard. "Lin Fan, you have done well this time. Voice your wish.

    "What do you think? It's similar, right?"

    Huang Fugui did slightly sound like Tian Xu, but it was funny watching him pretend to be Tian Xu given his temperament.

    "Haha…." Yin Xiaotian burst out in laughter. "Junior Brother Huang, I'm sure it will earn you a punishment if Elder Tian Xu finds out about that."

    "Aye," Huang Fugui laughed. "But it's only among us. Don't tell anyone!"

    The group chatted on for a while more before leaving.

    This competition had left most of the spectating disciples traumatized. Now, there was no one in the sect who was unaware of the fight, especially Lin Fan's gory techniques.

    Most outer disciples now tried to avoid Lin Fan and treat him with respect, with fear of offending him.

    As for the inner disciples, they were not as shocked as the outer disciples, but they had acknowledged that Lin Fan learned quickly. To them, Lin Fan was a talent for sure. Otherwise, that jaw-dropping competition would have never taken place.

    Lin Fan's aim this time around was to get his cultivation to the Earth Star Border Realm.

    The Golden Body Tempering Secret that he created was already a mortal high-class skill. Without a mystic skill creation guide book, it was impossible to create a mystic skillset.

    The next day, the early morning sun was already well risen, and the spring grass shone like it had its own gentle glow from within.

    Lin Fan stopped cultivating.

    After a night of hard work, Lin Fan managed to gain 166,664 experience points.

    The night came, and sleepiness took over Lin Fan.

    He committed suicide without any hesitation.

    After ten seconds, he was all refreshed and ready to continue cultivating.

    Lu Qiming and the group had come over.

    "Junior Brother Lin, hurry! The Sunshine Sect is going back now. We have to send them off," Lu Qiming said.

    "Those idiots have never treated us nicely! Now, they have made such a loss. This will be a great time to mock them! I wonder how crappy they must be feeling right now." Huang Fugui chuckled.

    Hearing Huang Fugui's words, Lin Fan burst out of the door in excitement.

    "Oh my. Time to take a look…." Lin Fan said, walking out of his room full of smiles.

    Near the gate, when Lin Fan and the group arrived, it was already crowded.

    The Sunshine Sect disciples had all boarded the divine ship. They came to knock the Magnificent Flame Sect down a peg, but now, they were all returning with embarrassment.

    Twelve of their best outer disciples had lost their lives here; how were they supposed to return?

    After exchanging a few words with Tian Xu, Xuan Kun entered the ship, ready to leave.

    Seeing Xuan Kun preparing to leave, Lin Fan smirked and raised his voice. "Our dear brothers from the Sunshine Sect, have a safe trip! We will welcome you again any time!"

    Lin Fan had a high-pitched voice, thus he managed to capture everyone's attention.

    The Sunshine Sect disciples' faces fell hearing this. When they found out that it was Lin Fan who was shouting, all of them saw red.

    They could recognize Lin Fan now – the person that embarrassed their sect yesterday.

    And he was taunting them now.

    Xuan Kun glared at Lin Fan, as if he was trying to remember how he looked.

    Huang Fugui and the rest followed Lin Fan's action. "Our dear brothers from the Sunshine Sect, have a safe trip! We will welcome you again any time!"

    Soon, all Magnificent Flame Sect disciples followed.

    Lin Fan was speechless.

    "Snail-like Elder Yan! Remember to practice more! I look forward to seeing your improvement the next time!"

    Hearing his name, Yan Xu stood up in anger. He was extremely angry with Lin Fan right now.

    But what could he do other than curse in his heart?

    Oh, and to swear to kill Lin Fan the next time he ever bumped into him.

    Soon, the other Magnificent Flame disciples followed. "Snail-like Elder Yan! Remember to practice more!"

    Suddenly, Yan Xu felt somebody glaring at him. When he looked back, he had the shock of his life; it was Xuan Kun.

    Xuan Kun said no more and started the ship, leaving without a trace within no time.