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Chapter 62 - I Can't Stand His Attitude!

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 62: I Can't Stand His Attitude!

    "Hehe!" Lin Fan sneered.

    The outer disciples of the Magnificent Flame Sect always looked up to the first-class outer disciples, so combined with Lin Fan's performance during the war, he was already the role model of many disciples. With his performance in this competition, he would soon be the idol of many.

    The Sunshine Sect disciples were clearly in a bad mood after hearing the shouts.

    Meanwhile, many Magnificent Flame Sect disciples promised to work harder in their hearts. The sect might seem to be at an advantage now, but they were aware of their lacking ability.

    Elder Tian Xu was on cloud nine. He was prepared for the Magnificent Flame Sect to lose badly, but luckily, there was a disciple who managed to defeat the Sunshine Sect by himself.

    Tian Xu decided to reward this disciple greatly. This disciple had contributed greatly to the sect with this competition.

    He coughed, making the crowd turn silent.

    Tian Xu walked to Lin Fan with smiles all over his face. "Disciple Lin Fan, you have brought glory to the sect. You can name all your wishes, and I, Tian Xu, will fulfil all that you ask."

    Being called out, Lin Fan jumped out of his skin.

    Not only Lin Fan, the crowd also stood rooted to the ground upon hearing Tian Xu's words.

    It was expected that Tian Xu would reward Lin Fan since he had always been a fair elder who showed his appreciation to disciples that did well. However, this time around, he promised to fulfil any and all wishes! How good was that?

    Most were staring at Lin Fan with envy. It was everyone's dream to be in Lin Fan's current position! Of course, they could only dream.

    Lu Qiming could not hide his excitement. He was extremely glad for Lin Fan.

    In his mind, Lin Fan had worked hard to get what he deserved. This was his chance to soar into the sky!

    Lin Fan smiled thinly and bowed. "Elder, as a disciple, it was merely something that your humble disciple should've done to help the sect."

    The thought of it sent chills down Lin Fan's spine.

    Tian Xu was pleased to hear Lin Fan's reply. Even though Lin Fan did not have high cultivation, Tian Xu was sure that Lin Fan would be a great middle-class cultivator if they were to nurture him.

    Luckily, Lin Fan could not read minds, or he would be mad.

    "I reward and punish those who deserve it. You have killed twelve Sunshine Sect disciples and took revenge for our disciples who have sacrificed on the arena. So, I'll fulfil all your wishes. Speak your mind," Elder Tian Xu said.

    The spectating disciples were all like cats on hot bricks upon hearing Elder Tian Xu's words. This was a one in a million chance!

    To the inner disciples, they were more than green with envy. The reward that Elder Tian Xu was giving out was more than anything one could ask for.

    Lin Fan thought hard.

    At this moment, his thoughts went to his Senior Brother Zhang, who was lying on his bed, unable to move. Remembering Lu Qiming's words that Zhang Long had been so seriously injured that it would take at least a year for him to recover, Lin Fan was sure that it would be a great blow to Zhang Long.

    "Elder, I have made up my mind. My senior brother, Zhang Long, was seriously injured, and his cultivation was damaged during the competition. Even if he recovers, he might not be able to get his cultivation back, thus I hope Elder can help heal my senior brother."

    The spectating disciples were all waiting for Lin Fan to speak his request. They were all expecting Lin Fan to come up with a request that was incredibly beneficial to him. For example, let Elder Tian Xu take him in as a disciple, or ask for special treatment in the sect or something.

    That was what most would ask for when they were given the chance. Therefore, Lin Fan's answer left everyone rooted to the ground.

    "Is he crazy? It's such a great chance! Why would he ask for that?"

    "To help someone else recover? This…"

    "What is he thinking? Is his brain spoiled?"

    Lu Qiming and the rest were looking forward to Lin Fan's request. Lin Fan's answer also came as a shock to them too, especially Huang Fugui, who was staring at Lin Fan with jaw wide open.

    Never would he have dreamt that Lin Fan would make such a request.

    They were certainly close to each other, but there was nobody that would miss the chance to rise in life, not to mention wasting such a chance on someone else.

    Elder Tian Xu was similarly taken aback by Lin Fan's answer. He had given out many rewards during his years as an elder, but he had never heard of such a request.

    Lin Fan's answer even made Elder Tian Xu suspect that the wishes he granted now no longer held any value.

    Not only him, but the elders next to him were shocked too. Getting a wish from their Senior Brother Tian Xu was something that all disciples longed for. They never expected Lin Fan to waste his chance just like this.

    "Are you sure?" Elder Tian Xu asked once again, to make sure that he had heard Lin Fan correctly.

    Lin Fan placed his hands behind his back and looked up at Elder Tian Xu with a serious expression. "Of course. I, Lin Fan, never regret my decisions. As the saying goes, a friend is easy to get but confidants are hard to find. I may not have known Senior Brother Zhang for long, but he has stepped up during a dangerous time and saved my life. Thus, I, Lin Fan, would never let him down. I hope that Elder can grant my wish."

    Hearing Lin Fan's answer, Lu Qiming felt that he was extremely lucky to be able to make friends with Lin Fan.

    Huang Fugui even teared up. He was so moved by Lin Fan's action.

    Touched, numerous female disciples broke into tears.

    "Senior Brother Lin is such a nice person."

    "If I could stay by Senior Brother Lin's side, how blessed would I be?"

    "Great. Great. However, do you want to be my disciple? My direct disciple and carry on my legacy?"

    Lin Fan was taken aback.

    This caused an uproar among the surrounding disciples.

    Elder Tian Xu was one of the best ten cultivators in the sect. Not only that, he held great power in the sect. It was unknown just how many had been hoping for the position of being Elder Tian Xu's disciple. A few lucky disciples had managed to become his in-name disciple, but this was the first ever time that Elder Tian Xu was willing to take someone as a direct disciple.

    This was no doubt a chance to soar with a single leap!

    "Thank you, Elder Tian Xu, for valuing me. However, your humble disciple made such a request because I sincerely hope that my senior brother will recover, not to make Elder Tian Xu think highly of me. Furthermore, I hope I can pass on the message that we should care for each other to my sect mates."

    Some disciples nearly vomited blood.

    Lin Fan had rejected the offer.