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Chapter 63 - Who Am I? I'm Lin Fan

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 63: Who Am I? I'm Lin Fan

    To others, it was an incredibly stupid move to reject Tian Xu's good intentions.

    Unlike any other disciple in the sect, being Tian Xu's direct disciple would allow one to be able to carry on Tian Xu's legacy. In the future, such a disciple would definitely have the sect in his or her hands.

    Lin Fan could feel numerous pairs of eyes fixated onto him in anger and disgust as if he was an object of scorn, but Lin Fan did not bother explaining himself.

    On the other hand, not only was Tian Xu amazed by Lin Fan, he was also suspecting if he was no longer a charismatic idol to his disciples.

    The rejection did not come easy for Tian Xu.

    "Are you sure?" Tian Xu looked at Lin Fan, hinting that Lin Fan could still change his mind now.

    Lin Fan smiled and bowed. "Elder, your humble disciple has already made up his mind. Please save my senior brother's life, Elder."

    "Okay, bring me to him. I'll treat him myself and help treat the rest of his conditions to live up to your request." Tian Xu caressed his beard.

    Lin Fan was unaware of Tian Xu's cultivation, but he knew that he was at least in the Earth Star Border Realm, or maybe even the Heaven Star Border Realm.

    How much better would one's condition become if a Heaven Star Border Realm took him into his hands?

    When Lin Fan and the group left, the crowd was left in a fuss.

    They could not believe what they had just witnessed. A disciple rejecting Elder Tian Xu!? Was he mad?

    "Senior Brother Lu, this disciple…" An inner disciple sighed, at a loss for words.

    Lu Daosheng was speechless too. He could not understand Lin Fan's decision, and he didn't see this coming either.

    Liu Ruochen, who was right beside Lu Daosheng, blew her top. "Truly an idiot. He will regret his decision soon and realize how stupid he was." She sneered and left the scene.

    Many disciples were staring at the graceful figure with heart eyes.

    To most of them, Liu Ruochen was their idol as well as their dream girl. She might have numerous admirers, but only a few dared to try their luck as most knew that she was beyond their reach, and the closest they could get to her would be in their dreams.

    Lu Daosheng shook his head and sighed. He was unable to counter Liu Ruochen's words, as he knew she might be right.

    All Lu Daosheng knew for sure was that Lin Fan was a loyal and virtuous friend.

    He was happy for Zhang Long that he had such a great friend.


    Zhang Long lay on the bed, staring blankly into space while being overwhelmed by despair. He had no idea how bad his injuries were, but he could feel his energy draining from his body bit by bit, signifying that his acupuncture points were damaged and could no longer contain energy in his body. His heart sank, as he realized that he was now crippled.

    But he did not regret his decision. If he had another chance, he would make the same decision.

    In Zhang Long's heart, conceding defeat to a Sunshine Sect disciple was a greater sin than death.

    Somebody pushed open his door.

    Knowing that it must be Lin Fan and the group, Zhang Long abandoned all his negative thoughts so as to not worry them. Zhang Long opened his eyes, but the scene that welcomed him left him dumbfounded.

    Zhang Long could not believe his eyes. Tian Xu was here to visit him? An ordinary outer disciple?

    He tried to get up but to no avail. His limbs felt stiff, and all he could do was blink his eyes.

    Noticing Zhang Long's action, Lin Fan rushed up. "Senior Brother Zhang, stay still."

    Zhang Long blinked his eyes profusely. He wanted Lin Fan to help him up, but being wrapped up like a mummy, it was impossible to do so.

    Elder Tian Xu took a glance at Zhang Long and nodded. "I saw the fight, and I'm glad to have disciple like you in the sect."

    "Elder, please." Lin Fan smiled at Tian Xu thinly.

    "Okay." Tian Xu nodded. He placed his hands atop Zhang Long's head as his lengthy beard started to float in the air. A rotating ball of energy could be seen forming on Zhang Long's head, and it seemed as if it was absorbing the essence of Heaven and Earth.

    Having a cultivation that was too low, Lin Fan and the group could not tell what Tian Xu was doing. All they knew was that it was dope.

    "C'mon…" Tian Xu waved his hands, and a crack appeared in mid-air, revealing a stream of turquoise-colored water. Drops of turquoise water dripped down from the crack and floated in the air before waltzing around Zhang Long before disappearing into his body.

    Within the blink of an eye, everything went back to normal. The crack and turquoise-colored water were nowhere to be seen.

    "Done." Tian Xu caressed his beard. He turned to Lin Fan, smiling widely. "Disciple, I'll give you one last chance. Are you sure?"

    Lin Fan wanted to roll his eyes badly.  "Your humble disciple is sure."

    "Okay, then I'll respect your wishes."

    Tian Xu smiled thinly and left the room.

    Lu Qiming and the group went up to Zhang Long immediately. "How do you feel?"

    The bandages all over Zhang Long cracked into pieces, falling all over the place.

    "I think I have recovered!" Zhang Long was knocked down with a feather.

    A strong current of energy flowed into his body, replenishing his body. The energy current was significantly stronger than it was before Zhang Long's injury.

    A blessing in disguise. It was a blessing in disguise.

    Lin Fan smiled seeing Zhang Long, who was moving his limbs freely. "It's a blessing in disguise, Senior Brother Zhang. Congratulations. You're now a Body Tempering Stage Nine, one step closer to the Earth Star Border Realm."

    Zhang Long nodded, flashing a wide smile at the group. "Thank you, junior brothers, for your concern. I'm absolutely fine now." He laughed before staring at the group with confusion. "But what sent Elder Tian Xu here, though?"

    The group stared at Zhang Long silently, at a loss for words. Zhang Long turned to Huang Fugui, waiting for an answer. "Junior Brother Huang, tell me about it."

    Huang Fugui did not hide it from Zhang Long, telling him the series of events that had taken place. "Senior Brother, it's Junior Brother Lin. Elder Tian Xu decided to reward him for his outstanding performance during the battle, and this is what he asked for."

    Zhang Long could not process Huang Fugui's words. He stared at Lin Fan in disbelief, unable to believe that Lin Fan asked for his recovery as a reward.

    "Junior Brother, you…" Zhang Long stared at Lin Fan, eyes glossed with tears. The sect might be in a peaceful state, but there was no doubt that the disciples would fight and scheme against each other for their own benefit. Zhang Long never would have thought that there would be someone who was willing to sacrifice their chance to soar for him. He was beyond touched.

    Lin Fan waved his hands and smiled thinly. "It's okay. Nothing is more valuable than Senior Brother Zhang's health. I'm glad Senior Brother has recovered."

    "Junior Brother Lin!" Hearing Lin Fan's words, Zhang Long burst into tears. He swore to never forget Lin Fan's kindness till his death.