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Chapter 64 - I'm an Earth Star Border elite now!

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 64: I'm an Earth Star Border elite now!

    Watching tears flowing down Zhang Long's cheek, Lin Fan was at a loss for words.

    After a short chat, Lin Fan bid his senior brothers goodbye and returned to his room to cultivate. He was determined to work his fingers to the bone since it was the only way that would fulfil his dream of being invincible.

    This event might not have been a big deal to Lin Fan, but it was to Zhang Long.

    Especially after seeing how nonchalant Lin Fan looked after he had exchanged a golden chance for his health, Zhang Long was moved to tears and swore to never forget Lin Fan's favor till the day he died.

    In his room, Lin Fan sat on his bed cross-legged. He was determined to break through to the Earth Star Border Realm today.

    Violent Mace was a type of skillset that was all about brute force rather than precision, which suited Lin Fan perfectly.

    On the other hand, Cruel Blood was a self-destructive skillset, but the side-effects meant nothing to Lin Fan, so it was truly a perfect skillset for him.

    Furthermore, both skillsets increased Lin Fan's strength. Combining these skillsets, the outcome was unimaginably powerful.

    With his immortality, Lin Fan didn't need to worry about his health or body condition. Thus, he could choose to pick up skillsets that only required brute force regardless of the cost.

    The sun had gone to rest, replacing the sky with shades of black.

    Lin Fan shot open his eyes with a wide smile plastered on his face. He had finally gained enough experience points.

    He pressed the plus sign.

    Experience Points -2,560,000

    Cultivation: Earth Star Border Stage One

    Instantly, Lin Fan could feel tremendous changes taking place in his body. His blood started to boil, burning Lin Fan up as he started to feel hot. Beads of sweat formed on his head while his face flushed red.

    Lin Fan shut his eyes. He could feel a strong current of energy flowing through his body before congealing into a ball in his dantian.

    In order to break through to the Earth Star Border Realm, one would need to congeal the energy in their body into a ball to form the Earth Inner Core, which would absorb energy from the earth to sustain the amount of energy the cultivator's body would need. The energy absorbed was called earth energy, and it was beneficial to one's health.

    If a cultivator failed to congeal his or her energy, then the energy used during the process would be lost, and the cultivator would have to cultivate again till he or she gained the right amount of energy required for the breakthrough.

    It sounded like a piece of cake, but it was actually a tedious task.

    Plenty of disciples were stuck at this stage and were unable to move forward.

    For Lin Fan though, the breakthrough was indeed a piece of cake. Luckily for him, the process went smoothly and successfully.

    As the Earth Inner Core started absorbing earth energy into Lin Fan's body, the ground heated up. It was so warm that steam could be seen coming up from the ground.

    "I did it!"

    The inner core that was as small as a bean and wrapped up by earth energy started spinning.

    However, good things come in small packages. Lin Fan's Earth Inner Core might've been tiny, but it brought about immeasurable changes to his body.

    For Lin Fan, who fought violently with brute force, the changes were just like a cherry on top of the cake.

    He opened his hand, and earth energy gushed to his palm, wrapping around his hand slowly. Earth energy had the ability to act as protection for one's body, and it also increased the extent of damage caused by one's attack.

    Unfortunately, Lin Fan was still unable to perform a long-distance attack right now. He would have to strengthen his Earth Inner Core in order to be capable of absorbing more earth energy. When he reached Earth Star Border Stage Two, he would be able to do so.

    Recalling Liu Feng, who had died at his hands, Lin Fan couldn't help but let out a sigh.

    Lin Fan flipped through the book and placed it at the side.

    Name: Lin Fan

    Cultivation: Earth Star Border Stage One (+)

    Experience Points: 0

    Points: 14,960

    Talent: Immortality, Ultraprecise Blade Claw

    Specialty: Golden Body Tempering Secret (3)

    Skills: Violent Mace (Max), Cruel Blood (Max)

    Lottery: Bronze (100), Silver (300), yet to be unlocked.

    Lin Fan realized that there were two additional categories, specialty and skills, on the panel after he had broken through.

    The reason why bronze lottery draws cost less than a silver lottery draw was that the chance of getting something good from a bronze draw compared to a silver draw was a world of difference.

    Points -900

    Bronze lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Bronze lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Bronze lottery: Mortal high-class cultivating medicine – Liger pill

    Points -3000

    Silver lottery: Thank you, please try again.

    Lin Fan shrugged. He expected this result.

    "Buddha, Jade Emperor, and Bodhisattva, please help this poor thing here."

    Silver lottery: A Mystic skills creation guide book.

    "Oh damn! Look! God loves me!"

    Lin Fan jumped up from his bed in all smiles. The Mystic skills creation guide book was something he needed greatly now.

    He had it all planned out.

    "Time to stop drawing now. It'll just be a waste of points. But when I become richer, I'll try drawing a hundred in one go. I wonder what the outcome will be," Lin Fan said in glee.