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Chapter 65 - Junior Sister, are you able to stand up?

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 65: Junior Sister, are you able to stand up?

    Fearlessness, hard work, and perseverance were the keys to making it to the top of the heap.

    Despite being able to take a shortcut, Lin Fan still believed that hard work would make his dream come true.

    The first golden rays of the day shone into Lin Fan's room, signifying that morning had arrived. Earth energy seeped into Lin Fan's bones, increasing the size of Lin Fan's inner core in his dantian. He could clearly feel currents of earth energy flowing throughout his body, strengthening every part of him.

    Experience Points: 108,000

    Lin Fan stopped cultivating and committed suicide. He then left his room after ten seconds.

    The motive for Lin Fan's return to his room was to break through to the Earth Star Border Realm. Since he had achieved his aim, Lin Fan decided to take a walk.

    Lin Fan recently learned that the sect conducted lessons for the Earth Star Border Realm disciples to acquire a Mystic low-class skillset for free. This was one of the privileges given to the disciples of the Magnificent Flame Sect.

    It required a lot of money to feed all the disciples in the sect, so no resources would be given to the disciples for free or the sect would not be able to sustain itself.

    Resources were essential to cultivators, and the higher one's realm was, the more resources one would need for cultivation.

    A sect would be able to provide a thousand Earth Star Border Realm disciples resources for free, but the number of disciples in a sect was uncountable and increasing constantly.

    In front of the Hall of Skills, a female disciple walked forward. On the way, she left the passing disciples stunned. Their eyes were fixated onto her as she walked closer to the entrance.

    "Wow, look at her figure!" a group of disciples whispered, eyes fixated on the female disciple that was getting further from them.

    "Yes! She's so sexy! Look at her thin waist!" His friend gulped as he stared at the female disciple hungrily.

    "Ha, you must be interested in how she looks, right?" Another disciple wiggled his eyebrow and turned toward the female disciple. "Mu Ling, turn around!"

    As soon as Mu Ling did so, the disciple that was staring at her hungrily was dumbfounded.

    "What the hell!?" the disciple blurted out, unable to hide his surprise. When he registered what he did, he clamped his mouth immediately as he realized he had made a rude comment.

    Mu Ling knew that the disciple who called her had the intention of making fun of her. She was already used to the teasing. Mu Ling had been in the sect for ten years. For the past ten years, she sunk her teeth into cultivating, trying to get the best out of herself, but sadly, it was to no avail. Most of her fellow sect mates that had started cultivating at a later time were already way in front of her.

    But there were no regrets, as Mu Ling knew that she was working hard constantly and doing her best.

    The reason why she was being ridiculed was because of her face. She had a red birthmark on the left side of her face that took up half of her face. It was a small patch during her baby days, but it grew as she aged, and it was still growing.

    She ignored the stares and walked toward the entrance excitedly. Mu Ling was here to get a mortal middle-class skillset that she had saved up a long time for.

    The mean comments did not affect her mood.

    A group walk toward her direction, bringing along whispers as they passed by.

    A girl was standing in the middle of the group, surrounded by guys. She resembled Liu Ruochen a lot; cherry red lips, thin eyebrows, and porcelain white skin. The only difference was that she had a babyface and wore an arrogant expression, while Liu Ruochen was more of an icy beauty.

    The group of disciples who ridiculed Mu Ling turned around immediately upon hearing the commotion.

    "That's Liu Yue, Senior Sister Liu Ruochen's younger sister."

    "She's so pretty! Just like Senior Sister Ruochen…."

    Mu Ling's gaze trailed after Liu Yue with envy swimming in her eyes. Which girl would hope to not grow up beautifully? However, her envy was dismissed quickly as she placed her mind on the skillset that she was going to get.

    Liu Yue secretly enjoyed the attention showered on her, especially by the male disciples who were surrounding her, answering all her requests.

    Liu Yue was aware that the attention given to her was partly because of her sister, but she was happy to have it.

    She saw Mu Ling in the corner, so she went up to her deliberately and pretended to fall on the floor while pushing Mu Ling down.

    "Ouch! I think I have sprained my ankle!" She whined, putting on a pout.

    Hearing her, the male disciples rushed up to her, fighting to help her up while showering her with concern. "Junior Sister Liu, are you okay?"

    "How do you feel?"

    "Does it hurt?"

    The male disciples flocked around Liu Yue anxiously, as if they had damaged something precious.

    Meanwhile, Mu Ling sat on the floor, frowning at the sting from her left shoulder.

    The truth was that Liu Yue only pretended to fall, while she pushed Mu Ling down hard.

    Suddenly, one of the male disciples who was next to Liu Yue came up to Mu Ling angrily. "Are you blind, can't you see?"

    "Are you going to take responsibility if Junior Sister Liu is injured?"

    Liu Yue pushed Mu Ling so hard that her shoulder felt numb.

    Under the help of the male disciples, Liu Yue stood up while glancing at Mu Ling in disdain as if she was trying to show Mu Ling the difference between a pheasant and a phoenix.

    "Senior Brothers, I'm fine," Liu Yue said with her nasally voice, which was deemed sweet by the male disciples, while looking at them shyly.

    "That's great. Senior Brother would be so upset if anything happens to you."

    "If anything happens to Junior Sister, Senior Brother is going to beat that girl up."

    The crowd stared at Mu Ling in disgust. This might've been a mystical world, but it was still a cruel world.

    For example, Mu Ling and Liu Yue.

    All of them focused on Liu Yue, forgetting that Mu Ling was also injured.

    To them, Liu Yue was a treasure that should not be even slightly damaged, while Mu Ling could die and nobody would care.

    "Let's go." Liu Yue looked at Mu Ling with a smirk on her face.


    Tears glossed Mu Ling's doe eyes as they trickled down her cheeks. It was not the first time that such an incident took place, so she was used to it.

    She had no friends or family. She had nobody.

    Mu Ling yearned for friends, but the numerous incidents she had been through made her lose faith in humanity.

    "Junior Sister, are you alright?"

    A voice could be heard coming from behind.

    An attractive deep voice.

    Mu Ling turned around to see a person with a smile plastered on his face looking at her.

    When Mu Ling turned around, Lin Fan was slightly shocked. However, it wasn't a big deal to someone like him, who could even get aroused by ugly adult film stars.

    He moved closer to Mu Ling, reaching out his hand. "Junior Sister, are you able to stand up?" Lin Fan asked warmly.

    Within a split second, Mu Ling was dumbfounded. She was at a loss about what to do.

    To Mu Ling, Lin Fan seemed to be glowing under the sun like an angel….