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Chapter 66 - I Can't Live Without Points!

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 66: I Can't Live Without Points!

    "Junior Sister, are you alright?" Lin Fan asked again.

    Mu Ling pinched her legs slightly.

    Mu Ling placed her hand onto Lin Fan's palm. Even though she knew that she wasn't dreaming, the warmth made her even more sure that what happened was real. Despite her looks, Mu Ling had fair skin and slender fingers.

    Lin Fan took a glance at Mu Ling's hand before pulling her up.

    Mu Ling flushed. Due to the birthmark though, it was not obvious that she was blushing.

    "Junior Sister, work hard! Having a good character is what makes you beautiful. Keep your head up, there's no need to be ashamed of your looks…."

    Lin Fan's voice trailed as he walked away.

    Mu Ling was stunned when she heard Lin Fan's words. This was the first time in her life that somebody said something nice to her.

    But when she looked up, it was already too late. The senior brother that helped her up was already in the Hall of Skills.

    "But I still do not know your name…!" Mu Ling wanted to run up to Lin Fan, but she stopped in her tracks hearing the whispers around her.

    The spectating disciples wanted to humiliate the person that helped Mu Ling up, but somebody recognized the disciple who did it.

    "That seems to be Senior Brother Lin Fan."

    "The one that killed twelve Sunshine Sect disciples the other day?"

    "Yeah, he's my idol!"

    "He's indeed our idol. He must be so brave to be able to smile at Mu Ling."

    "Look at that disgusting girl who still has her eyes on our Senior Brother Lin, does she think she is worthy of standing next to him?"

    "Senior Brother Lin's too nice. She's just a toad who wants to have swan meat."

    The female disciples snickered and stared at Mu Ling at disgust.

    However, Mu Ling did not register the mean comments. All she heard was the words "Senior Brother Lin."

    Mu Ling looked around and turned away from Hall of Skills.

    She was currently on cloud nine.


    In the Hall of Skills, Lin Fan looked around. The place was currently filled with disciples.

    An old man sat at the entrance, resting with his eyes closed. He might've been old, but Lin Fan could feel the energy current that was waltzing through his body.

    The hall was bustling with activity. The disciples working in the hall were slammed with work, running through the shelves. They did not even spare a glance at the ordinary disciples who were here to get a skillset, as if they fully trusted that there wouldn't be a thief among their disciples.

    "Outer Disciple Lin Fan, Earth Star Border Stage One, here to redeem the free skillset," Lin Fan told the old man.

    The Magnificent Flame Sect might've been weaker in comparison to other sects, but it had a number of elites too. At the entrance of each venue, there would be an elite guarding the place.

    Getting no response, Lin Fan wanted to repeat himself, but he suddenly felt a strong current of energy wrapping around him.

    He felt a strong force pushing him into the Hall of Skills, overcoming the resisting force. There seemed to be an invisible wall behind the old man, blocking everything out of the Hall of Skills.

    "No taking it out." A voice rang through Lin Fan's head.

    Lin Fan rolled his eyes. It was so quiet in the Hall of Skills that one could hear a pin drop. The disciples who were here to select a skillset sat on the floor cross-legged, cultivating diligently.

    A Hall of Skills disciple walked up to Lin Fan with a thick book.

    "This is the Mystic low-class skillset menu. Tell me after you are done selecting." He shoved the book into Lin Fan's hands and went off to complete his incomplete tasks.

    "Oh my god, this is so thick. How long will I take?" Lin Fan flipped the book open. It was quite detailed.

    Mystic low-class skillsets:

    Fist arts, swordsmanship, palm arts, knife arts… and many others. The skillsets were neatly classified.

    Thirteen Styles of the Sea: Missing

    Swordsmanship of Hell: Missing

    Palm of the Six Kings: Missing


    Amongst all the skillsets, there were a number of them labelled missing. One would be rewarded with a free skillset of the same class if he or she submitted a missing skillset to the Hall of Skills.

    Most Magnificent Flame Sect disciples who had broken through to the Earth Star Border Realm would pick up the sequel to the Body Refinement Technique, but since Lin Fan had managed to get himself the Mystic skills creation guide book through the lottery draw, he would be able to create the sequel to his Golden Body Tempering Secret himself and not waste any time or effort.


    At last, he found a skillset that was useful to him right now.

    Mountain Quake Energy: helps to harmonize the earth energy in one's body and congeal it. Ability allows one to flare up with extreme strength.

    Amongst everything, this was the only skillset that would really allow one to increase in strength by a shocking amount.

    At last, Lin Fan picked this, which was the most useful to him currently.

    The disciple assisting Lin Fan was shocked to see his choice because this specific skillset did nothing except increase one's raw strength.

    And it was not only difficult to practice but torturous.

    There had been disciples who selected this skillset in the past, but most regretted it. It was painful to practice it to its maximum capacity, but if one was able to do so, the strength gained would be incredible.

    Lin Fan sat on the floor and flipped open the skillset.

    1,500 points to learn Mountain Quake Energy.


    Points -1500

    Mountain Quake Energy (Level 1)

    Trait: increase in strength.

    The changes taking place to Lin Fan's body were obvious. He definitely had acquired more strength.

    But this was not a suitable place for cultivating. Lin Fan handed the skillset to the disciple and left.

    Back in Lin Fan's room:

    "Level up."

    Points -3,500

    Mountain Quake Energy (Level 2)

    Trait: increase in strength.

    "Level up."

    Points -5500

    Mountain Quake Energy (Level 3)

    Traits: increase in strength, thunder punch.

    Watching his points going down, Lin Fan's heart hurt.