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Chapter 67 - Stepping out of the sect kills me

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 67: Stepping out of the sect kills me

    "Junior Brother Lin, Junior Brother Lin…."

    Lu Qiming's and Zhang Long's voices could be heard from outside.

    "Junior Lin, how can you not inform us of the news that you broke through to the Earth Star Border Realm?"

    When Lin Fan opened the door, he was welcomed by his whole group of friends.

    "Senior Brothers, what brings you here?"

    Lu Qiming patted Lin Fan's shoulder. "Junior Brother, you have hidden it too well! We would not have known if you did not make a trip to the Hall of Skills to rent a skillset!"

    "Senior Brothers, it's nothing much, It's only breaking through to the Earth Star Border Realm," Lin Fan said, waving his hands. Maybe reaching the Heaven Star Border Realm would be worth showing off.

    The group stared at Lin Fan, feeling slightly upset. The reason why we train hard is to be an Earth Star Border Realm cultivator! We never would've expected that it would be Junior Brother Lin who would achieve that first.

    "Oh, Junior Brother, since you have broken through to the Earth Star Border Realm, then you should take on the mission to become an inner disciple. From then on, you would be our senior," Yin Xiaotian said.

    He admired Lin Fan's speed of cultivation. Lin Fan might've been a natural talent that one would only meet once in a blue moon.

    "Inner disciple?" It suddenly crossed Lin Fan's mind that, after breaking through to the Earth Star Border Realm, he was qualified to take the test to become an inner disciple.

    "With Junior Brother Lin's ability, he would be able to finish the task easily. By then, you will be our senior brother," Huang Fugui said with admiration.

    In the sect, seniority was not decided by who entered the sect first, but one's status in the sect as well as their cultivation.

    Huang Fugui's words made Lin Fan grin from ear to ear. How nice would it be to become the senior brother so simply?

    "True. I have just broken through to the Earth Star Border Realm, and it's time for me to have some training. The test is just right for me to train. I will pick it up and become an inner disciple." Only, when that happens, I will no longer live here. I will move to the place where inner disciples stay.

    The group was happy for Lin Fan's achievements too. After chatting for a while more, all of them left.

    And Lin Fan began cultivating.

    After getting the Mystic skills creation guide book, it was time for him to create a new skillset. The Golden Body Tempering Secret was not enough for him anymore since the Earth Star Border Realm required much more experience to upgrade.

    He took out a small notebook to record all the routes that he could experiment on and chose one to cultivate.

    And the next day came.

    Lin Fan opened his eyes. He faced continuous failure yesterday and was nearly obsessed with it. After breaking through to the Earth Star Border Realm, he felt that there was difficulty even in trying to commit suicide. The sword he got from Liu Feng was getting duller. I guess it's time for me to find a sharper weapon for me to commit suicide.

    Near the Hall of the Inner Sect:

    After an outer disciple broke through to the Earth Star Border Realm, they would come here to collect a mission, which they would have to complete in order to be qualified for the test to become an inner disciple.

    As for becoming an inner disciple successfully, it all depended on the disciple themselves.

    Lin Fan picked a mission that required him to get rid of an evil cultivator in Body Tempering Stage Nine. It was a simple mission to Lin Fan, the only issue was the long journey.

    It's a deliberate action by the sect, huh? No journey will be smooth sailing. One might face numerous dangers on their way to the destination, and maybe pay with their life. Since the sect would not be able to take care of all the disciples, the disciples' destinies would be in their own hands.

    "Junior Brother, hold up."

    Just as Lin Fan was about to step out of the hall, he was called by someone. He turned around to see a guy dressed in expensive clothing. There were a few disciples surrounding him too, staring at Lin Fan with an unfriendly look.

    "Yes?" Lin Fan asked.

    "Nice to meet you, Junior Brother Lin, the one who slaughtered the Sunshine Sect disciples on the arena. I'm Yuan Tianjun. I saw that Junior Brother Lin has taken up the mission to get rid of a cultivator who practices evil near the Fengshan camp. We are going to head to the Fengshan camp too. Is Junior Brother keen on joining us?" Yuan Tianjun asked. He was slightly shocked that the person who was standing in front of him was the famous "Junior Brother Lin" that performed with flying colors on the arena.

    However, he regained his senses quickly and did not think much about it.

    He also heard that this "Junior Brother Lin" had rejected Elder Tian Xu's offer to take him as a disciple. This guy must be nuts, however, he has the ability to qualify for my team.

    Lin Fan took a glance at the other party. Tianjun? Who would have such a pretty name? Chicken nuggets, I would die if that was my name. And they are all looking at me with unfriendly looks too.

    "No thanks, I'm used to acting alone. See you," Lin Fan said and left without further ado.

    Never will I team up with anyone. There's no need for me to do so.

    All of them are inner disciples, and they are probably asking me to team up with them for no good. There's a high chance of being turned into a sacrifice if I stick with them. Why would I agree to that? I'm not an idiot.

    Never in Yuan Tianjun's dreams would he think of being rejected by Lin Fan. His smile disappeared from his face immediately, and he stared at Lin Fan angrily. "Not knowing chalk from cheese…."

    As Lin Fan walked away, the other disciples walked up. "Who does he think he is? Does he think the world is his because he slaughtered some Sunshine Sect disciples in the arena?"

    "Senior Brother Yuan, I have a great idea." A disciple walked up to Yuan Tianjun with a smile hanging on his face.


    Outside the sect, Lin Fan felt extremely carefree. In the sect, he had a unique image to keep up. That's so not me!

    Now, I'm out alone, so there's nothing that can constrain me!

    It's a long journey, and I do not have many points now, so why not kill my way there and earn points on the way? I can do the same when I make my return trip too, after I have gotten rid of the evil cultivator.

    "Haha, I'm so proud of my brain! Who would have thought that I'm this smart?" Lin Fan couldn't help but praise himself. Who, other than me, would be able to plan out a route within such a short time?

    A few days later, Lin Fan arrived at a jungle – a very familiar jungle. Of course, it was previously home to the Blood-Eyed Demonic Ape.

    It's making me emotional to be back here.


    Suddenly, Lin Fan got goosebumps. He sensed danger.

    A blurry black dot seemed to be flying toward him.

    "What?" Lin Fan blinked his eyes curiously.

    In the blink of an eye:


    Blood splattered everywhere.

    Lin Fan's eyes widened as he fell back, falling onto the ground with a loud bang, making a deep pit in the ground.

    His last thought; "Why is this such a dangerous world? I have not even done anything and I'm already dead for god-knows-why?"

    Or is it that I'm just fated to meet up with danger when I make a trip out of the sect?