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Chapter 68 - : Thank God

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 68: Thank God

    In the sky somewhere far away, there were two figures floating in the air, facing each other. One was in green clothing and another was holding a sword. The man in green launched an attack, turning the sky dark with ominous black clouds, while the man with the sword pulled out his sword and dashed off. He disappeared between the clouds, only leaving behind a trail like a shooting star.

    "I was expecting the three elders of the Imperial Sword Pavilion to be better, but I was wrong. I have already killed two of them, so I suggest you be obedient and kneel down to me, and I may think of sparing you as you're the only one left now."

    "Jun Wutian, as the head of the Magnificent Flame Sect's ten peaks, why did you have to massacre us – the Imperial Sword Pavilion – that consists of more than three hundred lives? I'm going to make a report to the Magnificent Flame Sect!" The elderly man glared at the other man with hatred. His heart hurt at the thought of the three hundred or more lives that had been taken away by Jun Wutian in the blink of an eye.

    "Make a report?" Jun Wutian asked, slightly confused, but it wasn't long before he burst out into laughter. "Do you think you'll have a chance to do so?"

    "Demon! The sect leader of the Magnificent Flame sect agreed to the establishment of the Imperial Sword Pavilion. Why? Why did you murder them!?" the elder screamed in anger. He had witnessed the brutal massacre with his own eyes.

    Jun Wutian looked at the elder in silence, as if he was brainstorming an answer. "Alright, since your life will be coming to an end soon, I'll tell you the reason. It's just because I, Jun Wutian, felt like killing. Is this reason good enough?"

    "Wow, wow. Such an absurd reason…" Tears flowed down the elder's cheek. He was unable to accept the fact that a disaster had taken place because of such a ridiculous reason.

    The Imperial Sword Pavilion was not a sect but a group under the Magnificent Flame Sect. They were loyal and devoted to the sect, but who would have thought that the head of the sect's ten peaks would kill the group because of such a ridiculous reason? He was unable to accept the fact!

    I must go to the sect and pay the sect leader a visit and seek justice!

    "You're trying to run, huh? Let's see how far you can go." Jun Wutian sneered, face muscles twitching. To him, the elder in front of him was nothing but an ant whom he could kill within the blink of an eye. Let's see how far he can go.


    Ten seconds later, Lin Fan opened his eyes. He was confused and boiling with anger.

    Who did I offend? Why am I the most unlucky one in the entire world?

    Chicken nuggets.

    "Who the heck is so socially irresponsible? How could you litter with your sword? Do you know that you just killed somebody? I'm going to hunt you down and get you to pay my medical fees!" Lin Fan huffed. He looked at the long sword and sighed helplessly. How am I supposed to get it out when it's deep in my body?

    I just revived and am already seriously injured! Oh, the amount of blood that's dripping out from me is getting terrifying.

    There's nothing I can do other than this. Lin Fan used his strength to push the sword deeper into his body.

    He sat on the floor and stared at the hole in his chest helplessly. Lin Fan's breathing got weaker and, within no time, he died.

    Ten seconds later, when he woke up, the wound in his chest had already recovered. He looked at the ground to see the sword that was currently stuck to the ground, leaving only the grip to be seen. Lin Fan looked up to the sky. It's a peaceful day, where did it come from?

    "Let me pluck it out to see what it is." Lin Fan bent over and grabbed the grip with both his hands, sticking his butt high up in the air. With all his might and a loud Clang!, the sword was pulled out successfully.

    "Ouch! I'm turning blind." Lin Fan shut his eyes. The sword was so striking that it nearly blinded him.

    Lin Fan took a closer look, and his eyes widened in shock. There were rays of light surrounding the sword, and when he flung the sword around lightly, chimes could be heard.

    A treasure!

    That was Lin Fan's first reaction. This is definitely a treasure. There are a few words carved on the sword too.

    Tai Sovereign Sword.

    "Wow, such a cool name," Lin Fan said with his jaw wide open. He was surprised by the name of the sword. "Hehe, this person that killed me is too nice. He even gave me such a great gift! You can just go ahead and kill me, I don't mind. He's too polite.

    "I might be angry that you injured me, but I'm not a petty person, so I shall let this pass."

    I was still thinking that committing suicide was getting harder, but I never expected to get anything I want! Thank you, God, for giving me a weapon that will make killing myself easier.

    It feels good.

    Now it's mine.

    After placing the sword into the storage ring, Lin Fan eyed his surroundings cautiously. He took off after realizing that there was nobody around. I would be at a loss if the owner finds me and wants it back!

    Since it's now in my hands, this treasure will now be mine!

    I have no idea who the culprit is, but since you have given me this sword, you are forgiven.

    I don't mind if you do it a few more times too.

    Of course, before that, I have to escape and find a safe place to hide.

    After some distance, Lin Fan came to a stop. I should be safe now. He heaved a sigh of relief.

    However, I can't show my excitement on my face. If I do, the owner of the missing item would be able to tell that I have picked up his item! I am going to keep a poker face and act like an innocent teenager.


    "The smell of blood." Lin Fan stopped in his tracks and took a few sniffs. Realizing that something was amiss, he frowned and crouched down, making his way forward cautiously.

    He hid behind a tree and peeked out of it. There was a corpse on the ground. It looked like the person had been dead for some time.

    "What's going on? Was there an intense battle here previously?" With doubts, Lin Fan stepped forward and scanned his surroundings, but there was nothing to be seen.

    Various trains of thought trundled though Lin Fan's brain immediately. From what he observed, the corpse wore clothes that ordinary people wouldn't, and it was an elderly man who had died.

    What was more important was that the corpse seemed to be left untouched.

    He picked up a stone from the ground and threw it over. There wasn't any response.

    Without hesitation, Lin Fan walked toward the corpse cautiously. When he got to the corpse, he held his breath. The elder's chest was pierced through by a strong force, and his organs were all exposed to the air.

    Lin Fan put his hands together and recited his prayers. After that, he started looking through the elder's body without hesitation.

    Time flew by, but Lin Fan still had yet to find any items. Don't tell me he is that poor. He shook his head helplessly.

    Suddenly, he saw a ring on the elder's finger. A smile crept up onto his face. Storage ring! So that's where all the treasures are at.

    But I can't seem to get it off. How can you treat me this way?

    Lin Fan's face flushed red. He put in all his might to pull the ring off, but it was to no avail.


    All of a sudden, the elder who had been motionless for the past few minutes suddenly caught Lin Fan's wrist.

    "What the heck, pretending to be dead…!" Lin Fan jumped up in shock. He was about to send a flying kick over, but he did not.

    "Avenge me, Jun Wu… Wu…"

    And with that, the elder fell dead. The ring that was stuck to his finger slipped down to the ground.

    Lin Fan caught the ring and turned to the elder. "So you were just waiting for fate to arrive!" He sighed. "Be at ease, since Lin Fan has taken your ring, I will take revenge for you when I come across Jun Wuwu in the future. Rest in peace."

    As he turned around, he saw a long sword lying next to the elder. Lin Fan picked it up, and he was pleasantly surprised.

    "Earthly Sovereign Sword.

    "Wow, the sword that killed me was called the Tai Sovereign Sword, do not tell me that this is a set," Lin Fan mumbled in doubt. Suddenly, he saw another body lying among the bushes. His face lit up.

    What day is it today? Did Lady Luck notice me? He put his hands together to thank the gods.

    "Three Pure Ones, thank you for showering me with care. I'm willing to return the favor with my Senior Brothers' love lives, for the rest of their lives." (Translator note: It means that Lin Fan will repay the luck he has gotten with his senior brothers' love lives, which means his senior brothers will have to remain single forever if it comes true.)