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Chapter 69 - Tough Times Produce Successors

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 69: Tough Times Produce Successors

    In the forest, a suspicious Lin Fan could be seen sneaking around the underbrush, moving toward a corpse slowly.

    "Old man, I'm so sorry, but you can be at ease. I have heard your friend's last wishes, and I will avenge you when I meet Jun Wuwu in the future. Please hand me all your treasures. My ability is currently lacking, thus I need some boosters."

    He mumbled to the corpse and started to fumble around the body. It was easy to take the storage ring off the elder's finger. When he saw the long sword lying at the side, Lin Fan was more than excited.

    Human Sovereign Sword.

    Lin Fan's heart raced in excitement as he picked the sword up.

    Lin Fan planned to help bury the elders since he had taken so many treasures from them.

    But something felt out of place.

    The thought of this made Lin Fan's heart pound ferociously.

    Lin Fan took a look at the corpse and took off without hesitation, running toward the heart of the forest.


    "Jun Wutian, you'll die a terrible death…." The elder's breathing was getting weaker as blood spilt out of his body, part of which had been ruptured by a strong, unknown force. He was seriously injured.

    Unwillingness and anger overwhelmed him.

    But there was nothing he could do now. He was facing Jun Wutian, the head of the Magnificent Flame Sect's ten peaks and a potential candidate for the next Magnificent Flame Sect leader.

    "The Magnificent Flame Sect can never be in your hands or it would be doomed eternally…" The elder breathed out his last words and left the world with unwillingness and anger.

    "Hmph, doomed eternally? Hehe…." Jun Wutian chuckled and stepped on the elder's forehead, breaking his skull with a crack. "Such a busybody…."

    He curled his finger, and the storage ring fell off of the elder's finger into Jun Wutian's hand. Jun Wutian checked the contents and frowned.

    "It's not here. How could it be that it's not here…?" Jun Wutian's facial muscles twitched. His face fell as he took a glance at the elder whose body had been badly mutilated.

    "Damn it. You aren't letting me live in peace even after your death, huh!?" Jun Wutian yelled, anger boiling deep in his system. He took out a bottle of medication and poured it over the elder's body before floating up into the air.

    Not long later, a herd of wilt hounds surged up from all directions. Wilt hounds were a type of beast of lower cultivation. They had skinny builds, and saliva could be seen dripping from between their teeth constantly.

    When the hounds found the badly mutilated corpse, the herd pounced onto it within no time.

    "Hmph, you're better when you're being fed to the dogs." Jun Wutian took a glance at the body that was being torn into pieces by the wilt hounds and left.

    To Jun Wutian's dismay, the corpses had already been raided when he found them.

    Not only were the storage rings gone, but the swords were also nowhere to be seen.

    "Who? Who the hell dares to take my things!? Jun Wutian's belongings…!" An ice-cold aura could be felt from where Jun Wutian was standing at.

    He massacred the Imperial Sword Pavilion just to get the Transformation into God Swordsmanship. Now that it was gone, Jun Wutian's effort had gone down the drain too.

    "Who is it, damn it!? You better make sure that I never find you…!" Jun Wutian glared in front of himself coldly, anger churning within him. He floated up into the air and looked down at the forest that was densely packed with trees. Patience waning out, Jun Wutian launched a powerful attack at the ground.

    Within a hundred kilometer radius, the ancient trees were all destroyed, and part of the forest was turned into bare land.

    Lin Fan, who was in the midst of running away, was scared out of his wits when he heard the loud bang.

    Lin Fan could see the trees collapsing from afar, and an extraordinary aura could be felt coming from the same direction.

    Thus, Lin Fan calmed himself down.

    "Chicken nuggets, you must be Jun Wuwu! I'll let you win this time around. When I have the ability, we'll fight fairly. Act imprudently now. Whoever I, Lin Fan, have my eyes on will never have a good ending," Lin Fan said and ran off.

    Thus, Lin Fan sprinted away from the scene without hesitation.

    "What the heck! What's this? Why is it so warm?" There was a pile of unknown substance in front of Lin Fan. It was about the size of a small hill, and it was radiating heat.

    On the other hand, Jun Wutian was still searching for the culprit.


    At the same time, someone could be seen standing in front of a "small hill."

    Lin Fan had made a U-turn when he saw that the black dot in the sky was getting bigger and seemed to be coming toward his direction.

    "It's okay, I'm a man. Which past masters in the world did not go through tough times? I, Lin Fan, will be standing at the top of the world one day, so I will have to face more tough times than ordinary people do.

    "How am I going to be the best if I can't handle such a small situation?

    "Let's go…."

    Without hesitation, Lin Fan crawled into the "hill" and went deep inside.