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Chapter 70 - No!

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 70: No!

    "Chicken nuggets, this smells, but I'll have to bear with it." Lin Fan held his breath and hid in the "hill."

    Not long later, he heard noises coming from outside.

    Jun Wutian landed on the ground and took a glance around the surroundings before putting his attention on the warm "hill."

    "The feces of a Heaven Devouring Dragon Python. It seems like there's an adult Heaven Devouring Dragon Python around here…" Jun Wutian stared at the "hill" and got ready to leave.

    Jun Wutian had nothing to fear if the Heaven Devouring Dragon Python was below the Heaven Star Border Realm, but based on the size of the feces pile, Jun Wutian could tell that the Heaven Devouring Dragon Python was above the Heaven Star Border Realm.

    Lurking around here would expose him to danger.

    "Damn it, I used my perception and could feel that person, but he just disappeared into thin air! Don't let me find you or you'll be cut into pieces."

    Hearing this, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief, but he did not come out of his hiding spot.

    And indeed!

    Jun Wutian looked down on the area while suspended in mid-air. If Lin Fan had chosen to come out of the "hill," he would have been discovered immediately.

    A day went by.

    Lin Fan even slept in the pile of feces.

    All of a sudden, Lin Fan found his world shaking violently as if the sky was about to collapse.

    "What the hell is going on?" Lin Fan shot up from his sleep.

    In actuality, Jun Wutian had long left the forest. After a long stay and a thorough search around the forest, Long Wutian left unwillingly.

    During the night, Jun Wutian found a pair of green eyes, shining brightly in the dark like emeralds. Despite the distance between them and Jun Wutian, Jun Wutian was able to feel its ferocity. There was no beast of low cultivation that would be able to achieve that.

    Since he was no competition for the beast, Jun Wutian chose to take his leave.

    Back in the present, there was currently a huge, silver-colored crocodile standing in front of the warm pile of feces. Delight and the reflection of the feces pile could be seen in its pitch-black eyes. This was the excrement of a Heaven Devouring Dragon Python, and it contained a tremendous amount of energy.

    Without hesitation, the crocodile swallowed down the entire pile of feces.

    As for Lin Fan, all he knew was that he was tumbling around so intensely that he was now dizzy.

    He landed on the ground with a loud thud.

    Lin Fan crawled out of the pile of feces immediately and took a look at his surroundings. Confusion washed all over him.

    "Where am I?" Lin Fan asked, stupefied. He could see mild green lights flickering around him like fireflies. "No, wait. I hid in the pile well, how did I end up here?"

    Even after much thought, Lin Fan could not understand what was going on.

    The sound of a heart beating. From the volume, it seemed to be coming from somewhere near Lin Fan. Confused, Lin Fan continued making his way forward.

    "It smells…." Lin Fan pinched his nose. A pungent smell filled his nose within no time. When he saw the scene in front of him, Lin Fan was thrown off his feet. There was a green pond right beneath his feet, and it was bubbling. There were also corpses that had yet to decay lying around the sides of the pond.

    In the outside world, the huge silver crocodile crawled around the forest. When it came to an open space, fear could be seen in its eyes as it looked up to the sky.

    Suddenly, something hid the sky and covered the sun.

    A huge eagle spread out its wings and came for the crocodile. If Lin Fan witnessed this scene, he would have burst into tears of fear.

    This was a battle between two beasts of high cultivation.

    The eagle's claws sunk into the crocodile's skin, tearing its hard scales open. Blood gushed out of the crocodile's body, painting the ground red in color.

    The crocodile cried out in pain. It swept its tail hard, causing the surrounding rocks to collapse as it tried its best to escape from the eagle's grip. But unfortunately for it, its counterattack did not seem to affect the eagle that was soaring across the sky.


    As for Lin Fan, he was oblivious to the situation outside. All he knew was that he was being tossed and turned around. All of a sudden, a ray of light shone down from above.

    He was in glee.  Just when Lin Fan was overwhelmed with happiness, a sharp claw tore off the crocodile's flesh, revealing a ferocious pair of eyes that was now burning a hole in Lin Fan.

    "This…" Lin Fan was immediately struck dumb. Beads of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

    "Oh no, I'm in trouble…"

    When Lin Fan came back to his senses, he was already being swallowed by the eagle along with the crocodile's essence.

    "Chicken nuggets, how am I going to live in this world anymore? Why do I come across every unlucky situation? You're just dying to see me dead, huh?" Lin Fan cursed in his mind. "I'm just out for a mission, why are you bullying me?"

    Very soon, Lin Fan lost his consciousness. He knew very well that he was dead.

    The eagle spread its wings and flew up to the air, leaving only the remains of a crocodile lying on the spot.

    The surrounding beasts who had been waiting for this moment gushed up to the remains, snatching for its remaining flesh. The essence of the crocodile might have already been taken away, but to the beasts of lower cultivation, the remains of a beast with high cultivation were plenty precious on their own.


    Ten seconds later, Lin Fan woke up to find himself sitting on a soft and wet surface. He looked around his surroundings, puzzled. Even after some time, he was still unable to register the facts.

    At this moment, a furious Lin Fan took out his mace and aimed it at the wet surface.

    "I, Lin Fan, am not a pushover…"

    The eagle that was soaring high up in the air suddenly felt uneasy. It felt its stomach hurting slightly, making it suspect that it had taken in something bad.

    Lin Fan never would've thought that its skin would be so tough.

    Suddenly, something seemed amiss.

    The surrounding walls shrunk, pushing all the contents inside together.

    "What's happening now?" Lin Fan was taken aback. He was at a total loss….

    All of a sudden, a ray of light shone in front of him. Seeing this, Lin Fan was on cloud nine.

    But his happiness did not last long. His face fell when he realized that there was something amiss with the hole that the ray of light was shining through.

    At the same time, a strong suction force could be felt.

    Lin Fan grabbed onto the flesh by his side tightly and yelled. "No! No! I do not want to go out from the chrysanthemum…!"

    "I'm going to become the best in the world, this can't happen to me…!"


    "M*****f****** hell…!"