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Chapter 72 - I’m Astounded

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 72: I’m Astounded

    It was a quiet and peaceful day at Fengshan Camp.

    After going through unbearable suffering, evil cultivator Jiang Gu’s hard work finally paid off. During the moment of success, he stepped out of his secret chamber, ready to start roaming the world.

    His success was short-lived, but it was the brightest Jiang Gu had ever shined in his life.

    Blood filled the deep pit, and there were fragments of remains scattered all over the place. It was a horrible and terrifying sight.

    A head could be seen in the deep pit, floating in the pool of blood. The victim’s eyes were opened wide, permanently showing the fear that he experienced right before his death.

    And maybe, Jiang Gu would never know the reason for his death.

    Because of Jiang Gu’s death, the venomous parasites lost their lives too.

    Ten seconds later, revive.

    “Aish, what the hell happened? Why did I receive points? Did I bump into somebody?” Lin Fan scuttered up and shook his head. He was full of energy now, but still at a loss about what was going on.

    “Eh? Why is there a head here?” Lin Fan’s face fell when he saw Jiang Gu’s head floating in the pit. “Damn! Did I drag an innocent down the waters?”

    Lin Fan was unable to accept the facts.


    “Where did these worms come from?” Lin Fan kicked the dead worms under his feet away, revealing a sect badge.


    The sect badge was made out of metal, and a “Gu” character was carved on it.

    Lin Fan took a look around his surrounding but was unable to recognize the place he was currently at. However, when he saw the words carved on a stone some distance away, he was dumbfounded.

    “Fengshan Camp?”

    Lin Fan couldn’t believe his eyes.

    “Wait a minute….”

    Suddenly, an important matter crossed Lin Fan’s mind. He immediately took out the mission card from his storage ring.

    Evil cultivator Jiang Gu, Body Tempering Stage Nine….

    Lin Fan turned to the bloody corpse lying on the ground and mumbled to himself.

    “Don’t tell me that he’s Jiang Gu….”

    Lin Fan blinked his eyes, shocked.

    At last, after many confirmations, Lin Fan knew that the guy he just killed was Jiang Gu, the evil cultivator that he needed to take down.

    “That beast, I… haish.” Lin Fan did not know what to feel. He remembered the beast in his heart, as he was planning to take revenge when he had the ability to.

    However, not only did the beast bring him to his destination, but it supported him to get the kill!

    Lin Fan chuckled. He had completed the mission without even doing anything.

    He kept the sect badge to bring back as a piece of evidence to show that he completed the mission.

    Lin Fan searched around the place.


    After a few days, Yuan Tianjun and his group finally arrived at Fengshan Camp. They had picked up a mission to take down a wanted person at Ancient River Village that was located at Fengshan Camp.

    The wanted person was part of a cult situated in the Magnificent Flame Sect’s territory. He was currently hiding in Ancient River Village and had disguised himself as an ordinary villager while planning to overthrow the Magnificent Flame Sect in secret.

    “Senior Brother, what should we do now?” a disciple asked.

    “We should stay calm and set up an ambush outside Ancient River Village. If the target shows up, we will take action,” Yuan Tianjun replied.

    “Senior Brother, we wanted to get that guy here to be our cannon fodder. Without any cannon fodder, our plan will be affected.”

    Yes. Lin Fan was the cannon fodder they were talking about.

    When they were back at the sect, they were searching for someone to be cannon fodder for their group when they met Lin Fan. However, they never thought that Lin Fan would immediately reject them, not even bothering to give them face! This made the group unhappy with Lin Fan.

    Yuan Tianjun waved his hands. “Nevermind, we will do as planned. Look out for that guy too. We should be in front of him with our speed, but do not beat the grass and scare the snake if you happen to come across him.”

    “Yes, Senior Brother.”


    Ancient River Village:

    On his way back, Lin Fan took the time to check the items he had gotten from the two old men.

    He was curious as well as excited to find out what was in the storage rings.

    Lin Fan walked on the trail with smiles all over his face. “Grandpas, be at ease. I, Lin Fan, swear that, if there’s any treasures in the rings, I will kill Jun Wuwu when I come across him in the future.”

    He held up the first ring.

    His heart beat rapidly when he opened up the first ring, but his smile was gone as soon as he saw the contents.

    “Huh?” Lin Fan could not understand what he was seeing.

    Lin Fan could not believe his eyes. He had never seen such a clean storage ring that had absolutely nothing in it!

    “What on earth!? Why is there nothing here? You have ruined our friendship!” He really did not wish to say anything more.

    He then opened up the other storage ring.

    Lin Fan no longer had any hope for the second storage ring, as the previous one already brought such a huge setback to him.

    He stole a glance at the other storage ring’s contents.

    Lin Fan was unable to calm down.

    “Chicken nuggets, this is too much…!” He was extremely angry this time around, as he felt that he had been cheated. But right at this moment, he saw a book in the corner of the storage ring.

    A smile crept up his face once again, replacing the disappointed expression.

    “Luckily, it’s better than nothing.” He took the book impatiently.

    When he saw the name of the book, he was taken aback.

    Transformation into God Swordsmanship.

    “Fifty thousand points to learn the Transformation into God Swordsmanship.”

    “Yes, learn.”

    “Insufficient points.”

    Lin Fan was thrown off his feet. All he felt was happiness now.