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Chapter 73 - They Are Very Cordial

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 73: They Are Very Cordial

    Fifty thousand points to learn a single skillset was an enormous figure to Lin Fan.

    On the trail:

    “Aunty, where am I?” Lin Fan stopped at the roadside and called out to a middle-aged lady who was busy farming in the field.

    She turned to Lin Fan, slightly taken aback. “You came from the mountain?”

    “Yeah.” Lin Fan nodded. “Why? I came from somewhere far away, thus I have to pass the mountains.”

    Looking at the lady’s expression, Lin Fan understood the reason for her question.

    “Didn’t you come across anyone?” the lady asked, puzzled.

    “No. I’m alone.” Lin Fan shook his head. “Aunty, you have yet to tell me where this place is.”

    “Ancient River Village….” the lady answered, suspicion written all over her face.

    Lin Fan waved and walked off.

    Watching Lin Fan leave, fear and confusion drained from the lady’s face slowly, replaced with stillness as she got into a train of thought.

    Not long later, Lin Fan saw a row of houses. This was none other than Ancient River Village. It was not huge, and it only had about a hundred houses at most. There were also no youths to be seen in the village, and most villagers were of an old age.

    He glanced around the place.

    “Lord, are you from the Magnificent Flame Sect?” Just when Lin Fan was looking around, a benevolent-looking old man came up to him.

    He held a walking stick in his hands, giving off an aura that made one feel at ease.

    “Yeah, you are…?” Lin Fan asked, puzzled.

    “This old man is Bai Shi, the chief of Ancient River Village. Lord has come from a faraway place to our village, so please take a seat in my house.”

    In the house:

    “Why are there no youngsters in the village?” Lin Fan asked in curiosity.

    “Lord, our youngsters have left the village, leaving only us, the old and the children,” Bai Shi replied. “We rarely receive visitors, and you’re the first in such a long time.”

    “Oh yeah, do you know who’s residing in Fengshan Camp?” Lin Fan asked.

    Bai Shi smiled and shook his head. “Lord, it’s deserted. It used to be home to burglars, but the Magnificent Flame Sect has sent their disciples over to save our lives.”

    With that, Bai Shi stood up. “My Lord, please hold on. I’ll prepare a feast for you.”

    “No need to trouble yourself.” Lin Fan waved his hands.

    “It’s fine. Lord, please give me a moment.” Bai Shi stood at the door and flashed Lin Fan a smile before leaving the house.


    Not far away from Ancient River Village, someone had been observing the village for some time. He left immediately when he saw Lin Fan.

    Near the surroundings of Fengshan Camp:

    “Senior Brother Yuan, that Lin guy is here at Ancient River Village. I think he came from Fengshan Camp. It seems like he has completed his mission.”

    Yuan Tianjun was taken aback. He was unable to believe what he just heard. “How can that be? We aren’t slow at all! How could he have arrived before us? Nevermind, you said that he’s now in the village?”

    “Yeah. The Ancient River Village chief has invited him into his house.

    “According to my research, it’s a weird village. Different from what the sect had gotten from their investigation, there aren’t any youths in the village. There are only the old, young, and weak. The chief, Bai Shi, seems the oddest of them all.”

    Yuan Tianjun nodded. His junior brother had given a good analysis. “Okay, take a close look. Let’s see what happens to that Lin guy.”



    Back in Ancient River Village:

    “A Magnificent Flame Sect disciple has come. What shall we do?”

    “Should we kill him?”

    “I don’t think there’s a need. This guy looks stupid. I guess that he has just completed his mission at Fengshan Camp. That Jiang Gu is an idiot. How did he even manage to get killed?”

    “Prepare something for him. I’ll send him out after the meal. Let’s not alert him.”


    Lin Fan sat in the house, patiently waiting for the food.

    Just as this was going through Lin Fan’s mind, Bai Shi held a plate and walked into the house.

    Looking at the delicacies on the table, Lin Fan’s heart raced in excitement. He had not eaten since he stepped out on this journey!

    “Aiya, there’s no need for this.” Lin Fan was overwhelmed with happiness. He took the pair of chopsticks immediately and downed the food.

    When Lin Fan was enjoying his meal, Chief Bai Shi sat at the table. Every time Lin Fan looked down, a creepy smile could be seen on the chief’s face. But when Lin Fan looked back up, the chief would look like the benevolent elder he was playing.

    After a delicious meal, Lin Fan took a few notes out from his storage ring as payment for the meal.

    “Thank you for the meal, I’ll stay no longer.” All that was in Lin Fan’s mind currently was to find more beasts!

    Bai Shi stood up. “Lord, aren’t you going to stay longer?”

    Lin Fan waved his hand. “No. I have something on. It’s a tiring journey.”

    There was nobody to be seen at the entrance of the village.

    Bai Shi kept following after Lin Fan.

    “Chief, it’s alright. You can go back now.” Lin Fan waved his hands.

    “It’s alright. I should send you off. Please, Lord.” Bai Shi smiled thinly and followed behind Lin Fan. As Lin Fan was walking in front, the chief stared at Lin Fan’s head, deep in thought.

    Chills ran down Lin Fan’s spine. Bai Shi’s gaze made him extremely uncomfortable.

    “Lord, this old man shall send you up to here.” Just then, Bai Shi’s voice could be heard.

    Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

    “Alright. Thank you, Chief. Goodbye,” Lin Fan said and went off.

    Watching the figure shrink into the distance, Bai Shi cracked his neck and mumbled.

    “So I was just overthinking.”