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Chapter 74 - Tricked

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 74: Tricked

    The humane side of the world had warmed Lin Fan’s heart.

    “If not for my big ambitions, I would’ve liked to further strengthen our relationship. There must be a lot of tasks that the villagers aren’t able to carry out due to the lack of youths in the village.”

    This was the moment where Lin Fan felt that he was indeed a person with a kind heart.


    “Senior Brother Yuan, Bai Shi has sent that Lin guy off. I realized that, when both of them were making their way out, Bai Shi had the intention to kill him, but I have no idea why he decided to spare him in the end.”

    “He’s just lucky.” Yuan Tianjun sneered. “Bai Shi should be afraid of the consequence of killing a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple too. Since we have already confirmed his identity, then we should take action soon.”

    “Senior Brother, should we carry out a surprise attack or should we take him down justly and honorably in front of the village?”

    “Of course, the second option,” Yuan Tianjun wore a smile and answered without hesitation. “The commoners can sing us praises too.”

    The group let out a smile hearing Yuan Tianjun. “Good idea, Senior Brother.”

    Cultivation might’ve been important to the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, but reputation was similarly important too.

    The group picked up their speed and went to hide in the village, getting ready to attack.

    After observing the village closely, the group came to the conclusion that Bai Shi would be their target and the other villages were harmless.

    However, Bai Shi should’ve been praised for his intelligence for coming up with the idea to hide among the commoners.

    Near the entrance of the village, a child with a braided hairstyle could be seen running around the area barefooted with a pellet drum in her hands. There was a wide smile plastered on her face.

    She fell onto the floor with a thud after bumping into something on accident. “Who are you?” She looked up at the strangers standing in front of her with her shiny doe eyes.

    “Little girl, where are the adults?” Yuan Tianjun asked, staring at her in disdain.

    “Senior Brother, do we need to give this girl a check?” his junior brother on the side whispered.

    “There’s no need to,” Yuan Tianjun answered. “It’s just a little girl, what matter would there be with her?”

    Very soon, Huang Hou, who was observing Bai Shi, came over. “Senior Brother, he’s almost here.”

    “Great.” Yuan Tianjun nodded. “Go and get everyone out here!” he said sternly.

    Slightly frightened, the little girl took a glance at the group before running off into the village with her pellet drum.

    “We have visitors!”

    “We have visitors!”

    The little girl shouted to every household as she ran around the village happily.

    In the kitchen of an ordinary house, a hunchbacked elderly woman could be seen scooping water into a pot. “Old man, make some fire to boil the water. There will be pigs for us to kill soon,” she said calmly in her low voice.

    The elderly man nodded. He picked up a bunch of firewood with his skinny hands and smiled at the woman widely. “Okay. Go take a look at the pigs, make sure they don’t escape.”

    “Be at ease. With the chief around, there’s nowhere they can go.”


    “Senior Brother, this village seems odd. There isn’t even a single healthy man to be seen. Did they all leave?”

    Yuan Tianjun was currently standing at the village entrance. “That is normal,” he said, looking forward. “This is not a place for them to grow, they all should have already left for the outside world, leaving only the old, young, and weak behind. That’s why the cult was able to seep into the village.”

    “Senior Brother, he’s here.”

    The group could see Bai Shi walking toward them slowly with his walking stick. He was staring at Yuan Tianjun initially, but when they made eye contact, Bai Shi looked back down to the ground once again.

    “My Lords, how may I help you?” Bai Shi asked calmly. However, unlike how he spoke to Lin Fan, he spoke to the group with a different tone, making him sound like he was teasing the group.

    Huang Hou took a step forward. “Bai Shi, cut the act. Do you think we do not know who you are? It must be tough to hide in the village alone, right?”

    “It’s such a pity that you found me.” Bai Shi flashed the group a wide smile. “I don’t find it tough, though. Being the chief of this village is not a tough job. Am I right, my Lords?”

    At the same time, villagers started heading out of their houses to the entrance. There were only about thirty of them.

    Yuan Tianjun frowned seeing the number of people. “Where are the other villagers?”

    “My Lord, they are still sleeping. What’s the matter with our chief?” the hunchbacked elderly woman spoke up.

    However, in every house, horribly disfigured corpses could be seen lying in pools of blood.

    But Yuan Tianjun did not suspect her words.  Yuan Tianjun thought and turned to the crowd. “The chief of your village is part of a cult! He’s amongst all of you in disguise! We are here to represent the sect to take him down and to free the village.”

    Bai Shi stood at his spot calmly, looking at the group with mockery swimming in his eyes. However, Yuan Tianjun and his junior brothers did not notice his expression.

    To them, Bai Shi was like a turtle in their jar.

    They were currently making a speech to the villagers just to make a point:

    “Haish, it’s such a pity….” Bai Shi shook his head with regrets.

    “It’s indeed a pity for your outstanding act. Luckily, the sect has discovered your plans in time, or else the villagers would’ve died at your hands after you made use of them! But be at ease, you won’t get the chance to carry out your evil plans anymore!” Yuan Tianjun said.

    “Da Gege, can someone still be able to walk if they lose a leg?” Just then, the little girl came to Huang Hou and plopped down on the ground. She hugged his leg tightly and asked. (TL Note: Da Gege means elder brother in Chinese, mostly used by children.)

    “Of course not,” Huang Hou answered.

    “Oh.” The little girl nodded obediently and patted Huang Hou’s leg with her small hands.

    Suddenly, a ray of light was seen flashing by.

    Feeling weird, Huang Hou looked down to realize that his left calf was disjointed. Within a split second, his blood-curdling scream could be heard clearly.

    “My leg! My leg…!” Huang Hou sat on the ground, dumbfounded, while holding his injured calf. Blood could be seen gushing out everywhere, dying the ground red.

    Yuan Tianjun jumped up in shock upon seeing this. He launched an attack at the little girl without hesitation.

    However, the harmless little girl dodged the attack in peace.

    “All of you…” Stupefied, Yuan Tianjun stared at Bai Shi. He then took a look at the harmless-looking villagers in disbelief.

    “Like I said, it’s not a tough job being the chief of this village, because I’m surrounded with comrades!” Bai Shi smiled widely, making his skin burst open. “It’s all your fault,” he said while pressing down onto the skin. “You have ruined my clothes.”

    “You…” the sect group’s hearts sank.

    This wasn’t like what they had expected.

    The next minute, a terrifying scene unfolded in front of the group.

    “Grandpa Chief, I can’t take it anymore! This piece of clothing is too small for me. It doesn’t fit me well.” The girl placed her hand on her scalp and pulled it down hard along with her hair, revealing a curled-up man.

    The man cracked his bones and twisted his body before standing up slowly. He stared at the group with an evil smile. “This feels better. That skin is too small for me!”

    “Evil cultivation! This evil cultivation…! All of you are part of the cult!” a disciple shouted in fear upon witnessing the scene.