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Chapter 75 - Speak Up and Don’t Betray Me

It’s Lonely To Be Invincible
     Chapter 75: Speak Up and Don’t Betray Me

    “Bingo! But it’s such a pity that you only realized it now.” The man who was previously hiding in the little girl’s skin laughed slyly. “Da Gege, can a human survive without their head?” the man asked, imitating the voice of the child.

    Yuan Tianjun and the group gulped. They had an ominous feeling about this; their opponents were not just ordinary evil cultivators, but ones that had picked up a bizarre skillset.

    It was also the reason why the man was able to disguise himself as a little girl. With evil cultivation, he was able to murder the little girl and hide in her skin and take over her identity.

    Yuan Tianjun was currently an Earth Star Border Stage Two. It was not a problem for him to take down Bai Shi if he worked with his junior brothers. However, they were at a disadvantage in terms of numbers now. Escaping was the only way for them to keep their lives.

    “Okay, there’s no need for us to hide our identities anymore.” The hunchbacked elderly woman stood up. “Let’s kill them and leave this place.” She pulled the skin of the elderly woman off herself, revealing a terrifying and wicked-looking face.

    “This feels more comfortable! If we did not look so ugly, why would we need these skins?” she said and pointed at Yuan Tianjun. “I want his skin. I might even be able to sneak into the Magnificent Flame Sect and pretend to be their disciple.”

    “I’m afraid you wouldn’t survive more than a day if you did that.”


    Hearing their conversations, Yuan Tianjun and the group’s faces turned as white as a piece of paper.

    “Let’s go….”

    At this moment, Yuan Tianjun took off without any hesitation. He could care no more. To him, as long as he survived, any action he took was worth it.

    He dared not imagine the consequences he would face if he were to land in their hands.

    The thought of it sent Yuan Tianjun shuddering.

    “Hoping to get away, huh? But can you?” The evil cultivators who were in disguise sneered and came for Yuan Tianjun and the group,

    Bai Shi watched the scene unfold silently and calmly. To him, the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples standing in front of him were as good as dead.

    “Senior Brother, bring me with you!” Huang Hou, who was currently lying on the ground, screamed, tears of despair rolling down his cheeks.

    However, Yuan Tianjun did not even take a glance at Huang Hou. He continued to dash forward with all his power, abandoning Huang Hou.

    “Da Gege, let’s play!” The man who had disguised as the little girl smiled at Huang Hou widely. But in Huang Hou eyes, it was the most terrifying smile he had ever seen in his life.

    “No…! Ahhh!”

    His blood-curdling screams filled the air.

    It passed to Yuan Tianjun’s ears, making his heart race as if it was going to pound out of his chest.

    Yuan Tianjun was more than terrified. He did not even have the courage to fight his opponents.

    Even if he knew that he would be able to defeat some of the evil cultivators if he put in all his effort, the possible consequences held him back from doing so.

    A few figures could be seen sprinting on the road.

    Just a glance at the evil cultivators that were chasing after them was enough to leave Yuan Tianjun panic-stricken. From how the evil cultivators were staring at him, Yuan Tianjun could not imagine how badly he would die if he ended up in their hands.

    “Senior Brother, what shall we do?” Huang Feilong was at the end of his wits. With his speed, he could barely keep up with Yuan Tianjin, but for his life, he ran as fast as he could.

    “Let’s fight them! It’s not wise to continue running. We won’t be able to run away from them,” Chen Hu spoke up.

    But Yuan Tianjun did not respond. He did not wish to make any comments. He was currently dying to return to the sect and report on the current situation.

    All of a sudden, Yuan Tianjun felt danger right behind him. He pulled over his junior brother at the side without even turning back. The junior brother was taken by surprise at his actions.

    “Senior Brother, you…” Huang Feilong felt a stinging sensation in his back. He realized that a metal chain had pierced through his chest, and blood was dripping down furiously when he took a look at it.

    Chen Hu never would have expected that his Senior Brother Yuan would treat his junior brothers as human shields.

    “I have no choice. There’s nothing else we can do,” Yuan Tianjun said. “Hurry up, we will be able to survive like this.”

    Chen Hu’s heart hurt so badly that it felt like it was being stabbed a number of times. He could not believe that the senior brother that he looked up to the most would use them as human shields! He gritted his teeth and glared at Yuan Tianjun.

    “Senior brother…”


    “You’re utterly disappointing!” Chen Hu looked at him with disappointment and came to a stop abruptly. He turned to his enemies who were coming at him and yelled, “I’m going to fight you!”

    Within no time, Yuan Tianjun heard Chen Hu’s blood-curdling scream.

    This took Yuan Tianjun aback. When he realized what was going on, he cursed. “Stupid trash. Good that you’re dead though, at least you can buy me some time.”

    Suddenly, Yuan Tianjun heard a voice next to him.

    “Indeed the disciples of the Magnificent Flame Sect. It seems like a good method to betray your friends.” He didn’t know when Bai Shi had caught up with him, but there was still a distance between the both of them.

    Yuan Tianjun said nothing in reply. To him, all he wanted was to survive. Nothing else mattered to him.


    “Lalalala, I’m coming for you, points.” Lin Fan strolled along the way.

    “Junior Brother, save me…!”

    Suddenly, Lin Fan heard a cry for help coming from behind him. Lin Fan turned around with confusion to see a figure covered in blood coming toward him.

    When Yuan Tianjun saw Lin Fan, it lit up the hope within him. Of course, he wasn’t expecting Lin Fan to defeat the opponents.

    Very soon, Yuan Tianjun came to Lin Fan’s side. “Junior Brother Lin, save me.”

    “Eh, isn’t this Senior Brother Yuan? What happened to you?” Lin Fan was slightly taken aback, but he still managed to make out that the guy in such a sorry figure was Yuan Tianjun.

    This was the guy that invited him to group up back at the sect. Lin Fan did not accept because he felt that Yuan Tianjun was not a trustworthy person, and he wished to act on his own anyway.

    He did not expect that they would come across each other.

    He could see figures coming toward their direction from the distance, but Lin Fan did not take it to heart.

    To him, if anything happened, either they would die or he would and then revive; there was no other option.

    A figure appeared behind them very soon.

    “Eh? Chief Bai Shi, what’s going on?” Lin Fan asked, puzzled.

    Seeing Lin Fan, Bai Shi put on the warm smile that he used to speak to Lin Fan previously. “So I was overthinking. But it’s still your death day today….”

    Lin Fan was utterly confused.

    In despair, Yuan Tianjun hid behind Lin Fan. “Junior Brother, save me, please, I can’t die here…!”

    All of a sudden, Yuan Tianjun pushed Lin Fan hard toward Bai Shi and ran off in the opposite direction.

    When Lin Fan realized what was going on, he burst out in anger.

    He took out the mace from his storage ring immediately and smashed it at Yuan Tianjun.

    “What the hell!? We can speak nicely if you have any problems! Why did you have to f****** betray me? Unforgivable!”