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Chapter 375 - Congratulations, Big Sister Qi, You are the Center of Attention

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 375: Congratulations, Big Sister Qi, You are the Center of Attention

    Everybody did not overthink or question Tang Jinyu’s order. After all, Jian Qi always did as she pleased. Boss was perhaps worried that she might get involved in a conflict with the anti-terrorism team. By then, if they started getting into a fight directly, it would be a difficult problem to resolve.

    After everyone nodded, they turned to look at Jian Qi in unison to affirm their thoughts.

    Right then, Jian Qi wanted to pretend to be dead.

    Could they not ignore her presence?

    After forming a circle, the group of people began walking toward the anti-terrorism team’s temporary base.

    Excitedly, Crocodile extended his hand and pulled Jian Qi to the center of the circle. “Big Sister Qi, you should stand here to show off your status.”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    She was in the center.

    Based on the way she was surrounded, she wondered if they were trying to prevent her from being assassinated or to prevent her from being rescued.

    Jian Qi looked at Crocodile before she smiled devilishly. “I really want to thank you for your thoughtfulness, Instructor Crocodie!”

    “You’re being too kind, Big Sister Qi.” Crocodile laughed.

    Meanwhile, Lightning felt the urge to chuckle. ‘Crocodile, I will bury your corpse for you!’

    Lightning would wait for Crocodile to get tortured once he became cannon fodder once again.

    ‘I pray that you will survive until the end.’

    Finally, the group of people arrived at the base.

    Instead of a base, it was more appropriate to say that it was a collection of temporarily enacted tents.

    “Find an empty space to set up the tent.” Tang Jinyu ordered.

    After saying so, Tang Jinyu gave Jian Qi a look of warning before walking over to the anti-terrorism team’s temporary meeting room.

    If Tang Jinyu asked them to build a tent, that meant that they would be staying here for the night. The group of people began hastily setting the tent up.

    When Jian Qi saw that everyone was focused on their work, she slowly backed away. To her surprise, everyone suddenly turned around to look at her in unison.

    “Big Sister Qi, what are you doing?” Lightning asked with a smile.

    “I’m just admiring the moonlight,” Jian Qi answered calmly. She leisurely trotted back to the group.

    Everyone looked up.

    From how gloomy the sky appeared, it would most likely rain soon.


    “Big Sister Qi, do you have super-vision? That explains why you are able to see through the dense clouds to be able to see moonlight!” Crocodile teased as he laughed.

    “You’re the blind one. Why are you blaming me for possessing good eyesight?” Jian Qi asked calmly.

    Crocodile. “…”

    ‘I… D*mn it…’

    Everyone could not help but laugh out loud. ‘Crocodile, you will eternally be cannon fodder!’

    They no longer hope that he would learn from his lessons.

    Since Jian Qi had been discovered when trying to slip away, she had no choice but to work with the others earnestly.

    Since there were two girls in the team, and considering their current situation, they decided to build a small tent within the large tent. It would at least provide a certain degree of protection.

    Usually, places like this required that they sleep in their full outfits. After all, they always had to be ready to execute their mission.

    Moreover, there would not be any issues of privacy between the two genders.

    After things were sorted out, every began to rest in the tent while they waited for Tang Jinyu to return.

    Right then, Jian Qi was without a doubt the center of attention as she was surrounded by a group of people.

    If not for the cautious way the group of people was looking at her, it would have been a proud thing for her to sit there.

    Jian Qi was beginning to feel depressed.

    “Congratulations, Big Sister Qi, you are the center of attention!” Zhao Yu teased playfully.

    “I’m going to the restroom,” Jian Qi said after chuckling.

    The group of people turned to look at each other before finally landing their gaze upon Leng Yu.

    “Leng Yu, go with her. Make sure you keep an eye on her,” Lightning said.

    Leng Yu nodded before she accompanied Jian Qi out of the tent.

    When Jian Qi first arrived, she paid extra attention to the environment around her.

    Perhaps due to their early arrival a few days in advance, the anti-terrorism team even built two restrooms in this land of wilderness.

    Jian Qi knew that in order to get the job done, she needed to convince Leng Yu first. Otherwise, each step of the way would be difficult.

    “Beautiful Leng Yu, let’s loiter around after I’m done in the washroom. Okay?” Jian Qi looked at Leng Yu hopefully.